Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pandiculation President Fee-dom of Alienation and Atheists

Dictionary.com Word of they Day...
Pandiculation - an instinctive stretching, as an awakening or while yawning.

That is what was happening to me when I was hearing the poem being read for Obama's inauguration. It was seriously a pandering, self gratifying, pretentious piece of work. The prayer was no better. Though the end of the prayer was far better and allowed this short little man to actually end on a high note. What is really important is that the entire event had given me good reason to pandiculate. Not only on the outside with actual physical evidence, but also on the inside.

Obama's speech was good. It had some pretty good lines in it that will surely make it into quote books as well as historical records that hold the "I Have a Dream" speech in high regard. I'm sort of glad my essay was not picked because I looked at that crowd and did not envy them in the least, not even a little bit.

On this day in 2009...
The first man elected as President of the United States is sworn into office.

That's what happens when you drop race from being mentioned when stateing how historical this moment is. It makes the entire statement silly; as it should be.

The Five Quotes of the Day...

Because of how people think it's so historical and because of how the same people are linking him to MLK I've decided to pull some MLK quotes out of thin air. Enjoy.

I never will forget a moment in Birmingham when a white policeman accosted a little Negro girl seven or eight years old, who was walking in a demonstration with her mother. "What do you want?" The policeman asked her gruffly, and the little girl looked him straight in the eye and answered, "Fee-dom." She couldn't even pronounce it, but she knew. It was beautiful! Many times when I have been in sorely trying situations, the memory of that little one has come to my mind, and has buoyed me. - MLK

From the mouth of babes....It's interesting how a child can emulate what a parent has taught them and do so at keen moments. This was a keen moment for that little girl. She could have been like many youths today and snapped her finger while moving her head about in a fashion that looks like she is trying to win the figure eight design with how her head weaves. It matters not what the color of our skin for we are all striving to have the same things: to be understood, to be loved, to be free to be who we are inside. It is not the duty of a human to rule over others and dictate who they are or what they can do. It not only is bad for business it's bad for friendship. Be the little girl when answering those who are in opposition of your position and you could be an inspiration to someone who needs it the most.

Alienation is a form of living death. It is the acid of despair that dissolves society. - MLK

Everyone enjoys being accepted. If one believes that then one would not try and alienate people just because they are different. The only reason to alienate someone is if their influence on you is damaging to your other relationship.

But as a whole it does cause problems with society. People form gangs that consist of their own race and likeness and then they set off to do battle with those who are of a different race and interest and call it a gang war when it really is a race war. They have had those throughout history. And in history it has been one race that tried to rid the world of the other and he did not succeed I don't hink anyone can.

[A majority of people] are not theoretical Atheists they are practical Atheists. They do not deny the existence of God with their lips, but they continually denying his existence with their lives. - MLK

Atheists are sensitive about being Atheist. Most of the ones I've met are. I have yet to meet one that is actually sensible that doesn't go out of their way to point out flaws in religion. The reason I find that to be disturbing is because I expect that out of those who are (for example) from a Christian religion. They tend to complain about abortion and prayers in school. Though I am not bothered by prayers in school like Atheist I do not find it necessary to make a big deal about it outside of a discussion.

I have this feeling that Atheist might go under the guise of stating there isn't a God or go with the flow of allowing others to think they believe that without correcting, but I beileve they think that it's possible, even if it is a small percentage of their mind. They just don't like the religions they've seen because they seem too illogical or too self righteous. I understand that. Why go with a group of people if you don't agree with their stance just because you think it's possible there is a God?

So they may think it but their lives show otherwise. They act like they are accountable to no one for their actions. Their moral compass goes any direction they think is the correct direction. There is no standard to it and it is all based on feeling under the flase impression that it's reasonable.

But they are not stupid. I have never met a stupid Atheist. I have never really met a stupid person. I may have met stupid decisions made by a person but never a stupid person in totality. I don't know if such a person exists. Which brings me to my........

Random Thought Corner...

I believe that every person is smart in something. They have the brains to fix a car, know how to talk to people and get what they want, understand math, get Science, love history, raise a child, teach a child, know world situations, know travel, know ice skating, baseball, football, dancing, know how to date, kiss, love....the list is endless. Everyone has a brain that affords them to know a lot about certain things.

Ignorance touches everyone and sometimes it touches some rather deeply, but for the most part each of us knows something someone else doesn't and if people were more into learning what they don' t know instead of shouting what they do...this world could start becoming a better place.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obscure Heater Approach Unbelieved Moons Deceives Great Organizations

Dictionary.Com's Word of the Day...
Obscure - Not clearly expressed; hard to understand.

