Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Presidential Candidates for Marvel Fans

Just a little fun with similarities.

Ted Cruz as Cyclops (from the tail end of 198 arc to present). He fights for a dying group...for a group targeted by the government. Hated by anyone not part of his group and not so well liked within it, he fights for principles against all odds. Sometimes using means that confuse people as to where he stands, but when the dust settles he is still standing on the principles he promised to fight for.

Donald Trump as Norman Osborn who started off as a ruthless, intellegent, clever business man turned villain, turned hero. He gained popularity by flipping a 180. People believe a green goblin cares about them. Or he's Sebastian Shaw cocky, ruthless and factually driven. The more you hit him, the stronger he gets only to be defeated by his own hand.

Marco Rubio as Wolverine (placating kinder one after schism). He clawed his way to his seat on the Senate and retracted the claws to show he is a compromiser and works with anyone. Well liked, well respected, and the guy you want on your side to fight. Don't sweat the small stuff. But when the big bad guys come to play, the claws will snikt (!) anyone blocking his path to his goal.

Hillary Clinton as The Scarlet Witch. Her chaos magic wrecks havoc in her favor. She whispers no more Conservatives. No more emails. Nothing to see about Benghazi. She's protected from her damaging past by her elite and publicly loved "American" team. No one is allowed to point out her mistakes, because, gosh darn it, it's not her fault.

Bernie Sanders as Moon Knight. He fights for vengeance of those who cannot. His past pushes him to save the helpless. And he's whacky. So whacky.

Jeb Bush as Quicksilver. He's angry he's not respected more for all the good he's accomplished as a hero.  He's the best hero. Just look at his family. Duh!

Ben Carson as The Beast. He's genius, kind, well thought out, but his good intentions pave a road to hell in which he never intended bringing anyone toward. Mucking up the past to fix the future.

Rand Paul as Hank Pym. He's a pacifist in some sense and wants America to mind its own business as well as the government to stay out of yours. Smarter than anyone in the room, though he can't sit and do nothing and therefore is forced to fight to get the attention necessary to speak his mind in what needs to be done.

Chris Christie as Iron Man in the Hulkbuster. Witty, brutally honest, and oddly charming. Ready to fight the big battle with the mean green guy. Unfortunately weed is so well loved. During a Civil war in his part he thought itwise to shake the hand of the government that looked down on those he claimed to be friends with.

John Kasich as the Vulture. Genius in his own business or in this case being governor,  but upon doing anything outside of such he sucks the life out of everything in hopes of becoming less obnoxious, more relevant, and stronger.

Martin O'Malley as a Angel. The recent nutcase one. Because he's good looking and everyone sees him as irrelevant despite him seeing far more of what's going on than most.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Death To Current TV

EdJoyProductions was a douchebag. I say that with not a glimmer of respect. Even after he wrote the following at on Current-the-crappiest-website-on-the-internets-.com
 I remember when J_Jammer was banned. Nettle's defense was legendary. As annoying and confrontational as J_Jammer was, I never endorsed his being banned. But even JJ was not as mean spirited and passive aggressive as this new person or group of people. 
You know what you get when you sit by and watch people get mistreated? You get what you get. And as I read this wonderful kind thing he wrote for someone he decided to stand up for, I couldn't help but laugh at the karma that hit him square in the middle of his clown face. I hope it broke his nose. 

This is what you get when you let it happen once. You allow it to set a precedent and because you didn't stop it from the onset it got worse. And now Current is going to fail and I'm going to laugh. 

Failure is their only option because no amount of Spitzer and his nastiness is going to pull Current TV out of the dredges. It's set to die. They're just prolonging the death. When someone can't breathe, you give them oxygen. You don't give them water. That's what Current is doing. They're drinking as they are suffocating and it's only making matters worse. 

And I'm enjoying ever second of social burning that's happening to them. The liberals that ruined the website by wanting people ban who didn't think just like them are getting their just deserts as the website they love dies a horrible whore of a death. While people like me who told them this was coming...laugh so hard, tears of awesome leak of my eyes. 

Death to Current. And may it never return. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Survivor One World -- Women Want Special Equality

It's been a while since I've posted. It appears to be more than a year. *shock face*

Yesterday Survivor's new season "One World" started and it's women vs men. OMG. Yes, they've done this before. Yes, it was awesome the first go around because the women cannibalized themselves and a man won. That man was a loser from the get go, but he had the gift of convincing people to eat his poop and it got him to the end.

