Saturday, December 02, 2006

Woman or Man? Clap!

At the movie theater that I go to there is this person that looks like a woman from afar but then when you get up on this person they look like a man. It's really freaky. I don't know which gender this person is. I want to say woman but then there's these odd man features that freak me out. It's a gender bender thing going on and I know it's wrong to call someone by the wrong gender like Mister when it's a Miss and such. I think I found a real life Pat. Wow.

I saw The Nativity Story (cruddy by the way) and there was this man that clapped after each "important" scene. It was annoying. He talked through the movie too, to his wife who, apparently, didn't know what was going on? I don't know. It was annoying that he thought people wanted to hear him appladed after each scene. OMG Mary talked to an angel...YAY *claps*. OMG Joseph talked to an angel! *claps* OMG he said Jesus was god. *claps* OMG the star is glowing on them! *claps* It was so freakin' annoying and stupid. I wish I had a boomerang so I could have hit him upside the head and made him realize he's an idiot. Then I would have clapped and pat myself on the back.

Lost Love

I think love is all one needs when entering a marriage.

I think that if one cheats on someone then that someone they cheated on they NEVER loved. They can argue all they want to but if they loved the one they were with then cheating wouldn't ever come to mind.

People do not get divorced because they fell out of love---they were never in love to begin with. This fall out of love crap is a bunch of BS. You are or you're not there is no falling out of love because that's not possible. Once you are in love with someone then it sticks for life---if you "fall" out of love you were never IN love to begin with.

Loving someone means you love them through all kinds of problems and that means there is no such thing as divorce. If divorce does occur then love was never ever a factor and marriage was done based on false thinking.

Love is too powerful to be that faulty no matter how imperfect we are.

My love is set in stone.
Once I decide to love someone as a girlfriend or a friend or a family member..this love is always there to the end of time. I'm not a robot...I don't turn love on and off based on events. If love leaves because of hard times..then love was never there to begin with either.

I'm so annoyed with the mistreatment of love. People think it's some sort of game like spin the bottle. It's just stupid.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to fall out of love. That entire phrase is dumb. It's so stupid and anyone that believes that that is possible are fooling themselves. Love is WAY too powerful to fall out's gravity pull is too strong and no one has the ability to push it away. If love is there then that's it. There is no removing it.

Don't give love a bad name and don't use it like it's just a word that can be thrown around. It's been abused so much people have really forgotten what it means.