Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Prime Idiots

So I am watching Primetime on ABC with John Stossle and it’s talking about swingers right now. They are stating that they don’t swing for sex but to get hot with one another. Sure. The phrase “it’s just sex”. Har har har…it’s just not sex. Oh and their kids don’t know. I suppose it’s not okay because they are embarrassed enough not to tell their kids that is what they are doing.

One of them state that it’s not cheating. HAHAHAHA! Really? Just because it’s consensual doesn’t mean it’s not cheating. One couple even stated that they don’t kiss anyone but each other because that is what they hold it intimate. Oh come on. If that is intimate then sex is intimate. Kissing is just kissing if sex is just sex. One is not more intimate than the other.

Deciding to have sex with other couples is cheating. It is going to ruin the marriage down the road and it will make one wish that they could have someone else. Humans are that simple and it is not just sex---what a stupid thing to think…for anyone.

Now there are people that do not have sex --- EVER! Really? A 24 year old stated that he was never attracted to anyone. Asexuality.org --- ooh check it out you might want to be a member. I agree you don’t need sex to be happy but I do believe it wouldn’t hurt (some it might) to actually have it in your life. I can’t even understand not wanting to have sex---I can actually understand wanting to have sex with everyone and everything…ha.

Asexual actually exists in the animal kingdom as they have stated about homosexuality. Retarded Dr. Joy Davidson stated that it’s like being color blind stating you don’t miss color. You can’t miss what you’ve never had…she states. Psh I think she’s kind of lame to state that that’s even the same. I don’t understand how they can state that homosexuality is a not a choice but are stating that asexuality doesn’t exist. It’s either they both are or they both aren’t…I don’t believe you can choose which one is real and not real---one is so is the other.

There is all this big whining crap about how homosexuality is so a choice and now that a new sexuality emerges (not new but so to speak) the experts want to squash it as something that is self fulfillment. Okay---then why isn’t homosexuality a self fulfillment? Yeah there is a ton of whiners that will argue against that as being right. Very well then asexual exists. Shut up.

Next is strippers and how they think that they can’t do anything but stripping. And to think someone said that strippers were smart….ha—okay no one said that but it was a nice thought.

They look really hoochie like and that can’t be good----it could be high in STD hoochies. Apparently they really think it’s a real job. I think that a job is something you can share with others…as in if you can tell someone and be proud of what you’re doing then it is a job. This one stripper states that it is a job but is a little disappointed when she states her mom wasn’t happy. It’s apparent that it’s all about the money than it is about the actual stripping---if the money was different I believe they wouldn’t even bother.

This girl blocks it out and pretend that it was sex acts. Oh come on…that is not a job if you have to block out what you’re doing. How lame. So them doing private dances they think about how much money they can get out of the person….see it is about money---so not a job. Porn is not a job either it’s just for the money and getting paid to do something that they think they are really good at…or think they can be really good at.

They like to talk---paid to talk. One states that it’s good to talk. Okay it’s good to talk—it appears that it’s good to talk and better than actually dancing and therefore this is not a job to be proud of besides the money. Gosh….no self respect. REALLY…cause if they did have self respect they won’t bother doing it at all.

Oh and one of them stated making $2,000 in one night makes them feel good about themselves. Hahaha….again it’s all about the money. How shocking that it’s all about the money. Lame and horrid and I feel sorry for them---I wish they could respect themselves enough to believe they can do better with their life. And before someone states that I’m being judgmental I am not---because if they really believed what they were doing was so great then sharing their real names and telling people would not be embarrassing at all.

What are they going to do when they get older? When things start to gravitate? What are they going to do marry someone?

WHOA…they don’t get the protection or benfits like people who work there like busboys, bouncers and DJs---the dancers have to pay a tip out which could be as much as $150 a night. They also pay to use the stage from $75 - $200 a night. That’s so horrible….and proves how it’s not even a job.

EWWWW the next thing is kissing cousins…GROSS!!!! But yeah I think it’s not first cousins so that’s cool….second cousins are better. 20% of all marriages all around the world are cousins…weird. EW I am wrong there was a first cousin experience. I don’t care what people say that’s just gross. GROSS!!!! That just means there is only one set of grandparents…right? I don’t feel like thinking of it too much…gross.

So one couple has kids and not only are they brothers but cousins…second cousins. HAHA…ooh I’m mean. But really they are and they have the same uncles and stuff….that’s just really weird. I can’t even think that that’s even a grand or wonderful for them. I can see that they think they are in love and such but really.

So I learned that stupid is everywhere in America. I mean really sex is just sex? PSH that’s stupid it’s not just sex it’s something more… it means more than just “just”. They got annoyed when they were explain how it was just sex and that the couples were more in love after doing the swinging than before. This just indicates that one they are lying and two it is what? NOT JUST SEX! Asexual is just that…another sexual thing for people to “choose” from or be or whatever it is you believe. That simple. If homosexuality is a choice so is this. That is it for that. The strippers are not doing a job as much as the job is doing them. If you cannot be proud of what your job is then really it’s not a job. Of course people keep certain jobs hidden when they were something WOWing and now they are something like a fast food person…but that’s not embarrassment over a job as is not making as much money. Strippers are actually embarrassed over what they do and only do it for the money. Marrying one’s cousin is freakin’ weird. I can almost understand second cousins but not first…not at all. Having the same family members is just not right for a child. They will be made fun of.

It’s annoying to watch so much stupid in the world. It is no wonder things just get worse when there are idiots walking around and are allowed to be idiots. But I guess that’s freedom that is America---the freedom to be a complete and utter idiot.

I, however, choose to be a very opinionated dork. Thank you.