Saturday, December 02, 2006

Woman or Man? Clap!

At the movie theater that I go to there is this person that looks like a woman from afar but then when you get up on this person they look like a man. It's really freaky. I don't know which gender this person is. I want to say woman but then there's these odd man features that freak me out. It's a gender bender thing going on and I know it's wrong to call someone by the wrong gender like Mister when it's a Miss and such. I think I found a real life Pat. Wow.

I saw The Nativity Story (cruddy by the way) and there was this man that clapped after each "important" scene. It was annoying. He talked through the movie too, to his wife who, apparently, didn't know what was going on? I don't know. It was annoying that he thought people wanted to hear him appladed after each scene. OMG Mary talked to an angel...YAY *claps*. OMG Joseph talked to an angel! *claps* OMG he said Jesus was god. *claps* OMG the star is glowing on them! *claps* It was so freakin' annoying and stupid. I wish I had a boomerang so I could have hit him upside the head and made him realize he's an idiot. Then I would have clapped and pat myself on the back.

Lost Love

I think love is all one needs when entering a marriage.

I think that if one cheats on someone then that someone they cheated on they NEVER loved. They can argue all they want to but if they loved the one they were with then cheating wouldn't ever come to mind.

People do not get divorced because they fell out of love---they were never in love to begin with. This fall out of love crap is a bunch of BS. You are or you're not there is no falling out of love because that's not possible. Once you are in love with someone then it sticks for life---if you "fall" out of love you were never IN love to begin with.

Loving someone means you love them through all kinds of problems and that means there is no such thing as divorce. If divorce does occur then love was never ever a factor and marriage was done based on false thinking.

Love is too powerful to be that faulty no matter how imperfect we are.

My love is set in stone.
Once I decide to love someone as a girlfriend or a friend or a family member..this love is always there to the end of time. I'm not a robot...I don't turn love on and off based on events. If love leaves because of hard times..then love was never there to begin with either.

I'm so annoyed with the mistreatment of love. People think it's some sort of game like spin the bottle. It's just stupid.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to fall out of love. That entire phrase is dumb. It's so stupid and anyone that believes that that is possible are fooling themselves. Love is WAY too powerful to fall out's gravity pull is too strong and no one has the ability to push it away. If love is there then that's it. There is no removing it.

Don't give love a bad name and don't use it like it's just a word that can be thrown around. It's been abused so much people have really forgotten what it means.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Egos, Wonders, and Lying Penguins

I am honest with people and it bugs me when people cannot return the honesty. If someone has heard that I've said something come up to me and ask and I'll deny or agree that I've said it and the difference is that I will be truthful. I have nothing to hide. I don't hide behind the, "no I didn't day that" notion that some people do because they are afraid to get caught saying something behind someone's back. Well that's not how I work. When I say something I've said it and I'm not going to go oh no I didn't say that just to hide. I said it I will live and own up to it.

But yeah there are people that hide and that bugs me especially when I'm honest with them. I answer them with honesty and they hide behind the lie that they've never did anything wrong. Pride is a killer apparently because people like to feed it and not give in and say that they were wrong for what they did.

There's this site that is looking for 7 new wonders of the world. They had an entire list of 77 and then they voted, with experts, to narrow the number to 21. Now people, from all over the world, get to vote on which 7 of the 21 will be the new world wonders. This is an event that is to help unify the world because everyone gets to vote.

Oh no there has to be people that whine about how this is on the list and that isn't on the list. they have to cry and complain instead of appreciate what is going on. They were not part of the experts that put this list together and they sure the hell didn't come up with the idea so where do they come off thinking they have the right to complain when they didn't even come up with the idea. All they are doing is jumping on the band wagon so late to go...ooh you shouldn't have when they didn't do anything to help the process at all. Losers.

Then there are these people that think people should be allowed to say whatever they want. But then they are the same exact people that say, "I'm out of this conversation because you're an idiot." Uh did you not just say people can say whatever they want? Why are you backing out now? You don't think people should say whatever they want?

