Sunday, November 26, 2006

Egos, Wonders, and Lying Penguins

I am honest with people and it bugs me when people cannot return the honesty. If someone has heard that I've said something come up to me and ask and I'll deny or agree that I've said it and the difference is that I will be truthful. I have nothing to hide. I don't hide behind the, "no I didn't day that" notion that some people do because they are afraid to get caught saying something behind someone's back. Well that's not how I work. When I say something I've said it and I'm not going to go oh no I didn't say that just to hide. I said it I will live and own up to it.

But yeah there are people that hide and that bugs me especially when I'm honest with them. I answer them with honesty and they hide behind the lie that they've never did anything wrong. Pride is a killer apparently because people like to feed it and not give in and say that they were wrong for what they did.

There's this site that is looking for 7 new wonders of the world. They had an entire list of 77 and then they voted, with experts, to narrow the number to 21. Now people, from all over the world, get to vote on which 7 of the 21 will be the new world wonders. This is an event that is to help unify the world because everyone gets to vote.

Oh no there has to be people that whine about how this is on the list and that isn't on the list. they have to cry and complain instead of appreciate what is going on. They were not part of the experts that put this list together and they sure the hell didn't come up with the idea so where do they come off thinking they have the right to complain when they didn't even come up with the idea. All they are doing is jumping on the band wagon so late to go...ooh you shouldn't have when they didn't do anything to help the process at all. Losers.

Then there are these people that think people should be allowed to say whatever they want. But then they are the same exact people that say, "I'm out of this conversation because you're an idiot." Uh did you not just say people can say whatever they want? Why are you backing out now? You don't think people should say whatever they want?

What about this Happy Feet movie? It's number one at the box office again. WHY? The movie is horrible and not child good. The songs don't go through the whole movie and that's what they marketed. Really? Someone had the nerve to tell Pixar that they should pay attention to this movie. Why? To make a movie that blows so hard it can make $100 million? The only reason it made that much is because of the holiday and people were running away from their relatives so they decided to see what they believe was to be singing penguins but instead a huge rant about the ecosystem hiding behind cute penguins that do not sing all the way through the movie.

007 is so much better it's not even funny.

Let me end on a good note: I switched my blog to the beta version so that's awesome of me. I want ice cream so I think I'll go and get that as soon as I'm done with this thing. Right now my player is skipping. That's cruddy. Cool it stopped.

I totally finished this I Believe essay. It's really good. I thought I might post it here but I don't think so. Maybe. I'll think about it.