Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heil Current!

I requested these pictures. The artist will remain anonymous. I had this idea for a while. The symbol will annoy. Those that are annoyed are part of the reason I decided to make this. Being offended makes it true...understanding it without me explaining what it means is better. It's awesome what four L's can make.

The tree is because of JanForGore. What a vile human being. Mother Nature would be so disappointed in someone that cares more for her own ego than for humans. The CO2 that falls out of her mouth kills more trees (sarcasm--cause I understand that trees need C02, thank you) than any fart from any cow. All she does is talk, talk, talk. She doesn't try to better herself, let alone others. She's far more interested in belittling (like what I'm doing in retaliation for her terrible attitude) those that don't see saving a termite far more important than a baby without a momma in Africa due to AIDs.

The "leaf" is for anyone that ever over promoted the need to make pot legal and anyone that ever posted an article about it. Should it be legal? That's a simple question with a simple answer. What happens on Current is that people (as you can see with the top ten articles at times) over saturate the site with pot this or pot that. Is possession arrest worthy? No, but shouldn't be molested with articles about pot every two seconds.

The hope and change is for all the over zealous lovers of Obama. To name a few: lifestudentno83, 02, Progresshiv, xiola, jjammedjr, Ajil, bansheewail, Nephwrack, Fun_size, keithponder, crob80227, Saladin, KSirys, DeliaTheArtist, WakeUpPeople, unimatrix0 and many others. What…most of the posters on There's a reason for that:

Current is blatantly bias. Look at the top ten articles. There are posters that frequent the site like locust. Instead of feasting on food, they feast on those that don't agree, and because of the new rating system they can bully via their bias. People who dislike Obama voted down. People who blow smoke up Obama's bum voted up. Love pot? Voted up. Dis pot? Voted down. It's a joke that Current states that it was created to be fair. They have blood on their hands for truths they distort and the amount of fairness they shred.

Current is a liberal joke and anyone that doesn't see it wields the ax themselves.

And as planetjoseph said in a comment about the 'Family Guy' episode - I loath over-sensitive websites, posters and liberals. Just so you don't think I'm like those who post on Current and take things out of context--Joseph said "I loath over-sensitive ex-governors. (and anyone else too)" so me restating is within my context rights. At least I didn't jump out and say he's a racist for not liking a white governor.

If I had to put examples of what I have seen on it would take me forever. I have shown examples before, and people ignored them. The rules clearly state that you cannot make another account that mocks a member of that happened to me while I was there. KSirys created a mock account of me. It also states that no member should make an attack on another member and KSirys made an attack in a blog form and posted it. deleted it and KSirys posted it again. This would be more than an enough to remove said person from the site forever, but Current has not done that. Those two infractions are worse than what I said that got me banned. They allowed KSirys to say hateful things. Instead they would rather get rid of me after I called someone a stalker for actually following me around on that site and then because people misread a post about black men (who rap about that themselves).

I personally don't care if someone made another account just to mock me, wouldn't be the first time. I also don't care about the hate blog, not the first time that’s happened. It doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the claim of being fair when Current is clearly not.

If Current were not bias against who posts there, then they would be fair in how they treat everyone. Instead, they created a website that is full of members that would rival the SS in Germany. The SS were a gang that hated on those that did not agree with their political agenda and those that did got to do whatever they wanted, even if it they broke the law. That is explains the KSirys, who outright attacked me (constantly), is still posting on that Current.

Whether or not anyone agrees doesn't matter. What matters is never forgetting. Current lied about me and that is not ok. I won't stop until they admit they're wrong.