The difference is that this time around the teams are neighbors. About five feet away from each other. It's going to be an awesome season.

I'm not going to go into grave detail about what went on. It will bore me. I have to whine about this first episode. The women wanted to be treated equally and so the men did that the entire episode. Jeff gave them a few seconds to grab stuff from the truck. The women started a pile and the men started a pile. One of them men didn't treat the women like the weaker sex because he stole from their pile. He took a few things. The women were aghast that the men would have the audacity to treat them as equals.

They find out they're at the same camp and after getting over that they spot some wild chickens. The men and women agreed that they'd work together to collect the chickens and share the bounty. The men helped corner the chicken and the country hick lady picked up two. Did the women share? No.

So when the men created fire (because the women couldn't create fire with sticks if one were a match and the other was lighter fluid) the women wanted a part of it. They begged. They pleaded. They even tried to steal it during the night. And they succeeded in theft of fire, but it went out come morning because apparently they didn't know that you had to feed the fire to keep it burning.

They then decided that they should offer a chicken. The men, being smart at this point, said NO. They knew how important fire was...it meant water to drink.

The Asian girl decided to negotiate. She offered that they'd work for the fire. The men said sure. The loud mouth Hispanic girl didn't like this slave labor. She must have thought her idea of stripping was much more equal friendly.

The women got fire.

At the challenge the women didn't follow directions about keeping their hands close to their body when they jumped into the net. So they got some booboos. One got a big booboo. She hurt her wrist. So bad they had to stop the challenge and cart her away to check up on her. The men got to decide if they wanted to continue or force the women to go straight to tribal. They decided to send the women to tribal. HAHA, and the women had the nerve to play the sex card of how men should want to finish and whatever. Here they are stating they could do whatever men can do and yet when it comes down to it, they want to be treated special. Too bad equality has nothing to do with special. Special Equality is an oxymoron. Dontchaknow.

At tribal they find out that no one is going home cause that wrist was broken pretty bad. But not before the Hispanic lunitic goes off her coocoo and starts complaining about the Asian. She's such an idiot.

Oh and the other idiot is the black lady who gave the hidden immunity to not funny gay guy. He's annoying. He made some off handed comment about a Taylor Swift (after the Grammys she's Trailer Swift) song. It was like a D-movie scriptwriter is writing his godawful lines. Ugh. He couldn't even help build shelter or do anything of real value other than wish he had boobs and a vagina cause he can't hang with the men. He rather be with the ladies. That isn't a problem in itself, but when the game requires you to work with your team and you can't even do that much, you don't deserve to play.

He probably won't be going too soon, but I can't wait until he does.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Current Mistake

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
- Henry Ford

That quote describes how Current should be, but it‘s not. Instead, they boldly prance around while they flawlessly display how unfair they can be towards any poster--unless they are liberals.

An article about a student that doesn’t get into a yearbook makes people upset. Why? Because the yearbook is that important? No, the yearbook is not that important. It never is. It just happens to be important because the person affected is gay. It wouldn’t even be a story if the student were anyone else. People dictate that something as small as a yearbook is far more important than floods in any part of the world and it’s so important to slander and post prejudice comments against Mississippi in spite.

That’s important to mention because it’s a petty situation between a student and a school. Both are being ridiculous, but one is being unfair. Who’s being unfair? This depends on where you stand. Do people who peer in from the outside know what fair is? What if someone said that the student was unfair? How angry would that make you feel? How frustrated over their presumed ignorance would that have you? That opinion could rattle some.

People use African American’s past strife to compare to the cushioned life of how homosexuals are treated. There are those that think the comparison is stupid and they scoff. I think it’s awesome and I’ll use this to jump to my point….

….Current.com is the school and my situation is similar to how that student felt because she was treated unfair. I’m not going to cry about it (thought others might make post to dictate that as if that’s a clever thing to state---but who said they were clever, certainly not me) but I’m just as frustrated and annoyed. That story has so many comments dictating what is fair, but do those same people actually understand what fair is? See, how could it not be the same?

If you’re new to this situation, you may catch up with:

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth. – Oscar Wilde

Have you seen the nasty comments certain posters make? It’s not one side over the other, because both sides of the aisle do it. You’ll see some nasty replies here. You’ll never, ever, ever, ever find a post created by me that would even rival some of the nasty comments posted to me or about me. If that’s something you question then you need to click the link and see the Current Lowdown and read those comments. Those are nasty comments.