What about this Happy Feet movie? It's number one at the box office again. WHY? The movie is horrible and not child good. The songs don't go through the whole movie and that's what they marketed. Really? Someone had the nerve to tell Pixar that they should pay attention to this movie. Why? To make a movie that blows so hard it can make $100 million? The only reason it made that much is because of the holiday and people were running away from their relatives so they decided to see what they believe was to be singing penguins but instead a huge rant about the ecosystem hiding behind cute penguins that do not sing all the way through the movie.

007 is so much better it's not even funny.

Let me end on a good note: I switched my blog to the beta version so that's awesome of me. I want ice cream so I think I'll go and get that as soon as I'm done with this thing. Right now my player is skipping. That's cruddy. Cool it stopped.

I totally finished this I Believe essay. It's really good. I thought I might post it here but I don't think so. Maybe. I'll think about it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Racist Kramer? Whatever.

Michael Richards made a stupid mistake. STUPID mistake in calling black folks the name in which they call themselves. I also think those that use that name and state white people cannot are idiots. The hecklers are morons for even heckling and anyone defending their actions are just as…and if not more dumb than they are. If you don’t like the show LEAVE. If you are going to heckle then don’t WHINE when you get heckled back no matter what the hell is said.

Does that mean what Richards said was great? Hell no. He shouldn’t have said it at all. He should have thought of something wittier to say than what he did say. But he didn’t and then he said sorry. What happened? All the black people who WERE NOT THERE said the apology was crap. Morons. You weren’t there and if it wasn’t for the video you’d never have seen the stupid thing happen. That’s like stating a man that says a racists joke to his friends should have to go and apologize to the entire black community at the Apollo. It’s stupid.

Personally he said sorry. You don’t like it? Don’t go to his shows and shut up about it. He said sorry. SORRY. Someone stated that he didn’t perform the sorry as well as he did the act. WHAT THE FREAKIN’ HELL? What does that mean? Is that what you tell someone when they say sorry? Do people know how hard it is to say sorry? The word….JUST THE WORD. Just saying sorry alone is difficult…it’s admitting wrong. Humans, no matter who they are, do not like to be wrong. It’s difficult to admit t being wrong. So saying sorry is hard enough and for someone to say that the sorry wasn’t good is pathetic. I would agree if the word sorry wasn’t used…but it was so they are morons for being all whinny about the sorry.

OMG he’s a racist…oh who the hell cares? I don’t care. Let him hate black people as if the black people have any room what-so-ever to say they don’t hate him. They do hate him and if they don’t good for them then shut up and forget about it. What is said is said and he said sorry. I DO NOT think he needs to go back and say sorry to a bunch of black people who were not there to begin with. It’s idiotic.

This world is full of morons and this incident proves it.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Toss Rice

I should be writing my review of Stranger Than Fiction. Actually I already wrote it I just have to type it up. But instead I’m going to type about something random so I have another blog entry. Woohoo to that.

I went to the kitchen and in there I got some left over rice and hotdogs. The hotdogs were in a ziplock bag. I took them out and put them in the rice and then I took the bag and threw it away. As I was throwing it away I realized how good the bag was. As in it was good and I didn’t want to throw it away. Instead I wanted to wash it out and use it again but instead I, being lazy of mind at the time, just tossed it because I don’t need another thing that NEEDS to be cleaned. Then I went back to the rice and hotdogs and cut the dogs up so that they’d fit with the rice.

More on the rice later but really aren’t ziplock bags neat? I mean this one just looked like it could go another ten rounds before it was beat up and worthy of being tossed in the trash. But it, apparently, doesn’t matter now because I threw it away but it is an interesting thought. This is not the first time I’ve thought about that just the first time I’ve blogged about it. I believe. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Now back to the rice….that rice was leftover and when I heated it it turned into crap and I was so annoyed. So I ate a bit of the hotdogs and tossed the rest because it was gross and not good and I was pissed and not happy. So I’m hungry. I did eat a left over donut but I tossed the last bite out.