The American work ethic is so obscure. The idea of what hard work is and isn't is obscure. The even that relaxes people that goes by the name vacation is obscure to the businesses of America. Over work people and they will do better. That is the obscure thinking of people who run the business lazily as well as haphazardly. Which could be why we have so much need for health care reform because people don't get enough relaxation, they have to deal with stresses and obnoxious work to do list that kill them slowly but surely.

On this day in 1982...
Heater explodes at Star Elementary School in Oklahoma and kills 6 kids and a teacher.

Is that just lovely? All you're trying to do is keep war and what happens instead? You get your face mawed off by an explosion of the very thing that is to keep you protected from the cold not make you never feel again. What a travesty of stupidity by those that crated such a contraption. An exploding heater shouldn't even be created. There's no need for one that explodes. Good GOD.

The Five Quotes of the Day...

I personally am inclined to approach [housework] the way governments treat dissent: Ignore until it revolts. - Barbara Kingsolver

Yeah, if you ignore housework it'll pile up in the closet and when you open that closet one day to let someone borrow your coat for that cold day, everything will fall out and they will look at you funny. Not only will you suffer the embarrassment of the falling junk, you will realize the coat isn't even in that closet.

Hope unbelieved is always considered nonsense. But hope believed is history in the process of being changed. - Jim Wallis

People look at others with a hope in going to heaven as silly. Because they don't share the same idea as well as because the idea doesn't even make sense to them. If you have something to actually hope in then the dismal future you once had would be changed to something more positive. A life lived with a positive thought is lived better than with a negative thought. It's far better to have a positive thought (though a lie) than the truth and it is rot with negativity. Because living out your life with a smile is far more bearable than living out your life with a cynical heart. This is one of those times where the truth will lock you up and tie you down.

Before judging another, walk two moons in his moccasins. - Native American Saying

Thinking of what another has to go to for at least two days will give you an idea of why they are the way they are. This is far better than assuming they are mean just because they hate you and want you to die a painful death. Someone who is old and cranky could be that way because, yes, they are up in years as well as having pain in their joints and forgetting things and therefore frustrated because once they were able to remember the entire dictionary. A young person could be under a lot of stress because they are having a difficult time keeping up with school work, having difficulty with peers at school, parents are on their case about what they are going to do with the rest of their lives and/or they just are having terrible mood shifts because of their hormones are all over the place. Keep in mind that what one has to go through surely does affect the way they react to others, even you.

The senses do not deceive; it is judgment that deceives. - Goethe

You look at someone who is crying you're seeing them actually crying. Your judgment could state that they are faking or they are not really crying, and even though that may be the case in some situations that is not always the case. For the most part when someone is crying they are actually crying. Judgment of someone will have you over think a situation taking for granted your senses that work constantly to tell you information that you may not even use because you think your judgment is so keen. Look, feel, taste, smell and touch the situation and then come to a conclusion. Maybe use judgment on rare occasions, but surely trust the five, for they will, most likely, do you right.

In any great organization it is far, far safer to be wrong with the majority than to be right alone. - John Kenneth Galbraith

So true this is. You have seen the movies where the one person has seen something and knows it is true but the mass majority state the exact opposite. The one has a difficult time in their job or in life because the majority leader doesn't like being defied and therefore will do all they can to make the one's job or life hell. It is a terrible thing because truth should always win out in the end but that is not always the case. Though people do not like Governmental politics, life politics and job politics are things they play often to ruin or get ahead of others. It would be great if their game play was exposed and they were to rot for the filth they spread, but in most cases they get away with it. You have to stop and think if it is worth being ostracize standing up for what you believe is true?

Random Thought Corner...

I just want a day off. I have to take that kitten I have, Iris, to the vet and I need a day off to do that. I also just want a whole day of nothing. I don't want any social contact and I just want to sit around and do NOTHING. That is relaxing. I also like to float around in a pool. But I don't have a pool so that isn't going to happen, but it is a nice thought. I like nice thoughts. They, in themselves, are relaxing. I need relaxing.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kinetic Dennis Drastic Adversity; Impersonal Smiles to be Content on a Bed

Dictionary.com's Word of the Day...
Kinetic - of or having to do with motion; caused by motion.

People show such motion when someone sneaks up from behind and says BOO! Now either they jump up and say they were not afraid or they turn around and chase the booer. Either way there is kinetic energy.

Or one can be a complete geek/dork and think instantly about Gambit from X-Men. I'm guessing you already know which one I was thinking of first.

On this day in 1997...
Chicago Bull's Dennis Rodman kicks cameraman, Eugene Amos, in the groin.

