Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Naming a Baby

I've decided that when I need a cool name for my child and I can't think of a good one I'll sit and read the credits at a movie that I go to and then pick the cool ones. That is what I'll do. Because I've sat there after the credits and I've read the names and there are often names that are unique and cool.

This makes it dorky and well worth mentioning here let alone the fact that staying after the movie to read the credits is annoying to the cleaning crew. So that's mean of me and dorky of me but it's sort of creative of me. Instead of spending money on a baby book I just steal it from the credits.

Maybe next few postings will be about something more serious.....shocker.

But this baby name idea is mine. Don't you think of stealing it or else I'll sue you and your baby. That's right SUE!!!

Ten Things

I have not took the time to come here and update things. But guess what? I am going to do it now. I think I'll start with a few interesting things that I as a dorky person noticed over the past few weeks I didn't post here.....

One is that I knew I couldn't hold up on this dork list thing I was creating. I don't think I'll be adding to that very often. Doing it every time I post is a real pain.

Two is that people have horrible communication problems and then wonder why their relationships fall through. I don't get that at all. I mean why not fix it? For one thing they don't even know they have a sucky communication. Try telling them. That'll be a blast. ha.

Three is that X3 will be the movie that makes the most money. Because Superman didn't even crack close enough to how much money X3 pulled in over the weekend. So the summer is the summer of Superheroes but the heroes are mutants. WOOHOO. I'll touch more on X-Men at a later date.

Four is that it stinks to know things about people and realize how much damage one could do to someone and that they know that I know these things and yet decide to treat me bad. You would think that would be a mistake. But of course they fall back on the hope that the lock and key idea I presented to them is true and therefore don't fear me saying a single word. Lucky them that that is something I have trouble breaking no matter how mad I get. Though no one has pushed me far enough to find out if I am able to break the lock and spill the loot. I doubt they'd wanna do that.

Five is that people don't realize how great they have it until they lose it. Or I should state lose a friendship with me. Yes I'm a bitter friend but guess what? It's better than shooting them in the face with a loaded paintball gun.

Six is that paintball is way more fun than I had thought. WAY MORE FUN!!!!!

Seven is that Three Days Grace is awesome in concert even if they only did get to sing two songs. It was Buzz Fest and they were late because of van problems but hey it was awesome.

Eight is that women that are negative are not for me. This girl that I dated couldn't have possibly been more negative and wrought with ew than she was. It's fine not to like things and voice such an opinion...but it's not okay to voice it all the time as if I really care to see the world through the eyes of a woman always on PMS. Nah...thanks.

Nine is that MSN is a horrible, horrible way of breaking up and only losers of loserness decided to break up with someone that way.

Ten is that I've realized that I'm pretty funny. I mean I write things down in this book I have and there are things from 3 years ago and it's just funny stuff there. I amuse myself and if that's all I do then oh well...too bad for everyone else.

Well that's enough. The important thing is that I'll be coming back more to say things about people or situations and that is that.

Hope everyone will enjoy it...even the people that read this and don't like me. Why even read it if you don't like me? That's just stupid but so are the people that don't like me. Guess that works.