Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Racist Kramer? Whatever.

Michael Richards made a stupid mistake. STUPID mistake in calling black folks the name in which they call themselves. I also think those that use that name and state white people cannot are idiots. The hecklers are morons for even heckling and anyone defending their actions are just as…and if not more dumb than they are. If you don’t like the show LEAVE. If you are going to heckle then don’t WHINE when you get heckled back no matter what the hell is said.

Does that mean what Richards said was great? Hell no. He shouldn’t have said it at all. He should have thought of something wittier to say than what he did say. But he didn’t and then he said sorry. What happened? All the black people who WERE NOT THERE said the apology was crap. Morons. You weren’t there and if it wasn’t for the video you’d never have seen the stupid thing happen. That’s like stating a man that says a racists joke to his friends should have to go and apologize to the entire black community at the Apollo. It’s stupid.

Personally he said sorry. You don’t like it? Don’t go to his shows and shut up about it. He said sorry. SORRY. Someone stated that he didn’t perform the sorry as well as he did the act. WHAT THE FREAKIN’ HELL? What does that mean? Is that what you tell someone when they say sorry? Do people know how hard it is to say sorry? The word….JUST THE WORD. Just saying sorry alone is difficult…it’s admitting wrong. Humans, no matter who they are, do not like to be wrong. It’s difficult to admit t being wrong. So saying sorry is hard enough and for someone to say that the sorry wasn’t good is pathetic. I would agree if the word sorry wasn’t used…but it was so they are morons for being all whinny about the sorry.

OMG he’s a racist…oh who the hell cares? I don’t care. Let him hate black people as if the black people have any room what-so-ever to say they don’t hate him. They do hate him and if they don’t good for them then shut up and forget about it. What is said is said and he said sorry. I DO NOT think he needs to go back and say sorry to a bunch of black people who were not there to begin with. It’s idiotic.

This world is full of morons and this incident proves it.