A man kicking another man in the groin is like a woman telling another woman to stop whining about cramps they don't hurt that bad. Bad form, Dennis...bad form.

Five Quotes of the Day...

Drastic action maybe costly, but it can be less expensive than continuing inaction. - Richard E. Neustadt

Doing nothing is an even line. It's a constant evenness about it. If one does drastic action it might spike the line but in the long run that line might fall well bellow the average line showing that the drastic action was helpful and less expensive than the constant boring doing the same old same old--nothing.

Or you can think of it like this. If those who did not like Hitler just did nothing instead of trying to stop him then their inaction could cost more lives. Because they put forth the effort to surround and force Hitler to commit suicide they kept themselves from inaction and saved thousands, maybe millions, of lives.

Adversity is the first path to truth. - Lord Byron

Hard times proves who is truly your friend. It is easy to stick around people when they have the good happening to them. It's difficult to do so through the hard times. But it's those that truly love their friend that sticks it out no matter how hard it is.

Also in adversity it shows the true person. Are they selfish? Are they hateful? Are they caring? Are they willing to be selfless? All this is proved during times that are difficult. One of the better quotes.

The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor. - Hubert H. Humphery

When people come by after a disaster and they see how you are it is the good feeling of a caring neighbor we feel. But should someone come by in a business suit and state what department he is with, along with his questions of how are you will feel like he's judging how much money your despair is worth. The neighbor cares about your wellbeing.

Getting random hugs might be annoying, some times, but it feels good that someone cares enough to hug you. I bet a neighbor hug feels better than a governmental hug.

Youth smiles without any reason. It is one of its chiefest charms. - Oscar Wilde

Weirdest word is chiefest.

Anyway, children smile all day long if they could because they lack the worry that us adults have. We have stressors (sp?) that just attack us from all sides. We look at a child that is at the store or in school and they smile without real reason other than they are young and they don't know what's going on.

They tend to really want to know what's going on but it is in their best interest to continue to be children and leave the adult things to the adults. Because their time is short as the children and their time as adults is forever in time.

Stay a kid for as long as possible. It's best you do that before you want to know all that adults know. It's not all drinking and staying up late.

It is wealth to be content. - Lao-Tzu

It means more than money to be content with what you have and not want something that someone else has. For wanting something that is not yours makes you jealous and angry that you don't have this thing they have. People who are content have that inner peace that many people search for. Only they search for it after they get that big thing they just saw. They really need this big thing so much they'll work overtime to get it. And when they get it they don't have a lot of time with it and the stress of the job shreds them.

Keep the eye simple and you can stay within that realm of content.

Random Thought Corner...

I want to get a free bed. People get free things all the time. I think it's for the world's best interest that I get a free bed so that I can get the right kind of sleep and brighten the right kind of people's day.

Give me a bed. It would be slumberly appreacited.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jettison Massachusetts Change Faster Never Be Content Dune

Dictionary.com's Word of the Day...
Jettison - to throw goods overboard to lighten a ship or an aircraft in distress.

You know the Earth is in major distress. What should we do? That's right...jettison certain people so that we, as a human race, can live longer without being held back by stupid people. How do we decide who to jettison? That's easy. No we do not draw lots. What we do is we get rid of the entire Iran Government, every single Palestine person who thinks it's a great idea to attack Israel, every Israeli who thinks it's a great idea to attack Palestine, Russia's government, the people who think the E.U. is a fantastic idea, United States Congress and then only elect people who are between the ages of 20 and 45 to be Representatives (once you start to wrinkle and look old you're outta there no matter the age...stop smoking), protesters who are not peaceful, KKK, Black Panthers, anyone who thinks their country is the best, Global Warming Goons, Pedophiles, serial killers, drunk drivers who don't feel sorry for their mistake, people who smoke pot not because of illness, PeTA, The Big Three Car companies in the US, any Union that is except writer's union and actor's union, Curency, Hamas, people who think that blowing themselves up is a great idea, peopel who state stoning is a great idea, people who have their guns not in a locked area, people who are bullies in school, people who are bullies online, people who abuse power, people who don't like people who eat meat and finally people who talk in theaters.

The world will so be a better place. I promise you that.

On This Day in 1699...
Massachusetts holds day of fasting for wrongly persecuting "witches."

Uhm...wow that's just...stupid.

The Five Quotes of the Day...

Everything is connected...no one thing can change by itself. - Paul Hawken

It's like the price of oil. It raises over there in the Middle East per barrel and we get higher gas prices. Oh wait...no that's wrong that's just greedy people rising prices it has nothing to do with the price of the barrel. It's like a sick child going to school and getting other children sick. He changed now everyone else gets affected by his change. Though this change is very bad that is not always the case with changes.

