Thursday, June 24, 2010

Current Mistake

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
- Henry Ford

That quote describes how Current should be, but it‘s not. Instead, they boldly prance around while they flawlessly display how unfair they can be towards any poster--unless they are liberals.

An article about a student that doesn’t get into a yearbook makes people upset. Why? Because the yearbook is that important? No, the yearbook is not that important. It never is. It just happens to be important because the person affected is gay. It wouldn’t even be a story if the student were anyone else. People dictate that something as small as a yearbook is far more important than floods in any part of the world and it’s so important to slander and post prejudice comments against Mississippi in spite.

That’s important to mention because it’s a petty situation between a student and a school. Both are being ridiculous, but one is being unfair. Who’s being unfair? This depends on where you stand. Do people who peer in from the outside know what fair is? What if someone said that the student was unfair? How angry would that make you feel? How frustrated over their presumed ignorance would that have you? That opinion could rattle some.

People use African American’s past strife to compare to the cushioned life of how homosexuals are treated. There are those that think the comparison is stupid and they scoff. I think it’s awesome and I’ll use this to jump to my point….

… is the school and my situation is similar to how that student felt because she was treated unfair. I’m not going to cry about it (thought others might make post to dictate that as if that’s a clever thing to state---but who said they were clever, certainly not me) but I’m just as frustrated and annoyed. That story has so many comments dictating what is fair, but do those same people actually understand what fair is? See, how could it not be the same?

If you’re new to this situation, you may catch up with:

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth. – Oscar Wilde

Have you seen the nasty comments certain posters make? It’s not one side over the other, because both sides of the aisle do it. You’ll see some nasty replies here. You’ll never, ever, ever, ever find a post created by me that would even rival some of the nasty comments posted to me or about me. If that’s something you question then you need to click the link and see the Current Lowdown and read those comments. Those are nasty comments.

What of the comment I made in Heil Current about JanforGore? That comment isn’t nasty. Jan is not a nice person. I don’t even think I could state she’s a good person. The moment you point to a post where she disagrees and she isn’t talking down to that person, then I might change my mind. However, until then, she is exactly how I stated.

Why would Current allow people to post vile comments such as calling any woman the C word? They won’t let anyone call Obama the N word cause that would be racist. Well calling a woman the C word is sexist even if it comes from a woman. They hate their own sex.

Why do the few not want me to return? They fear me. Why else?

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. – African Proverb

Now for a mock conversation:

“Come in and please share your viewpoints,” Current said.

“I love Obama,” Liberal Poster fawned.

“Obama bypassed branches of government to put a 6 month moratorium on drilling. He is also ignoring the border problem--even after Arizona Democrats told him how bad it is (even though they do so to keep votes). His approval ratings are terrible. How can you love him?” Conservative Poster said.

“Shut up you Bush lover. All you’re doing is complaining and it’s not even logical. Stop hating on him. He’s doing the best he can with the situation he was given by stupid Bush and you’re a racist,” Liberal Poster shouted.

“That’s a personal attack. It’s against Current’s rules,” said Conservative Poster.

“No it’s not. Conservatives are racist. Please look at this video where we mock the Tea Party and your views. But please remember we care about all opinions--but boy those tea party members are a group of crazies,” said Current.

“They are not racist. *post video showing minorities* And their views are based on concern for what people are allowing Obama to do,” said Conservative Poster.

“Shut up, Party of NO! All Tea Baggers are stupid. Are you stupid? Palin’s stupid,” shouted Liberal Poster.

“No one is speaking about Palin. We’re talking about Obama. Are you going to refute the comments?” Conservative Poster asked.

“I only discuss politics with logical people that agree with what I have to say, not with homophobic losers like you,” said Liberal Poster.

“Another violation,” said Conservative Poster.

“Nah, Tea Baggers are haters. But please continue to share,” Current said.

--Current pushes an agenda that leaks onto the website. If balance existed there would be an even amount (or close to) of conservatives and liberals. But because of how Current shows bias in who they ban and why, that’s not the case. It should be shown in any discussion like Gay Marriage, but it is clear that a question “Should gay marriage be legal?” has only one answer. The answer is a liberal one, because liberals are always right. It’s really a question for show.

I’m a strong personality disliked because the points I make actually hurt some people’s arguments. Such as….

“The judge benefited by BP.” However, who said, “So has Obama”? Me -- and what was the response to that? “But not as much.” No explaining why it’s better, just dismissing it as not as bad without stating that it was bad. They ignored that Obama accepted thousands upon thousands of dollars in donations from BP.

“CEO went off on a yacht.” Then I stated, “Obama went to a concert instead of visiting the oil spill. It took him, what? 50 days to get down there…” The response? They ignored that point. Why? Because they were shut down and didn’t have a smart response.

Funny side point: If a General spoke about Bush in the same was as Obama--those saying "respect" wouldn't be giving anything but high fives.

Current has a few problems in how it works. The voting up and down of comments is stupid. It creates riffs and inflated egos. It doesn’t do anything positive. There has to be a better idea than that.

The voting up and down of stories works and is a very good idea. What is a bad idea is the fact that CURRENT (meaning happening now--not the website‘s name) stories, such as a flood or a hurricanes or fires (but that could be because people who make up Current‘s members hate Arizona for stupid reasons), don’t even make it on the top ten and stuff like the boring and over talked about oil spill stick around like icky beaches the Gulf States will enjoy for a while. Current should place stories that happened recently in a special place for 24 hours. Allow voting for the story to decide where it falls once the 24 hours are over. I think it’s important for a site called Current to stay current.

I think that Current should take on a forum look, with the articles, allowing for quoting, bolding, linking and inserting a few pictures instead of just one. It would give a more personal feel and conversations between people would be easier to follow.

The flagging system SUCKS. When you have many people that dislike you, you’re going to get more flags making you more susceptible to being ban than the person they like who makes worse comments. It’s a terrible way to run a site and a lazy way to do it. Mods should actually do their job right and the site would stay civil. An uncivil website means terrible mods and people running it. Similar to parent-child relationship.

In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same. – Albert Einstein

I offer a viewpoint that other‘s cannot. I’m recognizable. I’m irreplaceable. I don’t cower. I have different sources I get information from that no one else has. I post different stories that people ignore otherwise. I’m unique. Current made a mistake. They did what internet world calls FAIL. They allowed comments far worse to stay posted and they are worse than the comments I supposedly got banned for. Tell them. This website cannot exist without people like you. Your opinion matters. Tell them. They make mistakes and just as they want you to apologize if you complain about Obama, they should apologize for banning me over comments that did NOT break their rules, just hurt their feelings.

Tell them you want J_Jammer back.

Holding on to anger, resentment, and hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth. Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life – Joan Lunden