What of the comment I made in Heil Current about JanforGore? That comment isn’t nasty. Jan is not a nice person. I don’t even think I could state she’s a good person. The moment you point to a post where she disagrees and she isn’t talking down to that person, then I might change my mind. However, until then, she is exactly how I stated.

Why would Current allow people to post vile comments such as calling any woman the C word? They won’t let anyone call Obama the N word cause that would be racist. Well calling a woman the C word is sexist even if it comes from a woman. They hate their own sex.

Why do the few not want me to return? They fear me. Why else?

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. – African Proverb

Now for a mock conversation:

“Come in and please share your viewpoints,” Current said.

“I love Obama,” Liberal Poster fawned.

“Obama bypassed branches of government to put a 6 month moratorium on drilling. He is also ignoring the border problem--even after Arizona Democrats told him how bad it is (even though they do so to keep votes). His approval ratings are terrible. How can you love him?” Conservative Poster said.

“Shut up you Bush lover. All you’re doing is complaining and it’s not even logical. Stop hating on him. He’s doing the best he can with the situation he was given by stupid Bush and you’re a racist,” Liberal Poster shouted.

“That’s a personal attack. It’s against Current’s rules,” said Conservative Poster.

“No it’s not. Conservatives are racist. Please look at this video where we mock the Tea Party and your views. But please remember we care about all opinions--but boy those tea party members are a group of crazies,” said Current.

“They are not racist. *post video showing minorities* And their views are based on concern for what people are allowing Obama to do,” said Conservative Poster.

“Shut up, Party of NO! All Tea Baggers are stupid. Are you stupid? Palin’s stupid,” shouted Liberal Poster.

“No one is speaking about Palin. We’re talking about Obama. Are you going to refute the comments?” Conservative Poster asked.

“I only discuss politics with logical people that agree with what I have to say, not with homophobic losers like you,” said Liberal Poster.

“Another violation,” said Conservative Poster.

“Nah, Tea Baggers are haters. But please continue to share,” Current said.

--Current pushes an agenda that leaks onto the website. If balance existed there would be an even amount (or close to) of conservatives and liberals. But because of how Current shows bias in who they ban and why, that’s not the case. It should be shown in any discussion like Gay Marriage, but it is clear that a question “Should gay marriage be legal?” has only one answer. The answer is a liberal one, because liberals are always right. It’s really a question for show.

I’m a strong personality disliked because the points I make actually hurt some people’s arguments. Such as….

“The judge benefited by BP.” However, who said, “So has Obama”? Me -- and what was the response to that? “But not as much.” No explaining why it’s better, just dismissing it as not as bad without stating that it was bad. They ignored that Obama accepted thousands upon thousands of dollars in donations from BP.

“CEO went off on a yacht.” Then I stated, “Obama went to a concert instead of visiting the oil spill. It took him, what? 50 days to get down there…” The response? They ignored that point. Why? Because they were shut down and didn’t have a smart response.

Funny side point: If a General spoke about Bush in the same was as Obama--those saying "respect" wouldn't be giving anything but high fives.

Current has a few problems in how it works. The voting up and down of comments is stupid. It creates riffs and inflated egos. It doesn’t do anything positive. There has to be a better idea than that.

The voting up and down of stories works and is a very good idea. What is a bad idea is the fact that CURRENT (meaning happening now--not the website‘s name) stories, such as a flood or a hurricanes or fires (but that could be because people who make up Current‘s members hate Arizona for stupid reasons), don’t even make it on the top ten and stuff like the boring and over talked about oil spill stick around like icky beaches the Gulf States will enjoy for a while. Current should place stories that happened recently in a special place for 24 hours. Allow voting for the story to decide where it falls once the 24 hours are over. I think it’s important for a site called Current to stay current.

I think that Current should take on a forum look, with the articles, allowing for quoting, bolding, linking and inserting a few pictures instead of just one. It would give a more personal feel and conversations between people would be easier to follow.

The flagging system SUCKS. When you have many people that dislike you, you’re going to get more flags making you more susceptible to being ban than the person they like who makes worse comments. It’s a terrible way to run a site and a lazy way to do it. Mods should actually do their job right and the site would stay civil. An uncivil website means terrible mods and people running it. Similar to parent-child relationship.