Isn’t that how it goes the last bite gets tossed when one is in a hurry? Like a sandwich. Eat a sandwich and you are in a hurry you toss out the last corner bite because you are in such a hurry. It is only one more bite but it is apparently much easier to toss it than to eat it and have your body use it for energy. I think that’s funny cause I do that even though I think it’s stupid.

I’m doing this Survivor game on a site and what is funny is that I ended a round at 2 a.m. and I need to get up tomorrow at 7a.m. so that I get to a place on time. Ha…but I have to do the round and then get to bed or I can get to bed for about an hour and then wake up and do the round. Either way it pretty much sucks because I did that. Oh well I’ll live.

What do I have to do tomorrow? I am going to the Children’s Festival so I have to get their early because I’m tending a booth. It will be fun. I’ll be there for seven hours and then I’m going to the movies to relax and then I’ll be home. I’m going to be gone most of the day tomorrow. I’m going to have stories to share tomorrow.

I’m addicted to Monster when I wake up in the morning the first thing I drink is a Monster. Then I get to work and to the meeting and then what? I don’t get water I finish the monster and leave and then go to Starbucks to get a frap. So my second liquid of the day is a coffee like drink. So far not good considering both drinks just makes me pee. I did get water from a water fountain at the school and then at Wal-Mart.

I gotta get to the review so I can get done with that and stop worrying that I’m not going to get it done. RAWR.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Random stuff

I was thinking that Monster (the energy drink) should give me money to promote their great drink. I drink that freakin’ stuff all the freakin’ time. I would even have my car wrapped in their commercial it would be awesome. People would always buy it.

On Oprah they talked about this thing they do at schools that has people meeting other people that they don’t talk to because of different social groups. It was interesting. People found out about what was going on in other people’s lives and realized that the assumptions one has about someone else isn’t always correct. People don’t seem to realize what kind of harm saying things does. Words are powerful and people ignore that and at the same time use them to hurt people. It’s just silly that people can’t get along with others without being so angry and vindictive.

I’m doing this survivor game on this website and it’s fun but the people who are playing are not all playing. I’m hoping that by the merge the people that are left are the ones that really want to play and that is when it gets interesting.

Tomorrow I have to get up early and get to a meeting at work. I have to get there on time because I haven’t the past two times and that isn’t good. I got in trouble the last time. I am not a morning person at all. I’m such a night owl that it’s difficult to do things in the morning. I believe it’s possible but it’s difficult. I plan on getting to work before I’m late. That sounds like a plan.

I’m watching this movie called Summer School. It’s interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it for sale so that I can buy it and see the beginning. I don’t think I’ve seen the beginning. Weird. I’ve seen it so many times on TV.

I was suppose to get donuts yesterday but I didn’t. Maybe tomorrow I will go and get donuts. But I don’t have cash so that might be a bit difficult because I don’t think they take credit cards. I could drive by and see if they’ll take it. I really want a bearclaw. Awww that reminds me of someone. We both like donuts and we both like bearclaws and I haven’t seen him in a really long time. I hope he’s doing well. He’s the second person I know that has crazy hair. The first person is Shawn….him and that Burger King Crown is funny.

People claim that people have the right to their opinions but they fail to state that if the opinion doesn’t match theirs then they are not allowed to have it. That’s pathetic but it’s true. Then they use the “that’s not logical” stance because then they feel the justified not going on with a discussion.

I am drinking a Monster right now and I think I’m going to finish that and finish watching Summer School. I’ll post more later I suppose…random crap.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Survivor: Cook Island -- Racist?

So I watched Survivor: Cook Islands and I have to say that the race issue isn’t even one. I mean it was entertaining. There was a white tribe, Asian tribe, black tribe and a Hispanic tribe and they were all entertaining. They all had things to say that were “racists” towards their own “kind”, such as in the black tribe one woman said that the machete was not sharp enough to cut cotton. Then an Asian guy stated how other people think that Asian’s can’t see because of their slanted eyes. The white tribe screamed “Whity”. Then the Hispanic tribe made a joke about rowing away from an island not towards.