It is possible that Obama being President will bring about a good change. It is fact that he will bring about change period. Because he is a different person than Bush and therefore he has different ideas so change is inevitable. But with his change of what the country will be like he will change everyone else. Whether it's good or not is a totally different story that will come in time.

The older I get, the faster I was. - Charles Barkley

This quote makes me laugh. People age the slower they become because their peak was years prior. This is just a humorous way of stating it. I laughed. You should laugh. Unless you've become so slow you are now in rewind compared to years prior.

You never caught him acting. - Frank Capra on James Stewart

That's a great testament on how well James Stewart's acting was. He was so good you didn't know that he was acting, you thought it was actually him. That's amazing. How many actors can you say that about today? Who would put their opinion on the line to actually state that about someone today? Such a great complement to James Stewart and there's no one that can truly disagree with this statement. It's that perfect.

It's a duty to say what should be heard, and a duty not to say what should not be heard. - Talmud

You need to state what people need to hear. That is important. No matter how painful it might be if it needs to be heard then you should say it. It's like on TV shows where they keep a secret for a long while and it ends up doing damage on a drama or causing hilarious moments on a comedy. But eventually the person that shouldn't know something ends up finding out. Best to mean to tell than allow them to accidentally find out.

Then there's the not say what should not be heard. People tend to think that whatever is on their mind should be said. That's a fool's idea of being truthful. One doesn't need to share everything that their mind creates because they have yet to think of the consequences of sharing it and then when the bad happens after the share they have the audacity to state they were only being truthful as if that affords them the right to have spoken so crassly.

These people's IQs can't be that high and if they do have high IQs then they are the stupidest smart people to exist.

Familiarity breeds content. - Anna Quindlen

Growing content is like being the back end of a dresser where spiders create webs and dead skin convert to dust. You sit there and accept what is going on because you are content with the familiar and sometimes that's good and sometimes that's bad. Bad is when you are abused and you have a change to alter the situation but don't because you would no longer be where it's familiar therefore causing you to go back to the hell because you're content with it.

Don't grow so lazy that you think what you have is what you deserve or what you get is what you will only get. You're in charge of your situation and if you think you need to get better stop making the same mundane choices and go out and make bold choices that will alter you life in the direction that will bring you change that will give you more meaning than you have now.

Random Thought Corner...

I watched Dune and it was alright. But what was in there was a suit that could convert sweat to water. That was so awesome. I was like...dude where is that today? That would be great for people that live in the desert. Something they'd have in case they were left stranded. Why hasn't the sweat drink suit been invented? Someone's just being lazy, that's all.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Iconoclast New York Times Rush Out for Me Without Skill

Dictionary.com's word of the day...
Iconoclast - A person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions as foolish or wrong.

An iconoclast is like an atheist. I should say like some. Because there are some that just go about their lives not beilving in God or a god because they see how horrible certain relgious people are as well as who causes certain wars because of certain crazed beliefs. This would be for the atheist that make headlines insisting that their rights are being violated via certain things like prayers at school or teaching a different thought at school.

They tend to have this idea that what they think is right and what other people think is wrong, which is why they state OMG fairy tale. Ok. But they can't seem to take the same kind of treatment if it's reversed. They fall back on things that are not evidence and more of a certain word: Fact. They believe what they think is fact just because and not for any other reason than that....they act like they are a parent. It's not apparent. For it it were then it would be believed by the majority of the world in some for or another, but it's not. No past tribe of people believed in evolution or anything other than God that brought about the Earth and the lifeforms that live on it.

If such a thought was so apparent and so proveable then it would be easily found in the past by other people. Instead of having to wait until the 1800's for it to be clearly stated as something that science could go into more "detail."

Atheist that put forth too much effort to care about what other people do that doesn't infrenge on their life are horrible people. Angry people. People who just make the world worse. And yes there are religious people that do the same thing, but that's the the topic here. Not this go around.

On this day in 1920...
New York Times editorial (Falsely) reports rockets can never fly.

Wow. As if the New York Times is any different today.

Five Quotes for the Day...

It has been said that a pretty face is a passport. But it's not, it's a visa, and it runs out fast. - Julie Burchill

I like this quote for many reasons. It's not because someone who is good looking will lose their looks, based on this quote, but it's because the statement is so true. A pretty face can get you into clubs, looked at more, smiled at, talked about, forgiven for things that shouldn't be forgiven
for...and so on. Passports last a while, but a visa has a time limit and that's how it is with good looks; they only last so long.