In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same. – Albert Einstein

I offer a viewpoint that other‘s cannot. I’m recognizable. I’m irreplaceable. I don’t cower. I have different sources I get information from that no one else has. I post different stories that people ignore otherwise. I’m unique. Current made a mistake. They did what internet world calls FAIL. They allowed comments far worse to stay posted and they are worse than the comments I supposedly got banned for. Tell them. This website cannot exist without people like you. Your opinion matters. Tell them. They make mistakes and just as they want you to apologize if you complain about Obama, they should apologize for banning me over comments that did NOT break their rules, just hurt their feelings.

Tell them you want J_Jammer back.

Holding on to anger, resentment, and hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth. Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life – Joan Lunden

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heil Current!

I requested these pictures. The artist will remain anonymous. I had this idea for a while. The symbol will annoy. Those that are annoyed are part of the reason I decided to make this. Being offended makes it true...understanding it without me explaining what it means is better. It's awesome what four L's can make.

The tree is because of JanForGore. What a vile human being. Mother Nature would be so disappointed in someone that cares more for her own ego than for humans. The CO2 that falls out of her mouth kills more trees (sarcasm--cause I understand that trees need C02, thank you) than any fart from any cow. All she does is talk, talk, talk. She doesn't try to better herself, let alone others. She's far more interested in belittling (like what I'm doing in retaliation for her terrible attitude) those that don't see saving a termite far more important than a baby without a momma in Africa due to AIDs.

The "leaf" is for anyone that ever over promoted the need to make pot legal and anyone that ever posted an article about it. Should it be legal? That's a simple question with a simple answer. What happens on Current is that people (as you can see with the top ten articles at times) over saturate the site with pot this or pot that. Is possession arrest worthy? No, but Current.com shouldn't be molested with articles about pot every two seconds.

The hope and change is for all the over zealous lovers of Obama. To name a few: lifestudentno83, 02, Progresshiv, xiola, jjammedjr, Ajil, bansheewail, Nephwrack, Fun_size, keithponder, crob80227, Saladin, KSirys, DeliaTheArtist, WakeUpPeople, unimatrix0 and many others. What…most of the posters on Current.com? There's a reason for that:

Current is blatantly bias. Look at the top ten articles. There are posters that frequent the site like locust. Instead of feasting on food, they feast on those that don't agree, and because of the new rating system they can bully via their bias. People who dislike Obama voted down. People who blow smoke up Obama's bum voted up. Love pot? Voted up. Dis pot? Voted down. It's a joke that Current states that it was created to be fair. They have blood on their hands for truths they distort and the amount of fairness they shred.

Current is a liberal joke and anyone that doesn't see it wields the ax themselves.

And as planetjoseph said in a comment about the 'Family Guy' episode - I loath over-sensitive websites, posters and liberals. Just so you don't think I'm like those who post on Current and take things out of context--Joseph said "I loath over-sensitive ex-governors. (and anyone else too)" so me restating is within my context rights. At least I didn't jump out and say he's a racist for not liking a white governor.

If I had to put examples of what I have seen on Current.com it would take me forever. I have shown examples before, and people ignored them. The rules clearly state that you cannot make another account that mocks a member of Current.com--and that happened to me while I was there. KSirys created a mock account of me. It also states that no member should make an attack on another member and KSirys made an attack in a blog form and posted it. Current.com deleted it and KSirys posted it again. This would be more than an enough to remove said person from the site forever, but Current has not done that. Those two infractions are worse than what I said that got me banned. They allowed KSirys to say hateful things. Instead they would rather get rid of me after I called someone a stalker for actually following me around on that site and then because people misread a post about black men (who rap about that themselves).

I personally don't care if someone made another account just to mock me, wouldn't be the first time. I also don't care about the hate blog, not the first time that’s happened. It doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the claim of being fair when Current is clearly not.

If Current were not bias against who posts there, then they would be fair in how they treat everyone. Instead, they created a website that is full of members that would rival the SS in Germany. The SS were a gang that hated on those that did not agree with their political agenda and those that did got to do whatever they wanted, even if it they broke the law. That is explains the KSirys, who outright attacked me (constantly), is still posting on that Current.