It’s so funny. It shows that people feel comfortable with people they are with enough to state things they wouldn’t normally state with other people from other races around. For the reward and immunity the Asian tribe won. The notion that Asians are good with puzzles seems to be on the dot…to a point. Puzzles were part of this immunity/reward and they zoomed through those puzzles. The Hispanic tribe was in the lead for the majority of the challenge until they got to the NEWS puzzle. The black tribe couldn’t get their boat put together fast enough. The white tribe had trouble rowing.

The twist was that the losing tribe would be able to pick one person from the winning tribes (because three tribes win and one tribe goes to tribal counsel) to go to exile island. The black tribe lost. They decided to pick a one of the older white guy to go to exile island. I stated that if they sent an Asian that they would find that immunity idol right off the back. Ha =P .

This is interesting because it does show how well certain groups work together and it’s not a race thing as much as it’s just a culture thing. Work ethics are different through the tribes. I really like this because no one can state that they are not being liked because they are “insert race here” like they’ve done in pervious Survivors.

I am Asian and I would like the Asians to win but not because I am. In all Survivor history not one Asian has ever one so this one should be different =P and that is why I root for them. Plus I like stating White, Black, Asian, and Hispanic – it’s allowed since that is what they are. Though it would be PC to state them by tribe name…but until I learn the names I won’t bother.

I also think ---back to the work ethic thing – that if they do merge two tribes together anytime soon that the only tribe that the black tribe could merge with is the white one because I don’t think their work ethic would be tolerated with either the Hispanic or Asian tribes. I think that the Asian and Hispanic tribes would work well together due to the work ethic---my opinion based on all kinds of examples and I get to see “right” it is. Ha.

This is just a fun idea that I think people shouldn’t take it seriously---the people on the island don’t even take it that seriously. Don’t be lame have fun…gosh.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cause and Affect

I can't believe people actually think that you can watch something and not be affected by it. Certain people think that it's okay to allow an 8 year old to play a violent game and honestly believe that there is no affect--and that the 8 year old is smart enough to tell between a game and reality. Really? This reporter did a simple test. He realized that after he played a racing game he felt the need for speed when he went to drive his car if he played the game within the hour. He had to wait a while after playing the game so that he wouldn't feel the need to speed.

IF he is affected by a racing game in such a way that it has him wanting to race then violent games do have an affect and just because it cannot be seen doesn't mean that it isn't occuring within. Same goes for rated R movies. Parents taking their kids to rated R movies and thinking it's alright because they won't know what is going on and they won't be affected by it...haha that's so dumb. You can't have a cause without an affect. There is no way viewing something doesn't have an affect. That's like me saying I have no affect on people by calling them an idiot. There is ALWAYS an affect --- but seeing a violent movie or playing a violent video game there is NO positive affect that comes from doing that. Which means parents are purposefully inflecting negativity on their child and getting away with it.

Why? Because it's easier to be lazy and state there is no affect so that they don't feel guilty for damaging their child. It's more like not taking the blame for the damage in which they are inflecting. They would rather blame someone else and sue them and reap the rich rewards than to spend the quality time with their child and not inflect them with negative thoughts on purpose. And then have the nerve to complain about how bad the school system is or their neighborhood or the government---when they can't even do right within their own world with their own creation. There is no need for perfection but at least try to be the parent that you believe you can be instead of the parent that is looking for the quick fix and someone to blame if something goes wrong.

I worked with kids today and when I was done their parents were there to pick them up and there was so much joy in the child's face to see their parent or disapointment when they didn't see them right off the bat. They were so happy to see their parents---that's what they want that attention not the attention of a video game or a R rated movie. It might be "cool" but it's not what they want nor what they need. Child are simple with what it is they love to get and they love that attention from the parent asking them how their day went and what did they learn and actually listening to what they have to say. Children love that attention and need it and blossom.

