Saturday, September 25, 2004

Forgotten Daughter

So today—which would mean Saturday the 25th—me and Dez went to the movies. First I had a major binge on my X-Men game and then I wet to eat with Dez at a Chinese buffet place. It was good. We then went to Kroger’s so that I could fine me some mustard covered pretzels that I really crave. All they had was crappy honey mustard and I really didn’t want that. So I made us drive to the Wal-Mart to look. They had the same kind and not the kind I wanted. Under duress, which was caused by Dez, I decided to get those crappy pretzels and she got some cheese popcorn.

In the car I ate some and they made me want to wish never to eat that nastiness ever again. I freakin hated them. They tasted like something that shouldn’t be eaten by the likes of me. So I traded with Dez. That was good but I would have rather have my idea of good mustard pretzels then that crap.

We get to the movie theater and she had our big bags of stuff hidden in her sweater and it was making all kinds of noise. So she decided to stand off to the side as I bought the tickets. The movie was about to start because our fifteen minute buffer of previews was almost over. I was second in line behind this old woman. This is why old people suck. They just go to the movie and wing it. Well while they are wing it I have to sit there and wait for this old couple, her man came up next to her, to decided if they want to see this movie or that movie. I knew what I wanted to see and she couldn’t make up her old fading memory brain. I cannot stand that.

Any way we get into the theater and we sit down and we are about to watch The Forgotten. This movie has the very pretty red head Julian Moore, who happens to be my next choice should Sandra Bullock turn me down. It is rare that I like older women but those would be the major two that are competing, in my imagination, to get me. I wanted to see this movie from the previews we have been seeing it since summer. I had no idea I would end up liking it as much as I did. I can’t really say what it is about other then that it deals with a child that the mother lost and then people start telling her she never had a child. That is as much as I can say without ruining the movie. I was wondering how they were going to make it interesting because it had a great possibility to be a boring movie about a weird but fascinating topic. But the movie handled that very well. It has a few surprises that might make one jump because it occurs so abruptly. There is one scene in that movie that is in most movies but what occurs during the shot isn’t what the shot conveyed would happen. I mean it was shot similar to what movies do but what occurred wasn’t what the shot was leading to believe would happen. It was a great surprise and I really liked it. This movie had me. I love to be had. I like to not be able to figure it all out until the characters figure it out. I like that feeling of not knowing it allows me to enjoy the movie. I would see this movie again with people that have not seen it. I would also love to buy it because it is a great movie, to me that is. I would give this movie an A-.

During that movie we had three girls that sat behind us. And one of them would freak out during the movie because of what happened. She said, loud enough for me and Dez to hear, that it was scary and funny but scary first. Every time it occurred she would sound scared and then she would laugh. I can’t say exactly what she said because it would ruin the movie but it was mildly entertaining to hear that.

Then I had to piss and Dez went to get us a drink. Then we headed to the next movie which was First Daughter. This was the movie that was suppose to go up against Mandy Moore’s Chasing Liberty, but they decided to push it all the way until now. It is funny that they came up with very similar ideas. It was very similar to almost to the end. The endings to these movies are different. I like Katie Holmes and I like her in this movie but the movie itself was lacking. It was decent it just was missing something that Chasing Liberty had a little more of. They both have unique Secret Service men and they both had over protective fathers, but they were both different on the way the movie felt. First Daughter wasn’t a movie that I would really want to see again. I think I know what it was lacking—it lacks heart. It didn’t have enough of it and it didn’t have the humor either. And I really didn’t like the ending. It was abrupt and it didn’t tie things together. I didn’t like the clothes that were worn in the movie it was not great ideas. What is it that I liked about the movie? I have no idea what it is that I liked about the movie other then the guy in the movie reminded me of someone and I thought that was funny. I just kept thinking about the Forgotten while I was watching this movie. I give First Daughter a C+. It had nice effort but it didn’t give enough for me to really want to care and it brought nothing new to the idea of such a movie.

Me and Dez spent a nice day at the movies and when we walk out it is nice and dark and we head to the car. We hear this truck that is playing this song. It sounds really familiar but I couldn’t remember what it was until it go to the chorus which was “Were men in tights” and I started to laugh. These girls were blasting it and they were laughing and getting a kick out of people’s reactions. I thought it was funny.

