Thursday, May 19, 2005

Enterprise's Lost Episode

I wanted closure. I understood it was over and I wanted to see a send off that would make it worth. I wanted two hours of action and tears and a great goodbye. Instead I got two hours of Paramount disrespect.

Star Trek has been gold to Paramount but apparently they did not want to return such a favor to Enterprise.

The series finale gets an F. They did not explain the reason for the alternate universe. They did not explain who the future guy was who spoke to the Sulabon.(sp?)

The last episode was slat in a wound of cancellation. Killing Trip was totally wrong and done in a very uncaring way. Adding the Next Generation cast was also wrong on so many levels. And instead of ending with Archer or one of the crew members they choose to end it on a lame crap holodeck program.

Enterprise could explain the ridges on Klingons in a creative fashion so no this last episode they could have done ten billion times better than they did. It was my favorite cast until that last episode.

Twenty plus years of Star Trek and this is the thanks they get? I am calling it Enterprise’s Lost Episode because it should not be remembered it should be lost and forgotten. I disown it as Enterprise worthy because I’m dorky enough to be able to do that.

Paula Issue

Corey Clark is a moron and a money grubber. Even if she did what he claims, it didn’t ruin the voting process at all. He is not a victim in this and he can’t sing. You suck at being human Corey and so do your parents.

This was me about American Idol and my two cents. It has been brought to you by my dorky self.