Whether or not anyone agrees doesn't matter. What matters is never forgetting. Current lied about me and that is not ok. I won't stop until they admit they're wrong.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Unwitting USSR Mediocre Persons Stronger Orthodoxy Pacifisim Story

Obamanation Day 16

Dictionary.com's Word of the Day...
Unwitting - Not knowing; unaware; unintentional

He did that unwittingly. I think such a term would be something that could be attached to former President Bush. I think he did and accomplished a lot of things unwittingly. What I don't understand is how people who state he's stupid think he is the Lone Ranger when it comes to the bad decisions and when it comes to the good ones that he had help. It's some form of retarded ignorance that is only justifiable via hate and dislike and that type of stuff rots the heart. They not only did that wittingly they did it for the pure reason of destroying someone's reputation.

I get blaming someone for something that they did. I don't get being mad because someone isn't saying sorry for something they did not do. Even if Bush said sorry it wouldn't matter because people who are pissed want to be pissed and wouldn't alter their thinking if he died. They'd still talk ill of him. When one cannot find justice or give justice it's because they have a black heart and there's something seriously wrong with them.

On this day in 1918...
Separation of Church & State begins in USSR.

This is something that tends to create more trouble than it's actually worth. And gives an ego boost to those that already had a huge ego to begin with. It's a stupid law that no one follows and those that are obsessive and hateful nit pick even when it's followed to the tee.

The Five Quotes of the day...

Only a mediocre person is always at his best. - W. Somerset Maugham

If you are always at your best you're not growing as a person. It's a clever play on what parents tell their children: Be on your best behavior. No one wants to be boring, but there are those that just are and I'm sure all of us know those people. Being interesting is available for anyone and more so for those that take the chance to listen to other people when they speak. Always dominating the conversation will make you start sounding boring. Listening can cause one to be more interesting because of the interest they are showing.

Mediocre minds are always jealous and inclined to surround themselves with persons of little ability. - Henri De Jomini

This reminds of of Corinne from this past Survivor. She was angry and jealous. There was no doubt that she was jealous. She had to surround her self with persons who she confided to little ability. She stifles people and does not allow them to be who they are. She mocks others and expects those that are listening to agree and think the same thing. This is horrible and ruins that greatness of people like Charlie. Corinne is the social devil that is corrosive (notice how her name share some letters with that word) to anyone that comes near her or thinks her worthy of being a friend. Because if you ever disagree with her she will treat you as she mocks others and if that's okay with you then you need to get your head checked.

Soft is stronger than hard, water than rock, love than violence. - Hermann Hesse

It is true that people who are soft in their approach are stronger than those that have a hard out look on life. Those that are "hard" tend to be more sensitive. This would be proved by Corinne. She was a 'hard' person and she was very sensitive to what was going on more so than her suggestion of Sugar being that way. Water tends to wear away at rocks more than rocks against water. It might take time, but it is possible to wear 'em down. Violence doesn't change much opinions that the opposition have. Love, on the other hand, has the power to turn the most dangerous person into putty. It might take a while, but it is possible and it can happen and it has.

Orthodoxy: A corps that does not know it is dead. - Elbert Hubbard

More like a robot that goes through the motions pretending they do so through their own free will more than because they allow a group to have controlling interest in their doings. This would be like pot followers. They do so more for the greater cause of the group than because it's actually something they believe and it's kind of sad. Most of these people are smart to have a single thought that is their own. But for some reason when they smoke they turn into the collective mind like the Borg and go about trying to assimilate others.

It's scary.

Pacifism means letting the non-pacifists have control.
- Oswald Spengler

It is true that if you don't engage you allow others to control. The only issue here is if that bothers you or not? Some people see the future in a different way than others. If they have some form of hope then being a pacifist, instead of engaging, might be how they believe they'll make it to such a hope. This is much better than apathy, because the pacifist actually cares that there's a problem they just don't think violence is the answer.

I like this quote mainly because it's so like the sun is hot. It's apparent. It's simple. That makes it funny and oddly profound.

Random Corner....Thought...Whatever...

I was thinking of this story that I want to write. It's going to be like a webisode but for writing. It think it could actually be a really witty show if it were made. I have to work out the logistics of it all, but I really think I got something. This is just like that something I thought I had with "Fleece as Black as Coal" and I still believe that, but nothing has come of it so far. I still have faith in that story. It's one my favorites I've written. It has so much hidden meaning that if someone were to actually pick up on everything that I had laced the story with, they'd tire their brain out.

Virtuoso Revolt Wisdom of the Highest Believed Experienced Ignorance at the Oscars

This one is for Wednesday February 4, 2009. I liked it and failed to do it because I was super busy. But now I have time.