Dork Lesson #14—It is dorky that I still haven’t made that list. It is also Dorky that I had fruit at the Chinese restraint and the Cantaloupe was freakin hard. Hellooooooo do we have to have hard cantaloupe? No. It would have been nice if it was nice and juicy the way I like it. Shut up with the nasty thoughts. It is dorky how we got our big bags of pretzels and popcorn into the theater. It is freakin hot outside and Dez is bring in a sweater to hide our crap. I know that should have looked odd but in the name of dorkiness everywhere it had to be done. Until next time dorksters good day.

Ace Love

On that Sunday after my three movie splurge I went and saw Wimbledon with Dez. That was the movie that she decided to see on Saturday so that was the one that I did not see.

That movie was good. Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst were so intoned with each other in this movie. And because of that it made it much better then I thought it was going to be. Much better. I didn’t expect to really like this movie as much as I did. It was simple Paul was a tennis player who was about to retire and Kirsten was a tennis player making a great name for her self and set to win Wimbledon, unlike Paul who would be happy to win once. It had a lot of heart and a great script. It also had characters that were 3d instead of the 2 dimensional crap that I’ve been seeing lately. I have to say that the ending to that movie was very good because it was so intense. The camera angles that they had throughout the movie were fantastic. They made an over done genera into something that was well done. Comedy Romance movies lack sometimes because they are done so often and rehash the same things in the same way. Wimbledon is a Comedy Romance but it doesn’t rehash what has been done before. It has similar aspects but spins them into a very creative movie that stands out instead of camouflages itself into what already exists out there. I love the ending to that movie. It was so well done and it was amazing at how intense it made me feel. I want to watch it again. There was a guy in that movie that was young tennis player that was a real jerk. I just hope that wasn’t some sort of copy of a real young tennis player such as Andy Roddick, because that would make me upset for thinking he was cool. Grrrr if it is true.

Dork Lesson #13—For one I have yet to make my list of dork lessons like I stated to begin with. That seems to be a running gag. It is dorky of me to make a whole ‘nother post into my blog when this one could have fit in with the previous one. It is also dorky that I’d rather have this one separate so that the name for the other blog post wouldn’t be a lie. Yeah I am beyond dorky and that is why this blog is soooooooooo cool.

3 In a Row Tic Tac Toe

So I had major movie withdraw and had to go see movies last weekend the 17th and 18th. I saw three movies. It was a big day. I had to go by myself. I went and saw Mr. 3000, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. There was one from each genre; almost, comedy then action and then horror.

So I’ll start with Mr. 3000. This would be the comedy. Of course it was funny because Bernie Mac is a funny guy. If you don’t like Bernie then you wouldn’t like this movie. It is that simple. Bernie is a funny man and he does not have that lacking in this film. The film has my home team the Astros, but no one I would recognize. Through the movie it was hard to be upset at them, even if they were made to be the “evil” team. It had a decent heart for the movie but it was nothing spectacular for me. It was funny and it had great moments, plus the ending was the best part, but there was something lacking—something missing from that film. I believe the problem lays in the fact that it didn’t have very good character development and so caring for anyone outside of Bernie was difficult to muster up. I would watch it again but there is no way I would see it in the theater again. There is no way I would buy this movie. With that in mind I would give this movie a B.

The next movie was Sky Captain and that movie had already started. So I missed some of the beginning, but as I watched it I don’t think it really mattered if I did. They had a great cast. There was great chemistry occurring between all the characters. The visuals were very amazing for what they did. I was astonished but got over it rather quickly. AJ was very hot in this movie. Her commanding demeanor was most attractive. The script was anything but great. I felt that it was slow witted and boring. It had its moments, but nothing astounding. There was a couple of interesting punches and one cleaver running gag that did almost make it worth it. I have to say, again, it was amazing with visual grandeur but nothing that would make me want to rave about it or buy it. I wouldn’t really want to sit through it again. So 2 shots and a lens cap latter I give it a B-.

