Sunday, October 31, 2004

No Pills But It's Okay To Burn The Place Down

So I went to Buzz Fest yesterday. It is a Radio all day concert thing. We go every year. They hold Buzz Fest twice a year. At the Woodlands they check everyone to make sure they don’t have certain items. I know they do this because I’ve been before. But I never knew they were willing to be a pain in my butt by taking my pills away. Why? I don’t know. I mean people get to bring in lighters.

If you don’t know lighters light cigarettes and weed. But do they check for weed? Not good enough when I can smell it. But that is beside the point. The point is that they allow lighters, the thing that burns things. The thing that has the ability to burn faces off of people and buildings. But I can't brin in my medication that harms no one.

All day long I would be making reference to the fact that they can bring in those kinds of clothes and I cant bring in my pills. Or that guy can wear a mask around and I can’t bring my pills in. Which is really stupid because he can wear that stupid mask around hiding his face and I can’t bring in medication that is suppose to help me? That just ain’t right.

I found that very irritating. It was just stupid. Then there is the problem of people not wearing shirts. Now I understand that the shirts cause some to be hot. That’s understandable but it isn’t right to put me through the torture of staring that people that have horrible bodies that need not to see the sun.

One in particular was this very big guy. He looked like he was close to three hundred pounds. He didn’t have a shirt on and it was fat upon fat upon fat that was blocking my view of my way to my seat. Not only was he fat he had some sort of sores on him that I didn’t even look at long enough to tell what they were. I felt that I had the right not to lose my lunch at the sight of people like that.

There were guys that walked around that had this thing with wearing shirts half way on and half way off like they were some sort of cool. I really thought that they should either have taken the shirts off or kept them on. It was lame.

Not as lame as these hats that I kept seeing girls wearing. There were, I think, actually three that were wearing them. They were big round black hats with pink boas around the brim. It was huge and obnoxious to look at.

AOL was there and they were giving out shirts. I got one. They were molded into the AOL guy. And when held correctly it looks like a gun. So I was shooting all the losers in hopes they would actually die. I don’t have that kind of good luck. Though that did not stop me from trying to shot people in hopes they would just disappear.

The bands were good. I was glad the Exies decided to come because we messed them two years ago when they were there. Story of the Year was good. Seether was good. Then there was Breaking Benjamin. They were on the side stage. There isn’t enough room for everyone who was at the concert to be at that stage but they tried. There were a mass of people there. They were good enough the other time I saw them so I went through the sea of people just to see them. It was worth it.

When we were watching the concert there were these kids that sat behind us. They couldn’t be more then 14 years old. There was one that kept saying we should sit down and he would just scream like “ehhhhhhhhh” really loud or say some vulgar thing. We ignored him and watched the concert. It was great fun because he thought he was being “cool”. Our section, again, was boring. Except for the couple that sat next to us who were moving some what everyone else looked like they didn’t want to be there.

Of course there were drunk people who sat next to us who would reach out and touch people who walked by. Mainly they would touch little kids. They wouldn’t touch guys that were as tall as the wall or anyone that looked like they could beat the living crap out of them. They thought they were so funny. They were so stupid.

There was the magic word of “F” that was going on all day long. Every band had to say it and they thought they were cool for saying. I really didn’t want to hear it an y m ore. It was the most annoying thing to hear that word every single time they stopped playing.

Velvet Revolver was last, they were the main band, and they were not good to me. I’m sure a lot of people thought they were good I was just not one of them. They reminded me too much of the eighties, which I don’t like, and there was too much no shirts going on that I’d rather not see.

The entire concert was good. I just hope next time it is slightly better and there are bands that I really like going. The bands that went were good but they didn’t play the good songs that I like. I hate that but all in all I had a lot of fun. Mainly because I was with really cool people and that makes a difference.

Dork Lesson #15 It is dorky taking a shirt that is something else and making it out to be a gun. It is dorkier to pretend to shot people with it. It is the most highest form of dorky to actually think that the gun could make people exist no more.