Sunday, April 08, 2012

Death To Current TV

EdJoyProductions was a douchebag. I say that with not a glimmer of respect. Even after he wrote the following at on
 I remember when J_Jammer was banned. Nettle's defense was legendary. As annoying and confrontational as J_Jammer was, I never endorsed his being banned. But even JJ was not as mean spirited and passive aggressive as this new person or group of people. 
You know what you get when you sit by and watch people get mistreated? You get what you get. And as I read this wonderful kind thing he wrote for someone he decided to stand up for, I couldn't help but laugh at the karma that hit him square in the middle of his clown face. I hope it broke his nose. 

This is what you get when you let it happen once. You allow it to set a precedent and because you didn't stop it from the onset it got worse. And now Current is going to fail and I'm going to laugh. 

Failure is their only option because no amount of Spitzer and his nastiness is going to pull Current TV out of the dredges. It's set to die. They're just prolonging the death. When someone can't breathe, you give them oxygen. You don't give them water. That's what Current is doing. They're drinking as they are suffocating and it's only making matters worse. 

And I'm enjoying ever second of social burning that's happening to them. The liberals that ruined the website by wanting people ban who didn't think just like them are getting their just deserts as the website they love dies a horrible whore of a death. While people like me who told them this was coming...laugh so hard, tears of awesome leak of my eyes. 

Death to Current. And may it never return.