Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mice, Snake and Gas....oh CONGRESS!

There is a mouse in the house. It squeaks with another mouse. I just want to say to them, "Get the squeakin' squeak out of my squeakin' home you stinkin' squeaker!"

They are loud at night and then they are silent. I wish I could get a snake and have it slither around. Apparently they are very afraid of snakes. They are annoying and the dog is slightly deaf so she doesn't hear them.

I've seen them scamper around and they like are so fast I don't even see feet. Like a blur of speed it's ridiculious. You know what else is ridciulious? Gas. Gas is ridiculous but who the hell can solve that?

CONGRESS....but are they going to? NOOOOOOOOO.....why? Because they are on vacation for the fourth of July. NO JOKE. Send them the mice dead in a box. Maybe that'll wake them up to the reality of the matter.

I don't know how that would, but it would be funny to read in the news. "Today Congress received a box and in the box were dead mice. They have no idea what that means. The sender was contacted and yes he left his address on the box and he didn't even know what dead mice mean."

Ha. Vile.