I walk out of that movie feeling a little let down but I’ll live. I have a some major time to sit around and try not to be asked what I am still doing at the movie theater. So I sit on one of the benches and I am writing what I think about the two movies I saw. I am waiting for the movie to be seated for Resident Evil. There was this young boy and his friend walking by and they see this movie called Paparazzi and said Pizzeria. I can so see how he even thought that. This is why reading is very important children. Very. I did write down the name of my blog’s web address on several sheets of ripped up paper and I laid one down. I was doing some very odd advertising. Odd because one I didn’t do it again and two I just left it there. I am weird and yet I don’t care.

I was about to go into the theater to sit down when I saw that the manager was in there looking at something. I decided that he might be looking for tickets from people. But that is weird so I changed my mind and thought he was looking for Id’s to make sure people were of the right age to be in there. That was more reasonable then what I was thinking. I fixed it out. I am going to fight this paranoia thing until it is none existent. I am going to do it and it will not win me over. Don’t worry I am okay.

Resident Evil was something I really wanted to see because I really did like the first one. This one was different from the first one. It was decent but I really didn’t like it as much as the first one. But I am not upset I spent money to see it (if you see it that way). It had moments where it was good. The one thing it really didn’t have was the laser scene that the first one had. The one where the lasers chopped people up, even after the guy dodged several of them. That sucked big time but it was still cool. Though this one had a great ending that was almost like the beginning of a third movie. So it was the end of the second movie but felt like the beginning of a third. I really liked the end of that movie a lot. It was just as weird as I like and made watching that movie very entertaining. I find it funny that they don’t call them Zombies. They say something about dead coming back to life for some odd regenerating reason that I am to board to even begin to figure out. I would buy the first one and with that I would almost have to buy the second one. I would buy the second one mainly for the ending. The ending was just good. It was “Wow” for me. I give this movie a B.

I felt really relaxed after all of these movies. Ah I did forget to mention that I drank too much during one of the first two movies and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I had to piss so bad. BAD. I did manage not to piss in my pants. It was a remarkable feat considering how bad I had to piss.

As I was waiting to see Resident Evil I heard the teenagers doing the cleaning talking about how easy one side of the theater was then the other. I decided that would be the best job in the theater to be the people that clean up. You wouldn’t have to deal with stupid lame people at the concession stand or the ticket counter. You would just get to clean up the crap instead of talk to it.

So it is time for the dork lesson number #12. Ooooooh it is the bad luck number. So lame. I still have not fulfilled my promise of doing the list that I stated I would do. It is very dorky to write the web address to my blog on torn up pieces of paper and then lay only one out of four out. Which it probably didn’t even get into anyone’s hands other than the hands of someone throwing it away. That is okay because I’ll think of something better to do to advertise my great self. *rolls eyes* I do have to add that it is major dorky to go see three movies in a row and then say one is relaxed. But it is very true I am more relaxed after seeing a movie by myself. It is my haven from things that are trying to ruin what is left of my world.

Friday, September 17, 2004

The Stupid Relationship of Whore and Idiot to the Nth Degree

So it has been a while since I have posted on this great blog. I’ve not really had any grand moments to share except for this one:

I pride myself on being a very good friend. Unlike most people I can ignore the wrong that has been done and move on with the friendship. The things is one can only be wronged so many times. And that is where my story begins with wrong after wrong after wrong.

Let me use real names because I don’t care any more. I use to care. I use to care that these two were human and disserved consideration as such but I’ve learned that it might look human but that doesn’t mean it is human. A human would have compassion and love for someone that they’ve been friends with for well over 7 years. That is what a human would do.

If I were to mark down the hurtful and wrong things this person did I would lose count. But because we were friends I could get over it knowing that she didn’t mean to do it. That is no longer the case. She is no longer a child and therefore would have to be held accountable for her deceit of forgiveness.

I did state I would use their real names, and that I shall. First is Sarah. But because she is no longer worth being nice to, I will call her Whore. Why whore? Well whore is just another form of idiot just a little more severe. Should anyone be offended by such a word I would like to state that I didn’t invite you to read now did I? And if I did and you are offended you really don’t know me very well. I will only be using Whore when Sarah, who is Whore by the way, makes a stupid mistake. Now you may see the name Whore a lot and I could only hope you would put two and two together and get the fact that she is.

