Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cause and Affect

I can't believe people actually think that you can watch something and not be affected by it. Certain people think that it's okay to allow an 8 year old to play a violent game and honestly believe that there is no affect--and that the 8 year old is smart enough to tell between a game and reality. Really? This reporter did a simple test. He realized that after he played a racing game he felt the need for speed when he went to drive his car if he played the game within the hour. He had to wait a while after playing the game so that he wouldn't feel the need to speed.

IF he is affected by a racing game in such a way that it has him wanting to race then violent games do have an affect and just because it cannot be seen doesn't mean that it isn't occuring within. Same goes for rated R movies. Parents taking their kids to rated R movies and thinking it's alright because they won't know what is going on and they won't be affected by it...haha that's so dumb. You can't have a cause without an affect. There is no way viewing something doesn't have an affect. That's like me saying I have no affect on people by calling them an idiot. There is ALWAYS an affect --- but seeing a violent movie or playing a violent video game there is NO positive affect that comes from doing that. Which means parents are purposefully inflecting negativity on their child and getting away with it.

Why? Because it's easier to be lazy and state there is no affect so that they don't feel guilty for damaging their child. It's more like not taking the blame for the damage in which they are inflecting. They would rather blame someone else and sue them and reap the rich rewards than to spend the quality time with their child and not inflect them with negative thoughts on purpose. And then have the nerve to complain about how bad the school system is or their neighborhood or the government---when they can't even do right within their own world with their own creation. There is no need for perfection but at least try to be the parent that you believe you can be instead of the parent that is looking for the quick fix and someone to blame if something goes wrong.

I worked with kids today and when I was done their parents were there to pick them up and there was so much joy in the child's face to see their parent or disapointment when they didn't see them right off the bat. They were so happy to see their parents---that's what they want that attention not the attention of a video game or a R rated movie. It might be "cool" but it's not what they want nor what they need. Child are simple with what it is they love to get and they love that attention from the parent asking them how their day went and what did they learn and actually listening to what they have to say. Children love that attention and need it and blossom.

Raising children is an art...and if done right will be so priceless and will bring joy to the parent over and over again.