Friday, February 17, 2012

Survivor One World -- Women Want Special Equality

It's been a while since I've posted. It appears to be more than a year. *shock face*

Yesterday Survivor's new season "One World" started and it's women vs men. OMG. Yes, they've done this before. Yes, it was awesome the first go around because the women cannibalized themselves and a man won. That man was a loser from the get go, but he had the gift of convincing people to eat his poop and it got him to the end.

The difference is that this time around the teams are neighbors. About five feet away from each other. It's going to be an awesome season.

I'm not going to go into grave detail about what went on. It will bore me. I have to whine about this first episode. The women wanted to be treated equally and so the men did that the entire episode. Jeff gave them a few seconds to grab stuff from the truck. The women started a pile and the men started a pile. One of them men didn't treat the women like the weaker sex because he stole from their pile. He took a few things. The women were aghast that the men would have the audacity to treat them as equals.

They find out they're at the same camp and after getting over that they spot some wild chickens. The men and women agreed that they'd work together to collect the chickens and share the bounty. The men helped corner the chicken and the country hick lady picked up two. Did the women share? No.

So when the men created fire (because the women couldn't create fire with sticks if one were a match and the other was lighter fluid) the women wanted a part of it. They begged. They pleaded. They even tried to steal it during the night. And they succeeded in theft of fire, but it went out come morning because apparently they didn't know that you had to feed the fire to keep it burning.

They then decided that they should offer a chicken. The men, being smart at this point, said NO. They knew how important fire meant water to drink.

The Asian girl decided to negotiate. She offered that they'd work for the fire. The men said sure. The loud mouth Hispanic girl didn't like this slave labor. She must have thought her idea of stripping was much more equal friendly.

The women got fire.

At the challenge the women didn't follow directions about keeping their hands close to their body when they jumped into the net. So they got some booboos. One got a big booboo. She hurt her wrist. So bad they had to stop the challenge and cart her away to check up on her. The men got to decide if they wanted to continue or force the women to go straight to tribal. They decided to send the women to tribal. HAHA, and the women had the nerve to play the sex card of how men should want to finish and whatever. Here they are stating they could do whatever men can do and yet when it comes down to it, they want to be treated special. Too bad equality has nothing to do with special. Special Equality is an oxymoron. Dontchaknow.

At tribal they find out that no one is going home cause that wrist was broken pretty bad. But not before the Hispanic lunitic goes off her coocoo and starts complaining about the Asian. She's such an idiot.

Oh and the other idiot is the black lady who gave the hidden immunity to not funny gay guy. He's annoying. He made some off handed comment about a Taylor Swift (after the Grammys she's Trailer Swift) song. It was like a D-movie scriptwriter is writing his godawful lines. Ugh. He couldn't even help build shelter or do anything of real value other than wish he had boobs and a vagina cause he can't hang with the men. He rather be with the ladies. That isn't a problem in itself, but when the game requires you to work with your team and you can't even do that much, you don't deserve to play.

He probably won't be going too soon, but I can't wait until he does.