Looks can run out faster than old age can get you. They can be gone because of a horrible accident or condition that accelerates old age look; such as smoking or doing drugs. But within the time of your visa you should build up who you are so that when it runs out you will be loved for who you are instead of what you look like. And even though good looking things are great to look at they are never worth sentimental value. It is the things and the people that have memories attached that are remembered.

You don't look at a new bike and have a memory of when you first road it. That would be because it's brand new and it's because the bike that would bring that memory about would be beaten up with age and mistakes. You look at that bike and you can tell where each dent came from and why and when you touch it memories will flood your mind.

The same goes for older people who have lost that glamor shot look. They are weathered by age, wisdom and mistakes. But they are loved for what they did and who they are. No one goes up and speaks of those who have past and go, "OMG they had a hot body." They talk about the memories and memories are not found on the outside; they are locked on the inside with the ingredients of personality can only create and that good looking cannot ever duplicate.

Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the "me" for the "we". - Phil Jackson (basketball)

There are many things in life that this can apply to and one of the things is family. Family is not
about me it's about we. If there is a member of the family that only thinks of him or herself then the family will fail. The same goes for the military as well as many stories that deal with lots of people. It goes along with the "united we stand and divided we fall" quote.

Those that tend to think for themselves are easily afraid of what other people are going to do tot them because they know how selfish people think. They are paranoid. Having someone that has your back is a great thing. Cherish it if you have it. And if you don't have it, go get it.

Sin begins as a spider's web and becomes as a ship's rope. - Akiba

If you do something that you feel guilty for the guilt starts off small and then it just turns into something that weights you down. Sometimes you become agitated or frustrated and people who talk to you seem to know what you've done, which means you've turned paranoid. What you thought you could live with ends up being a huge burden on you and your life and drags you down.

In order to relieve yourself of this you should find a way to tell someone or fix the sin that you've committed so that you can deal with it. You don't need to drag around a ship the rest of your life, do you? You're not a tug boat.

Woman without a man is like a field without a seed. - Ethiopian Saying

Apparently they think that a woman is nothing without a man, just like a field is worthless without something to plant in it. They are all about growing things there so they believe land is valuable but not if you don't have seed to make it worthy to exist. It's interesting to read what other countries think via their sayings.

Skill to do comes of doing. - Ralhp Waldo Emerson

You can't have skills if all you do is talk about what you can do instead of actually doing it. People tend to say they don't know how to do something but they've never even tried. That's because they don't put forth the effort. If you put forth the effort then you start to earn the ability to do something you didn't know how to do it before; like driving. Can't learn to drive if you just watch others do it. Got to get behind that wheel somehow. Got to take life by the wheel and just drive.

Random Thought Corner...

I think I am more tired because of how much thinking I do. It is not to say that I have a lot of important things to think about, but the fact that I think about a lot of things intensely and I think that that amount of energy I exert is just as much as if I did something like play basketball. Though there is no muscel gain or weight loss in doing this, it's just tiring. Or so I think.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hapless SS Ignorance Smaller Reveal to Learn Jurisdictional Retardedness

Dictionary.com's Word of the Day...
Hapless - Unlucky; unfortunate

There are a lot of hapless people, but that's because they self-perpetuate the problem. Their mind focuses on the negative things that happen and instead of thinking how they can get out falling into that problem again the next time they file away how they did it only to do it again and then say, "I told you this would happen." Then there are the hapless people that just have terrible situations in life but look at the bright side still. They try to make the best of their unfortunate situation. They are people to emulate because we will all have such situations in our lives no matter how comfortable a life we create.

On this day in 1949...
Dutch court affirms death sentence against SS Chief Hann's Rauter.

It is interesting to see who uses the death penalty in the past. I saw a movie that had three
people who just printed words on paper that were against the Nazis that were beheaded. Beheaded. I can't even imagine being in the same room as people thinking that's a great idea or those that actually preform the service. It's gross.

Certain people think that the death penalty is a bad thing. Their choice. But they tend to be from a country that has done it in the past and then they condemn America for having it in certain areas. America has had it for shorter period of time than those in Europe who has had such penalties for centuries before they decided it was wrong. They are trying to force a teen to grow up fast to do as everyone else does. But hose people got to do as they wanted for hundreds of years killing thousands of people because they wanted to and now they decided that it's wrong everyone must abide.

Sad way of thinking.

Five Quotes of the Day...

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge. - Daniel J. Boorstin

People who think they are well versed in topic just because they take it in class are the most
annoying people this world has to offer. They think that just because they have someone standnig in front of the class dictating to them what is and isn't about this topic that they (the students) have the uperhand and know more than anyone that has read or had experince on the subject.

