Monday, September 11, 2006

United 93 and Today

I bought United 93 and watched one of the bonus features which was the actors meeting the family members. It was interesting and showed their view on the movie being made. They collectively agreed that the movie should be made. The one thing that was said about it was to people that stated it was too early, at the time, to have a movie about United 93. What was said was that no one should forget and that the people that stated that it was early to some of the family it’s not early enough.

I agree. I think it’s stupid to state that it’s too early to do something. It’s no ones right to state it’s early unless they were part of the families that were affected by United 93. Otherwise I don’t believe their opinion matters at all. It’s lame when people want to force people to create the subject into a taboo subject….into a subject that should be thought of and never talked about. That’s how history is forgotten…when it’s not talked about. Idiots.

Today being the fifth anniversary they are having all kinds of things on TV and such. Seeing the skyline then and now makes it hit home how different things have become. Family of the United 93 have them memory of the phone calls they either received or heard on the answer machine. I cannot even imagine hearing that and I can’t imagine erasing it or getting rid of it. I believe it would be hard considering you don’t want to get rid of it but you don’t want that moment to hold you back in living out your life by being stuck on how sad that voice mail or phone call makes you feel.

With that thought in mind after watching that special feature on the DVD I saw family members that were handling and discussing that event with such awesome composure and steady understanding of the need to share their loved ones story. They amazed me and showed how great in thinking they can be. Only they, in the entire world, have the knowledge of how it feels to be a family member of someone that made a plane crash to foil the plans of terrorist. They, in that respect, are very unique which makes them a close group – as they said like a family.

9/11 shouldn’t have happened but it did happen and instead of placing the blame everyone should figure out what went wrong and go from there…make sure it doesn’t happen again and this time be 5 or even 100 steps ahead of the terrorist in whatever they plan next. A tragic moment doesn’t have to pigeon hold people using fear and regret. It should make everyone want to do better and not allow another group of people to dictate how we live our lives via their bloody vindictive ways.

I believe that they can build those memorials faster than the years in which they were predicting. I’ve seen buildings built in less time. It does not have to take years to create – I don’t understand why they allow things to be drawn out. On the news it stated that the memorial for United 93 would be done in 2011. That’s freakin’ too long from now. Make it end earlier…within a reasonable amount of time so that another event doesn’t over shadow the unavailing. They can create things in speed when it’s out to make money but not when it’s something to help people remember. People make makeshift memorials. People show they want them. Use those people to help build the memorials. People will help if you ask. Ask and you shall see how giving people actually are.

I bought United 93 so that I could remember the pain those families suffered through and never allow the event to turn into something that just happened. When kids learn about things that happened in the past they don’t have the full understanding of the pain and suffering people went through. Like the Holocaust millions of people died but that doesn’t affect the students unless they have someone that survived talk to them or something to make it more personal. Well that is what United 93 is going to do for me…it’s going to help me remember that it happened and it caused damage not only to the earth it collided with but with the families that heard the final words of their loved ones. They allowed the movie to be created with their blessing and the least I can do is remember it and never allow it to slip away.