I have been counting the days of Obama has been in office. It most likely doesn't match the national number, but I don't care. The 20th can't count for all he did was party. So yesterday was day 15 in Obamanation.

Dictionary.com's Word of the Day...
Virtuoso - A person skilled in techniques of an art.

My best friend is a virtuoso when it comes to drawing. My other friend is a virtuoso in memory and singing. I am a virtuoso in writing. However, for me stating that isn't about being better than anyone, more like being able to handle it and do it well.

I do know people that think they are a virtuoso in psychology just because they take a class in it. I dislike people who think that just because they took a class they are smarter in that subject than anyone else who speaks on it who has not taken the class. Especially psychology students. They are virtuosos in ego and lack of humility as well as obnoxious; if any of those are considered art. You know how stupid some art fields are with the idea of subjectivity.

I would like to use a psychology book to hit those psychology students in the head so hard that it would cause bruising and then they can be a know it all in bruises and how they form.

On this day in 1899...
...Revolt against US occupation of Philippines.

Nothing like repeating your own dark history with someone else. It's beyond smart.

The Five Quotes of the Day...

Wisdom knows the proper limits of things. - Seneca the Younger

Limits are what humans have. ALL humans are set up with limits to what they can and cannot do. Some people try really hard not to show their weaknesses because that would be showing what? That they are human. What are they trying to be by not mentioning their faults? Perfect? Is there such a thing as a perfect human?

Also limits in what you know about certain topics. What topics are you limited it; be it because you don't know enough or that you are sure it's false? It's good to know and act accordingly. It's good not to pretend to know something when you do not. It's foolish to do so not smart.

Once you know the limits then you can figure out how you're going to work them in your favor to expound your prowess.

The highest duty and the highest proof of wisdom - that deed and word should be in accord. - Seneca the Younger

Let what you state be how you live. People take those that live according to their words more trustworthy and honest than those that live by the "do as I say not as I do" approach. It doesn't matter if you are a mean person who states what is on their mind as long as what you do and say are how you live. People accept that when the two are aligned. If the two are off and not close to one another then those that are your friends or those that you work with will find dealing with you obnoxious. That's not a goal for anyone.

It's a difficult task to keep even throughout life, but it's needed to gain friends and to keep them.

Many men would arrive at wisdom had they not believed themselves to have arrived there already. - Seneca the Younger

You can't think that you are wise and still learn. You can, however, think that you are acquiring wisdom by what you hear, see and experience. Declaring yourself wise will only make it difficult to learn along the way. Because you can learn from anyone no matter their age. A 50 year old can learn from a 2 year old. A 12 year old can learn from a 35 year old. A 16 year old can learn from an 11 year old. A 20 year old can learn from a 15 year old. A 22 year old can learn from a 65 year old. Learning has no barrier. There's no limit to who can teach and who can learn. The only time there is - is when it's placed there by yourself.

We are wise by other people's experience. - Samuel Richardson

There are certain people that think that the only way they can become wise is through their own experience not through other's. I think that we gain wisdom not only from other people's experiences but movies or radio or books can enlighten us on what could become a problem if this is chosen or that or what to expect if we decide to go through and do something. Someone might have done one of the choices we have to decide and their story will give us insight on how that worked out for them. Yes it is true that it may not work out the same for us as it did for them, however, it will give us a general idea of what to expect should we choose that line of action.

To be conscious of one's ignorance is the beginning of wisdom. - N. Sri Ram

Knowing what we do not know is a good way of knowing what we need to pay closer attention to so we understand it better.No one on this planet knows everything and everyone is surely ignorant of something. But we get to decide what we want to learn. We should keep an open mind on learning. We should not keep too much of an open mind where we become gullible or easily bamboozled by other people's wayward thinking.

Random thought of the day...

I am going to get a big tax return back and that's exciting. I was thinking of what it was I was going to do with that money. I suppose saving it would be a good idea. I do need new jeans and such. I am going to get those. This is a boring random thought.

That's because I didn't have time to do this...so this is a filler random thought. Apparently filling in a random thought makes it boring. That sucks. I hate fillers. Ooh I always thought that it would be cool to be the person that sat in the empty seat that a star left like at the Oscars, just to make the audience always seem full. But it would just suck to have to move when they return from having sex in the bathroom.

I wonder how many stars had sex at the Oscars...would that be considered thrilling? I think so.

