Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Naming a Baby

I've decided that when I need a cool name for my child and I can't think of a good one I'll sit and read the credits at a movie that I go to and then pick the cool ones. That is what I'll do. Because I've sat there after the credits and I've read the names and there are often names that are unique and cool.

This makes it dorky and well worth mentioning here let alone the fact that staying after the movie to read the credits is annoying to the cleaning crew. So that's mean of me and dorky of me but it's sort of creative of me. Instead of spending money on a baby book I just steal it from the credits.

Maybe next few postings will be about something more serious.....shocker.

But this baby name idea is mine. Don't you think of stealing it or else I'll sue you and your baby. That's right SUE!!!