Raising children is an art...and if done right will be so priceless and will bring joy to the parent over and over again.

Monday, September 11, 2006

United 93 and Today

I bought United 93 and watched one of the bonus features which was the actors meeting the family members. It was interesting and showed their view on the movie being made. They collectively agreed that the movie should be made. The one thing that was said about it was to people that stated it was too early, at the time, to have a movie about United 93. What was said was that no one should forget and that the people that stated that it was early to some of the family it’s not early enough.

I agree. I think it’s stupid to state that it’s too early to do something. It’s no ones right to state it’s early unless they were part of the families that were affected by United 93. Otherwise I don’t believe their opinion matters at all. It’s lame when people want to force people to create the subject into a taboo subject….into a subject that should be thought of and never talked about. That’s how history is forgotten…when it’s not talked about. Idiots.

Today being the fifth anniversary they are having all kinds of things on TV and such. Seeing the skyline then and now makes it hit home how different things have become. Family of the United 93 have them memory of the phone calls they either received or heard on the answer machine. I cannot even imagine hearing that and I can’t imagine erasing it or getting rid of it. I believe it would be hard considering you don’t want to get rid of it but you don’t want that moment to hold you back in living out your life by being stuck on how sad that voice mail or phone call makes you feel.

With that thought in mind after watching that special feature on the DVD I saw family members that were handling and discussing that event with such awesome composure and steady understanding of the need to share their loved ones story. They amazed me and showed how great in thinking they can be. Only they, in the entire world, have the knowledge of how it feels to be a family member of someone that made a plane crash to foil the plans of terrorist. They, in that respect, are very unique which makes them a close group – as they said like a family.

9/11 shouldn’t have happened but it did happen and instead of placing the blame everyone should figure out what went wrong and go from there…make sure it doesn’t happen again and this time be 5 or even 100 steps ahead of the terrorist in whatever they plan next. A tragic moment doesn’t have to pigeon hold people using fear and regret. It should make everyone want to do better and not allow another group of people to dictate how we live our lives via their bloody vindictive ways.

I believe that they can build those memorials faster than the years in which they were predicting. I’ve seen buildings built in less time. It does not have to take years to create – I don’t understand why they allow things to be drawn out. On the news it stated that the memorial for United 93 would be done in 2011. That’s freakin’ too long from now. Make it end earlier…within a reasonable amount of time so that another event doesn’t over shadow the unavailing. They can create things in speed when it’s out to make money but not when it’s something to help people remember. People make makeshift memorials. People show they want them. Use those people to help build the memorials. People will help if you ask. Ask and you shall see how giving people actually are.

I bought United 93 so that I could remember the pain those families suffered through and never allow the event to turn into something that just happened. When kids learn about things that happened in the past they don’t have the full understanding of the pain and suffering people went through. Like the Holocaust millions of people died but that doesn’t affect the students unless they have someone that survived talk to them or something to make it more personal. Well that is what United 93 is going to do for me…it’s going to help me remember that it happened and it caused damage not only to the earth it collided with but with the families that heard the final words of their loved ones. They allowed the movie to be created with their blessing and the least I can do is remember it and never allow it to slip away.

the Friendship book

There are magazines and books and crap upon crap about how to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend or lover for that matter....but not a lot or even enough on how to be a good friend. I think the world needs a book that states how to be a good friend. It'll be an opinion but who cares? I mean tehre are so many people out there (I've got a list) that do not know how to be a good friend.

They're so into finding that good boyfriend or girlfriend they end up lacking the ability to even come close to what one would consider a good friend. And I think that is really sad that one of the many reasons that it's good to live is the friends you have. But it's hard to find such people when all they are interested in is who can they bed next and can they do it better than the person that was before?