They would be wrong to think that they know more just because they take the class with the title of the topic in it. The illusion of knowledge is something they perpetuate as well as enjoy showing off. Excited to speak on the topic but not so excited to state that they may be wrong.

The Smarter you are, the smaller your strike zone. - Anonymous

If yo uare smart and clever enough you'll be able to see things before they trip you up. You'll be able to realize what people are up to. You'll be able to escape being called stupid because the more you know and the more you grow in such a knowledg; the smaller and smaller this strike zone would become.

Hide what you have and reveal what you haven't. - J.F.C. Fuller -- "A Millitary History of the Western World.

Show those that you are in battle with things that they already know about and keep what they don't know hidden even better. I don't know. Maybe you are in a conversation with someone and they know something about you and you know they know, so to keep them from knowing what they don't you reveal what they already did know in such a way that it's a big deal. So that they feel special fro getting what you told them first from somewhere else.

This could keep them from digging because it seemed like it was a big secret, even when it was not.

Learn to teach yourself. - Anonymous (African-American)

It is a good idea to know how to teach yourself to do things so that when the time comes that someone can't show you to do something, like at a job, you'll be able to pick up a book or any other means of instruction and be able to pull it off. It'll help you in all kinds of things that could be time consuming if you waited for someone to help or helpful so that you don't have to be stranded somewhere on the side of the road.

No mistake is more common and more fatuous than appealing to logic in cases which are beyond her jurisdiction. - Samuel Butler

Fatuous meaning foolish, if you hadn't know. What would be beyond logic's jurisdiction? It would
be anything dealng with feeling movments like death, birth, weddings, love, a hurt child. A hurt child especially. You cannot tell a child in logical terms that things will be alright when they are hystarical. They won't have it. They don't care. Something happened to them and it hurts and they want you to solve their problem. And if you explain to them that their knee is scraped and hurts because the skin was shreded it won't bring them much comfort and they'll not want to talk to you for telling them the obvious.

Random Corner...

There are moments that people seem human and then they go off and they say something that is just retarded in a logical way. Like they try really hard not to be connected or concerned with people they once were by seeming detached in their well thought out logical way. It's the weak way of making things work and happen. Weak minded people can become disloyal and wishey-washy and shameful.

Watch out.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Daunting Presley in Perpetual singing of Bigotry Elements that Invade

Dictionary.com's Word of the Day is...
Daunt - to frighten; overcome with fear. To discourage; lessen the courage of.

Daunting is when one has to to live up to standards that other people set because they are so excited that you got the job. They are so excited that they share the same skin color that they want you to be the best person you can be so that they feel right stating you are the best in history. Daunting is when you state what is needed and people twist it into something magical, something you didn't intend for it to be, something that's so enormous that you no longer have the ability to make things happen the way you envisioned them to. Daunting is setting up a team that starts to fall apart before the day you're suppose to initiate them to work. Daunting is being Barak Obama.

On this day in 1954...
Elvis Presley pays $4 to a Memphis studio and records his 1st two songs, "Casual
Love" and "I'll Never Stand in Your Way."

Talk about a great investment. The only sad thing is if tacked on to that was the stipulation you had to become a drug addict, a drunk, get fat and die ugly; would he still have accepted?

The Five Quotes for the Day...

Perpetual devotion to what a man calls his business, is only to be sustained by perpetual neglect of many other things.
>- Robert Louis Stevenson

Some people devote so much time to their jobs that they create an imbalance in their life. They want to succeed so much that it's at the cost of something. If they have a family it's at the cost of family time. If they are dating someone it's at the cost of spending time with that person. If they don't have a family or they are not dating, then it's at the cost of their personal life. Being successful is not a bad thing, it shows initiative. Having that kind of drive is a good thing, as long as it's used wisely. Devoting so much time to one thing while ignoring other aspects of life can cause one to miss out on so much and then years later have regret. Be careful how hard you work, you could end up with nothing to show for it.

We think caged birds sing, when indeed they cry. - John Webster

Holding someone captive or holding captive an idea could be detrimental to both. It may
seem that the person is enjoying the protective grasp you hold on them and it may be that they are in a state of disillusionment of what they are actually missing out on. Holding people captive emotionally, even, can be a bad thing for them and for the person doing it. Having such control over someone can be unhealthy for both the captive and the captivator.

As for ideas they need to flourish and sometimes they need to be released to other minds so they can improve upon them. If the idea is so important that it can save lives it's best to give it to the many so that they can hash it out and save those that would be saved by said idea.

