Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Crazy 8!!

The number 8 is a number like 0 that should look the same if turned upside down – in theory of course. This is where it gets crazy. Gas stations do not use the number 8 that is equal in the bottom as it is in top, therefore it can be put upside down.

I do not like seeing this at all. I want so bad to pull over into the gas station and tell them that they need to fix their sign because the number 8 is upside down. The difference is very slim and I don’t think everyone can notice the upside down-ness of it all but I do and that is crazy. But it’s no where near as crazy as having an 8 that can be upside down. I mean really!!!! GOSH!

WHERE the FJ is it?

The Toyota FJ is owned by my best friend Andy and I think it’s pretty cool. It has three windshield wipers, nice front seats, bulky looking as a whole, it sits high off the road, it has four wheel drive, and is a sky like blue and I like it but…..

…..I like my Honda Element Better. Though I wish my Element was orange or yellow instead of black. It has lots of head and leg room. Andy’s doesn’t have the leg room in the backseats of that Toyota. That is annoying.

So anyway he has a Toyota FJ and I have a Honda Element. Andy parked next to an Element and took a picture. That is pretty neat. I wanted, being a dork and all, to do the same thing. I first needed to find a Toyota FJ around Houston.

That was not a problem at all. I have seen several around town. I’ve seen them on the freeway, on the roads and driving in a near by neighborhood…BUT where have I not seen them?

PARKED! Houston has lots of parking. I park in a lot of areas but I have never seen one parked anywhere near where I have parked. That sucks. So I am on the hunt for one. I am sure I will see one parked one day.

Hopefully that will occur before Andy moves his car here. Probably not. Crap! I like knowing that my car is much better though. It helps me sleep at night.