With friendships you get loyalty and someone that will listen to what you have to say and not repeat it to someone else. If they do repeat it (without good reason...just to gossip) then they are no where near what a good friend is. Friendships give you someone that'll be there for you when that boyfriend or girlfriend ends up not being as good as you once thought. Or they break your heart and you need someone's shoulder to cry on...that is what friendships will bring. Something like a rock...unmovable and always there to help you through the tough times.

But that's not what I see with friendships today. So many are broken just because one is upset with the other over something really stupid. I mean so dumb. Most problems can be fixed and if they ever loved their "friend" then they would want to fix the problem. Not wanting to fix the problem and quiting just means you never loved them to begin with and that you were never a good friend to begin with too...nor will you ever be if that's the way you go about fixing problems in friendships.

Maybe I should write that book.

And maybe I will.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Okay weirdly I’ve been oddly hungry. I know that I always state that I’m hungry. But I’ve been oddly hungry a lot lately. I ate a lot for dinner yesterday. A LOT! I just kept on eating…and it’s not like it was within a small period of time. I ate for like 2 hours and even after I was done I was still hungry.

Right now I’m hungry and I do believe I ate a lot of stuff today but I guess it wasn’t good enough for me. I’m constantly hungry. This is either means I have some sort of tapeworm or I have a hole in my stomach and the food leaks out somewhere. Ha.

I guess I could go find some fruit or something to eat and fill in the void in my tummy. I think I’ll do that.


Prime Idiots

So I am watching Primetime on ABC with John Stossle and it’s talking about swingers right now. They are stating that they don’t swing for sex but to get hot with one another. Sure. The phrase “it’s just sex”. Har har har…it’s just not sex. Oh and their kids don’t know. I suppose it’s not okay because they are embarrassed enough not to tell their kids that is what they are doing.

One of them state that it’s not cheating. HAHAHAHA! Really? Just because it’s consensual doesn’t mean it’s not cheating. One couple even stated that they don’t kiss anyone but each other because that is what they hold it intimate. Oh come on. If that is intimate then sex is intimate. Kissing is just kissing if sex is just sex. One is not more intimate than the other.

Deciding to have sex with other couples is cheating. It is going to ruin the marriage down the road and it will make one wish that they could have someone else. Humans are that simple and it is not just sex---what a stupid thing to think…for anyone.

Now there are people that do not have sex --- EVER! Really? A 24 year old stated that he was never attracted to anyone. --- ooh check it out you might want to be a member. I agree you don’t need sex to be happy but I do believe it wouldn’t hurt (some it might) to actually have it in your life. I can’t even understand not wanting to have sex---I can actually understand wanting to have sex with everyone and everything…ha.

Asexual actually exists in the animal kingdom as they have stated about homosexuality. Retarded Dr. Joy Davidson stated that it’s like being color blind stating you don’t miss color. You can’t miss what you’ve never had…she states. Psh I think she’s kind of lame to state that that’s even the same. I don’t understand how they can state that homosexuality is a not a choice but are stating that asexuality doesn’t exist. It’s either they both are or they both aren’t…I don’t believe you can choose which one is real and not real---one is so is the other.

There is all this big whining crap about how homosexuality is so a choice and now that a new sexuality emerges (not new but so to speak) the experts want to squash it as something that is self fulfillment. Okay---then why isn’t homosexuality a self fulfillment? Yeah there is a ton of whiners that will argue against that as being right. Very well then asexual exists. Shut up.

Next is strippers and how they think that they can’t do anything but stripping. And to think someone said that strippers were smart….ha—okay no one said that but it was a nice thought.

They look really hoochie like and that can’t be good----it could be high in STD hoochies. Apparently they really think it’s a real job. I think that a job is something you can share with others…as in if you can tell someone and be proud of what you’re doing then it is a job. This one stripper states that it is a job but is a little disappointed when she states her mom wasn’t happy. It’s apparent that it’s all about the money than it is about the actual stripping---if the money was different I believe they wouldn’t even bother.