Sarah and I met in High School when we were sophomores. We had fun through High School. We had our inside jokes, we had our buddies, and we had our fun. She had just gotten out of a relationship with Steven who happened to be an idiot to the nth degree. He wasn’t too nice. Therefore when I showed interest she would become a Whore and drag me in and push me away for the next seven years.

When they state that love is blind they were not kidding. Had anyone seen Sarah during this time they would have thought she swallowed herself. But I was truly in love. I was not caring that she was putting on weight or that her face was as round as a dinner plate because love doesn’t see such deformities. No love allows one to make a fool of oneself because there would be no other reason I would fall for a Whore like her.

On and off again. Cold and hot, that is how it was for the longest time. Though Sarah would claim, like a Whore, that she wanted something out of our relationship and not only would she claim that she would also claim I, a the time, did not. She tried to blame me like a Whore. Never did she apologize for the way she treated me and there is no doubt in my mind she knew exactly what she was doing and had done.

November 2002 I send a letter stating that I liked her. See how horrid love can be? I would do this in hopes that she would have a change of heart from Whore to good person. No such luck was with me all seven years. It is important to note that she claimed to be my best friend during this time. She said we were and I thought we were. I never really questioned it until I received the letter back stating she met someone. That information is important in a best friend setting. Important because best friends tell each other about such things via the phone or in person, they do not act like a Whore and send it through snail mail. Sarah is a Whore because that is what she did. She took what I thought was a special relationship and kicked in the guts and allowed to writher and die because she was human enough to give a care.

At the time I thought how weird that was but I really didn’t give it that much thought. I did, however, want to meet this “Shawn” or like I will be calling him “Idiot to the Nth Degree.” So me and some friends head to that side of town to eat with Sarah and meet Shawn. It really was a surprise type thing, she had no idea we were coming. We did get to meet Shawn and in that brief time I did think of him as an Idiot to the Nth Degree. And as I would learn I was not far from the truth. I was actually a little too nice with what I thought of him.

Meeting him once was not enough to me, even though my thoughts on him were almost dead on from the start, so I made sure to spend more time with him again and again. Each time was no different then the last. He, being and Idiot to the Nth Degree, would flirt with other girls right in front of Sarah. He enjoyed poking them in the sides and making them jump. His clothes would have holes in them. Every time I saw him it was almost a game to count up the amount of holes in his clothes and the weird thing was that each time I would come up with another number. <>

I really thought this relationship was a joke. No sooner do I really start believing that do I receive an e-mail stating that the Idiot to the Nth Degree proposed to the Whore and the Whore said yes. She got a ring and decided, I don’t know how, that it would be a wise move to e-mail everyone this grand news. As a best friend, I know how stupid of me to even think that was still true; I thought this was a poor decision on her part. We were supposed to go out to eat at Red Robin that night. So I called her to make sure we were still on for that night. When I called her she didn’t even ask if I got her e-mail or tell me her supposedly “great news”. I would think that if it was such a fantastic event that she would want to tell everyone. Since she didn’t want to tell me flat out what occurred I decided to ignore the fact that I read the e-mail and go to dinner and ignore any sign of a ring until she told me.

All dinner long she didn’t ask me if I got the e-mail and she didn’t make mention of their engagement. Neither did the Idiot to the Nth Degree. It was no surprise that they wouldn’t talk about. But that doesn’t mean I was not hurt that my best friend would refuse to share that information on a more personal note instead of through e-mail.

It was down hill from there. None of her friends or her family thought this was a wise idea. 0. No one would tell her. I was not going to allow my friend to make such a mistake without thinking about it.

They already decided to have their wedding on October 31, 2003. Why, because they are Whore and Idiot to the Nth Degree who both refuse to think of anyone outside themselves. This nice Halloween date was on a Friday. I told her no one would be willing to go on a Friday. She instead that there were people that would.