/random thought.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pandiculation President Fee-dom of Alienation and Atheists

Dictionary.com Word of they Day...
Pandiculation - an instinctive stretching, as an awakening or while yawning.

That is what was happening to me when I was hearing the poem being read for Obama's inauguration. It was seriously a pandering, self gratifying, pretentious piece of work. The prayer was no better. Though the end of the prayer was far better and allowed this short little man to actually end on a high note. What is really important is that the entire event had given me good reason to pandiculate. Not only on the outside with actual physical evidence, but also on the inside.

Obama's speech was good. It had some pretty good lines in it that will surely make it into quote books as well as historical records that hold the "I Have a Dream" speech in high regard. I'm sort of glad my essay was not picked because I looked at that crowd and did not envy them in the least, not even a little bit.

On this day in 2009...
The first man elected as President of the United States is sworn into office.

That's what happens when you drop race from being mentioned when stateing how historical this moment is. It makes the entire statement silly; as it should be.

The Five Quotes of the Day...

Because of how people think it's so historical and because of how the same people are linking him to MLK I've decided to pull some MLK quotes out of thin air. Enjoy.

I never will forget a moment in Birmingham when a white policeman accosted a little Negro girl seven or eight years old, who was walking in a demonstration with her mother. "What do you want?" The policeman asked her gruffly, and the little girl looked him straight in the eye and answered, "Fee-dom." She couldn't even pronounce it, but she knew. It was beautiful! Many times when I have been in sorely trying situations, the memory of that little one has come to my mind, and has buoyed me. - MLK

From the mouth of babes....It's interesting how a child can emulate what a parent has taught them and do so at keen moments. This was a keen moment for that little girl. She could have been like many youths today and snapped her finger while moving her head about in a fashion that looks like she is trying to win the figure eight design with how her head weaves. It matters not what the color of our skin for we are all striving to have the same things: to be understood, to be loved, to be free to be who we are inside. It is not the duty of a human to rule over others and dictate who they are or what they can do. It not only is bad for business it's bad for friendship. Be the little girl when answering those who are in opposition of your position and you could be an inspiration to someone who needs it the most.

Alienation is a form of living death. It is the acid of despair that dissolves society. - MLK

Everyone enjoys being accepted. If one believes that then one would not try and alienate people just because they are different. The only reason to alienate someone is if their influence on you is damaging to your other relationship.

But as a whole it does cause problems with society. People form gangs that consist of their own race and likeness and then they set off to do battle with those who are of a different race and interest and call it a gang war when it really is a race war. They have had those throughout history. And in history it has been one race that tried to rid the world of the other and he did not succeed I don't hink anyone can.

[A majority of people] are not theoretical Atheists they are practical Atheists. They do not deny the existence of God with their lips, but they continually denying his existence with their lives. - MLK

Atheists are sensitive about being Atheist. Most of the ones I've met are. I have yet to meet one that is actually sensible that doesn't go out of their way to point out flaws in religion. The reason I find that to be disturbing is because I expect that out of those who are (for example) from a Christian religion. They tend to complain about abortion and prayers in school. Though I am not bothered by prayers in school like Atheist I do not find it necessary to make a big deal about it outside of a discussion.

I have this feeling that Atheist might go under the guise of stating there isn't a God or go with the flow of allowing others to think they believe that without correcting, but I beileve they think that it's possible, even if it is a small percentage of their mind. They just don't like the religions they've seen because they seem too illogical or too self righteous. I understand that. Why go with a group of people if you don't agree with their stance just because you think it's possible there is a God?

So they may think it but their lives show otherwise. They act like they are accountable to no one for their actions. Their moral compass goes any direction they think is the correct direction. There is no standard to it and it is all based on feeling under the flase impression that it's reasonable.

But they are not stupid. I have never met a stupid Atheist. I have never really met a stupid person. I may have met stupid decisions made by a person but never a stupid person in totality. I don't know if such a person exists. Which brings me to my........

Random Thought Corner...

I believe that every person is smart in something. They have the brains to fix a car, know how to talk to people and get what they want, understand math, get Science, love history, raise a child, teach a child, know world situations, know travel, know ice skating, baseball, football, dancing, know how to date, kiss, love....the list is endless. Everyone has a brain that affords them to know a lot about certain things.

Ignorance touches everyone and sometimes it touches some rather deeply, but for the most part each of us knows something someone else doesn't and if people were more into learning what they don' t know instead of shouting what they do...this world could start becoming a better place.