This girl blocks it out and pretend that it was sex acts. Oh come on…that is not a job if you have to block out what you’re doing. How lame. So them doing private dances they think about how much money they can get out of the person….see it is about money---so not a job. Porn is not a job either it’s just for the money and getting paid to do something that they think they are really good at…or think they can be really good at.

They like to talk---paid to talk. One states that it’s good to talk. Okay it’s good to talk—it appears that it’s good to talk and better than actually dancing and therefore this is not a job to be proud of besides the money. Gosh….no self respect. REALLY…cause if they did have self respect they won’t bother doing it at all.

Oh and one of them stated making $2,000 in one night makes them feel good about themselves. Hahaha….again it’s all about the money. How shocking that it’s all about the money. Lame and horrid and I feel sorry for them---I wish they could respect themselves enough to believe they can do better with their life. And before someone states that I’m being judgmental I am not---because if they really believed what they were doing was so great then sharing their real names and telling people would not be embarrassing at all.

What are they going to do when they get older? When things start to gravitate? What are they going to do marry someone?

WHOA…they don’t get the protection or benfits like people who work there like busboys, bouncers and DJs---the dancers have to pay a tip out which could be as much as $150 a night. They also pay to use the stage from $75 - $200 a night. That’s so horrible….and proves how it’s not even a job.

EWWWW the next thing is kissing cousins…GROSS!!!! But yeah I think it’s not first cousins so that’s cool….second cousins are better. 20% of all marriages all around the world are cousins…weird. EW I am wrong there was a first cousin experience. I don’t care what people say that’s just gross. GROSS!!!! That just means there is only one set of grandparents…right? I don’t feel like thinking of it too much…gross.

So one couple has kids and not only are they brothers but cousins…second cousins. HAHA…ooh I’m mean. But really they are and they have the same uncles and stuff….that’s just really weird. I can’t even think that that’s even a grand or wonderful for them. I can see that they think they are in love and such but really.

So I learned that stupid is everywhere in America. I mean really sex is just sex? PSH that’s stupid it’s not just sex it’s something more… it means more than just “just”. They got annoyed when they were explain how it was just sex and that the couples were more in love after doing the swinging than before. This just indicates that one they are lying and two it is what? NOT JUST SEX! Asexual is just that…another sexual thing for people to “choose” from or be or whatever it is you believe. That simple. If homosexuality is a choice so is this. That is it for that. The strippers are not doing a job as much as the job is doing them. If you cannot be proud of what your job is then really it’s not a job. Of course people keep certain jobs hidden when they were something WOWing and now they are something like a fast food person…but that’s not embarrassment over a job as is not making as much money. Strippers are actually embarrassed over what they do and only do it for the money. Marrying one’s cousin is freakin’ weird. I can almost understand second cousins but not first…not at all. Having the same family members is just not right for a child. They will be made fun of.

It’s annoying to watch so much stupid in the world. It is no wonder things just get worse when there are idiots walking around and are allowed to be idiots. But I guess that’s freedom that is America---the freedom to be a complete and utter idiot.

I, however, choose to be a very opinionated dork. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Crazy 8!!

The number 8 is a number like 0 that should look the same if turned upside down – in theory of course. This is where it gets crazy. Gas stations do not use the number 8 that is equal in the bottom as it is in top, therefore it can be put upside down.

I do not like seeing this at all. I want so bad to pull over into the gas station and tell them that they need to fix their sign because the number 8 is upside down. The difference is very slim and I don’t think everyone can notice the upside down-ness of it all but I do and that is crazy. But it’s no where near as crazy as having an 8 that can be upside down. I mean really!!!! GOSH!

WHERE the FJ is it?

The Toyota FJ is owned by my best friend Andy and I think it’s pretty cool. It has three windshield wipers, nice front seats, bulky looking as a whole, it sits high off the road, it has four wheel drive, and is a sky like blue and I like it but…..