I saw that I was going to be the only friend that would tell her straight up not to marry him or at least wait a while instead of rushing into it. She had not even known him for a year and she already thinks she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. I told her that he has disgusting clothes. He never looks clean and he has no reason to look the way he looks. He had a very unkempt house with dirt on the carpet and clothes every where and it stunk. He flirts with other girls in front of her. He never had anything clean to talk about and thought he was ALWAYS right.

She ends up telling me about how Shawn was abused when he was younger. That’s great, really it is. I mean here is a guy that already has social problems and he was abused on top of that? He doesn’t look like someone that has gotten over what occurred and it did not make me feel sorry for him. It made me not like him more. I know people who have been abused when they were a child and have grown up to be decent people that do NOT fall back on that past just to justify what they do. That was trouble when she told me that. I mean my aunt was in an abusive relationship for five years. She must have thought she could change him with love. I gave her waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much credit to being smart. I’ll never make that mistake again.

Because I did not kiss her fat Whore butt and say how great an idea it is for you to marry someone after only knowing them for eight months, she got mad at what I was telling her. She and I had a huge argument via e-mail and I am very vicious in e-mail. I am so horrid that people would wonder if I feel bad for sending what I send when I’m mad and all I have say to that is if I send it they deserved it and I refuse to take it back.

What happens is Whore changes the date from Friday to Saturday and didn’t say she was sorry for telling me how wrong I was. She sends out the invitations and does not send me one. There is no way it was solely her decision on that so I also blame the Idiot to the Nth Degree. I laughed and said wouldn’t it be funny if it rained that day, and it did. They had an outside wedding and it rained.

A week after their wedding I felt bad and called her and said that I am willing to work it out. She sucked at trying and that is why she is a Whore and forever more will be known as such. She didn’t like that I had something to say in January 2004. She hated the fact that I had valid points she couldn’t answer nor give good reason for what she did. And she still did not say sorry for treating me wrong.

Again I was willing to work things out and I thought things were fine until this Summer when Tessa came down from College. She wanted to spend time with us and invited Whore and Idiot to the Nth Degree and Whore told me she didn’t want to go because Shawn the Idiot has a problem with me. News to me, because I was under the impression that all was well and she allowed me to think this and she also chose to tell me I am no longer allowed to communicate with her. Isn’t that nice? Isn’t it great that my best friend the Whore couldn’t stand up for me or try to fix it. She claims to have tired but I highly doubt she did she has been lying to me this entire time about the well being of our relationship.

We had another run in via e-mail when I told her that her not helping to fix this problem was a problem and that I couldn’t spend the optimal time with Tessa because her and Idiot to the Nth Degree always got in the way. She told me to quit pretending I am the victim. That is so funny because I am the victim. That is why this will never be fixed because she thinks she is the victim. Well guess what victims don’t make their own hell. So if she is unhappy, which she is or she wouldn’t be so pissy, it is her own stupid decisions that got her to that place and the only person she could blame is herself. I do not feel sorry for her and her horrible marriage because I told her it wouldn’t work.

If I was still her friend, which I was always up to being, I would be less negative and more positive . . . . hey I am positive—I am positively right and she should acknowledge that and repent. Would I say, “I told you so”? Yes at this point in my life I would. She had no remorse for causing me the amount of pain and damage I will show no remorse to her and her anguish of a sucky marriage.

It isn’t right for her to be that afraid of her husband. And it is really sad that she cannot see that. And if anyone happens to read this, and you know exactly who you are, and I happen to get comments as if they are from Whore and Idiot to the Nth Degree I will know who told. I am not stupid.

I am pissed beyond compare how reckless she is and inconsiderate. With that in mind I am willing to make another pass at fixing this. She claims to be a “good” person and yet fails to share the qualities of a good person. In the case of her marriage: Failure is an option and it should be taken before the damage is too much.

Dork Lesson #11 – You thought this was too serious to have one of these at the end? Well it wasn’t too serious. It is dorky to state that you would run the list of Ten Lessons when you reached them and yet you are now on 11 and have yet to do so. It is dorky to be in love for seven years and not see how Whore like the person was. It is ultimate dork prowess to want to forgive and still be friends even after the heart has been raped for all its worth. And finally it is dorky to think anyone will read about your messed up relationship let alone find it entertaining.