Bigotry tries to keep truth safe in the hand with a grip that kills it. - Rabindranath Tagore

It's a tough thing when you meet someone that just doesn't like you because of what you believe, who you look like or just because you don't look just like them. To have them know what is truely factual and keeping it away from themselves in a place where they silence it is kind of scary. They are so determined to dislike someone they will go to great lengths to ignore what they know just to continue.

If you do come across such an animal it is best to not indulge them in their thoughts, because that will only engourge them and if one ignores what they are they'll shrink back into nothing and give more breathing room to those of use that are worthy to live.

A key element of the biographer's art is knowing what to leave out. - Peter France

A biography can't have element in it. No need to bog down the reader with every detail. The biographer just needs to tell, in detail, the information that people want to know about and quickly state what is not really known; so as to not do any overwriting. Such writing will turnpeople off to the story. People liked those with flaws but everyone doesn't need to know ever stip.

Biographers get the gist of someone and that gist is what people read about. If the biographer is good the gist will tell a true tale of someone who is either dead or a long way off from being great.

What the ocean invades in one place it loses in another. - Napoleon

Massive forces move to conquer this land and that. But the land they did conquer slowly loses the strength that was holding it. Invading armies could see that mistake and attack and have an easy battle. Just like the ocean when it pulls in on a land it's receding in another. It's an interesting statement from an interesting man. I would say so.

Random Thought Corner...

I created a phrase called Life-Mines. People have them. The people that are riddled with them are those that are the 'other' person. Such as a man cheating with a woman. That woman has life-mines that the man just didn't know about and they will explode once he leaves who he was with for this person. Maybe it's a good idea to leave. But it's never a good idea to cheat. If you are a person that is in such a position you should think about it because the one you are cheating with could have life-mines that might harm you. Once the excitement wears off that is when they start poping up and hurting you.

And to end on an even more random note:

There are things in this world that you cannot change and there are things in this world you can. The game plan is to perceive the things you can't alter with a positive outlook that's contagious and then with the things you can change do so selflessly and the world will turn with human greatness you pass on; more so than because it was made to do that.

May I come to Washington, Mr. President?

I wrote an essay to win a ticket to go to Obama's Inauguration. This is that essay.

I am Japanese Irish hybrid. I call it Jirish.

Black people have connected with Obama because he’s black. Other people (as in races) have connected to him because he’s historical for America: the first black President.

I do not connect to Obama in such a manner and if that’s what you’re looking for when you read these essays then you might as well stop reading mine, because I am not going to alter my thinking on this.

I am a mutt like Obama stated he is. If I were to connect to him I would connect to him through this. I find that he used such a term as a good sense of humor and I like that, but this is not a connection I have with him.

Barak Obama is a man. His skin color is historical and this makes what he is second to that. I cannot look at his skin color and not appreciate who he actually is. I cannot be a black person for one I am not black and second I do not connect to people just because I am of the same race. I connect to people because they are worthy of connecting to.

I saw his speech “Yes We Can” and I got goosebumps. I hear a man talk of hope in a way that no one has for a really long time. He knows how to speak and he speaks well. Not because he’s black. Not because he’s a mutt. Not because he’s a Democrat. He speaks well because he’s a good man and as a human we should

all be proud that such a person exists.

For me seeing the inauguration would be like seeing the Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, George Washington’s inauguration, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech, John Adam’s constant instance on American Revolution and the reading of Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence’s first draft. It will be a moment that is shared with a few in this world who will actually get to see it in person. It will be a moment to tell my children about. It will be history for history deems it to be so.

I did not vote. I did not vote for I do not think the saving of mankind as being in the hand of any one man for we are all imperfect. What I see in Barak Obama is a good man who has stepped into a situation that is bigger than him. People are raising him up to be something he is not. The higher they rise the higher the fall is for someone who just wants to do his best. It’s not fair.

I want to see Barak Obama before people take him and thrash him about. I want to see him be at his peak and feel the energy of everyone who is excited for him for all the wrong reasons. I want to see the man behind the words I hear from the news and I want to view him without a TV screen infiltrating my line of sight. I want to see him gesture. I want to hear his words. I want to see a man who is willing to sacrifice so much for people who don’t even get what he is and who he will be. The American public is far too selfish to see anything but the outside for those that like him will flip if he deviates from any promises he has made.

I am Japanese and Irish. I am a hybrid. I am what I like to call Jirish. I, like Obama, am a mutt. I, like Obama, am just a man. But he’s a man with so much to live up to and before that takes him and changes him I want to see him for who he is, for who he will always be and for who history will remember this moment for. I want to be at that inauguration for a moment that this United States can only give and for a chance to see it I would be eternally grateful from depths of my heart. And to get to say the words I’ve always wanted to say, “Mr. President” and shake said person’s hand would be a moment that no amount of money could ever afford me.