…..I like my Honda Element Better. Though I wish my Element was orange or yellow instead of black. It has lots of head and leg room. Andy’s doesn’t have the leg room in the backseats of that Toyota. That is annoying.

So anyway he has a Toyota FJ and I have a Honda Element. Andy parked next to an Element and took a picture. That is pretty neat. I wanted, being a dork and all, to do the same thing. I first needed to find a Toyota FJ around Houston.

That was not a problem at all. I have seen several around town. I’ve seen them on the freeway, on the roads and driving in a near by neighborhood…BUT where have I not seen them?

PARKED! Houston has lots of parking. I park in a lot of areas but I have never seen one parked anywhere near where I have parked. That sucks. So I am on the hunt for one. I am sure I will see one parked one day.

Hopefully that will occur before Andy moves his car here. Probably not. Crap! I like knowing that my car is much better though. It helps me sleep at night.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Naming a Baby

I've decided that when I need a cool name for my child and I can't think of a good one I'll sit and read the credits at a movie that I go to and then pick the cool ones. That is what I'll do. Because I've sat there after the credits and I've read the names and there are often names that are unique and cool.

This makes it dorky and well worth mentioning here let alone the fact that staying after the movie to read the credits is annoying to the cleaning crew. So that's mean of me and dorky of me but it's sort of creative of me. Instead of spending money on a baby book I just steal it from the credits.

Maybe next few postings will be about something more serious.....shocker.

But this baby name idea is mine. Don't you think of stealing it or else I'll sue you and your baby. That's right SUE!!!

Ten Things

I have not took the time to come here and update things. But guess what? I am going to do it now. I think I'll start with a few interesting things that I as a dorky person noticed over the past few weeks I didn't post here.....

One is that I knew I couldn't hold up on this dork list thing I was creating. I don't think I'll be adding to that very often. Doing it every time I post is a real pain.

Two is that people have horrible communication problems and then wonder why their relationships fall through. I don't get that at all. I mean why not fix it? For one thing they don't even know they have a sucky communication. Try telling them. That'll be a blast. ha.

Three is that X3 will be the movie that makes the most money. Because Superman didn't even crack close enough to how much money X3 pulled in over the weekend. So the summer is the summer of Superheroes but the heroes are mutants. WOOHOO. I'll touch more on X-Men at a later date.

Four is that it stinks to know things about people and realize how much damage one could do to someone and that they know that I know these things and yet decide to treat me bad. You would think that would be a mistake. But of course they fall back on the hope that the lock and key idea I presented to them is true and therefore don't fear me saying a single word. Lucky them that that is something I have trouble breaking no matter how mad I get. Though no one has pushed me far enough to find out if I am able to break the lock and spill the loot. I doubt they'd wanna do that.

Five is that people don't realize how great they have it until they lose it. Or I should state lose a friendship with me. Yes I'm a bitter friend but guess what? It's better than shooting them in the face with a loaded paintball gun.

Six is that paintball is way more fun than I had thought. WAY MORE FUN!!!!!

Seven is that Three Days Grace is awesome in concert even if they only did get to sing two songs. It was Buzz Fest and they were late because of van problems but hey it was awesome.

Eight is that women that are negative are not for me. This girl that I dated couldn't have possibly been more negative and wrought with ew than she was. It's fine not to like things and voice such an opinion...but it's not okay to voice it all the time as if I really care to see the world through the eyes of a woman always on PMS. Nah...thanks.

Nine is that MSN is a horrible, horrible way of breaking up and only losers of loserness decided to break up with someone that way.

Ten is that I've realized that I'm pretty funny. I mean I write things down in this book I have and there are things from 3 years ago and it's just funny stuff there. I amuse myself and if that's all I do then oh well...too bad for everyone else.

Well that's enough. The important thing is that I'll be coming back more to say things about people or situations and that is that.

Hope everyone will enjoy it...even the people that read this and don't like me. Why even read it if you don't like me? That's just stupid but so are the people that don't like me. Guess that works.