Monday, September 11, 2006

the Friendship book

There are magazines and books and crap upon crap about how to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend or lover for that matter....but not a lot or even enough on how to be a good friend. I think the world needs a book that states how to be a good friend. It'll be an opinion but who cares? I mean tehre are so many people out there (I've got a list) that do not know how to be a good friend.

They're so into finding that good boyfriend or girlfriend they end up lacking the ability to even come close to what one would consider a good friend. And I think that is really sad that one of the many reasons that it's good to live is the friends you have. But it's hard to find such people when all they are interested in is who can they bed next and can they do it better than the person that was before?

With friendships you get loyalty and someone that will listen to what you have to say and not repeat it to someone else. If they do repeat it (without good reason...just to gossip) then they are no where near what a good friend is. Friendships give you someone that'll be there for you when that boyfriend or girlfriend ends up not being as good as you once thought. Or they break your heart and you need someone's shoulder to cry on...that is what friendships will bring. Something like a rock...unmovable and always there to help you through the tough times.

But that's not what I see with friendships today. So many are broken just because one is upset with the other over something really stupid. I mean so dumb. Most problems can be fixed and if they ever loved their "friend" then they would want to fix the problem. Not wanting to fix the problem and quiting just means you never loved them to begin with and that you were never a good friend to begin with too...nor will you ever be if that's the way you go about fixing problems in friendships.

Maybe I should write that book.

And maybe I will.