I may have not voted. I may not be of the same race. I may not be a Democrat. I am only a man, but, as far as I can see, so is Obama. The only difference is that he is historical and [I believe I have failed to mention this so better late than never] I love history.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Candor in Motion Pictures for Everday People and Children with Apples and Amnesia

The Dictionary.com word of the day is...

Candor - Honesty in giving one's view or opinion: frankness and sincerity. Fairness; impartiality.

May I speak candidly?

May I speak freely?

May I have the floor?

May I speak the truth?

Candor has the form of sincerity and impartiality. People who use it in a sentence before they drop a heavy load of hate on you. Meaning, if you are brave enough, you should inform them that they are using it inappropriately and that if they want to be a butthead just say, "I'm going to be a butthead" instead of lying about being candid. It's not that hard. I guess people like to think that speaking the truth allows them the leeway to be a jerk, but that's only in their own mind. Use the word right. Thanks.

On this day in 1894...
...motion picture experiment comedian Fred Ott filmed sneezing.

That's just gross.

The five quotes of the day!

Everyday people are straying away from the Church and going back to God. - Lenny Bruce

Good point there Lenny. The Church tends to be a place where animosity and apathy grow into acceptance and whatever. There are people that want to learn about God and what he wants from them than what the Church wants and how much.

It's also saying that the Church was never with God to begin with. That's kind of harsh but so is being a road block to people's chance at being close to God.

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never ailed to imitate them. - James Baldwin

"Do as I say not as I do" is not a phrase that children listen to. They watch and they copy. That's how it works. You want a good child you lead by example. A parent that doesn't lead by example is like a leader in a marching band sitting
down outside the band and telling them where to march on a mega phone. That would lead to animosity because then people will think it's that he is better than them and can't join them and they'll not listen to the orders being called because they too just want to sit and do nothing.

You want to be a good leader? Be as you are telling them to be and you'll get what it is you want from them.

You know, if you do as you want and they do as you say--you could be the exception to the rule. You could be the amazing difference. You could make millions by telling people how you did it. That way parents can have their cake and eat it too.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. - Apple Comptuer

The American Revolution was one of the first of its kind. Crazy idea. People were like this can't work. But those that were in the power position were daring enough to push for it and it worked. No one was suppose to want to have a personal computer, and yet we have 'em. There's so much that just wouldn't be without someone daring to believe it was possible. Like going to the mooon and walking on it. That couldn't happen. VHS was to ruin movie theater experinces. Different kinds of music would have never existed without someone thinking it sounded good..rap, rock and so forth.

Then there's Mashups. Those things are so creative. Someone had to sit down and think about how one song would sound cool if it had that beat behind it and then actually do it and make it sound good.

A nation that forgets its past can function no better than an individual with amneisa.
- David McCullough

America has so forgotten how it felt when it was taxed for no reason other than greed. We, the
citizens, make money to pay for things that we don't even need because people we surely don't need say it's a good idea.

Then there are countries that are bullying other countries when they should understand how one does not like to be bullied. Or a group of people within a country bullying another group even though they had a past with bullying. It's like an abused child going on abusing others without thinking about how it made them feel and understanding that they are committing people to the same sort of pain they didn't like themselves.

"I don't like this mean thing you're doing to me, but I think it's a great idea if I do it to someone else. How do you do it again?"

Majorities, the argument of fools, the strength of the weak. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes. People always bring up who has the majority without bringing up facts or things that back
up their line of thinking. Look at me I have a lot of idiots back me. OMG I must be right. Yes, yes you are right. Please allow me and my own thinking to bow to you and your whole wool thinking. You have the numbers and we all know that numbers mean right. Just like the American's were right, based on numbers, to have slaves. Germany was right, based on numbers, to rid themselves of Jews. Many adults that decide to enslave a few children are, of course, in the right because they have the numbers. Scientist who have a group are more right because of the numbers not because of facts. Heaven forbid scientist use facts instead of feeling and assumptions.

You have to have more than the majority to actually have a valid point. Just because you can beat up the oposition doesn't mean you are more right.

Random Thought Corner

I'm tired. I think that if we all were allowed to sleep at least 20 minutes after lunch this would solve one part of my problem.

The other part of the problem would be that I would get to sleep in a room at work that way I can have more time to sleep instead of wasting time driving to get to work. I hate driving. People drive slow and slow and then they stick together to drive slow in packs. It's like they can think of nothing more fun than driving right next to someone they apparently are really close to.

I want to teleport home. That would be a blast.