Friday, September 15, 2006

Survivor: Cook Island -- Racist?

So I watched Survivor: Cook Islands and I have to say that the race issue isn’t even one. I mean it was entertaining. There was a white tribe, Asian tribe, black tribe and a Hispanic tribe and they were all entertaining. They all had things to say that were “racists” towards their own “kind”, such as in the black tribe one woman said that the machete was not sharp enough to cut cotton. Then an Asian guy stated how other people think that Asian’s can’t see because of their slanted eyes. The white tribe screamed “Whity”. Then the Hispanic tribe made a joke about rowing away from an island not towards.

It’s so funny. It shows that people feel comfortable with people they are with enough to state things they wouldn’t normally state with other people from other races around. For the reward and immunity the Asian tribe won. The notion that Asians are good with puzzles seems to be on the dot…to a point. Puzzles were part of this immunity/reward and they zoomed through those puzzles. The Hispanic tribe was in the lead for the majority of the challenge until they got to the NEWS puzzle. The black tribe couldn’t get their boat put together fast enough. The white tribe had trouble rowing.

The twist was that the losing tribe would be able to pick one person from the winning tribes (because three tribes win and one tribe goes to tribal counsel) to go to exile island. The black tribe lost. They decided to pick a one of the older white guy to go to exile island. I stated that if they sent an Asian that they would find that immunity idol right off the back. Ha =P .

This is interesting because it does show how well certain groups work together and it’s not a race thing as much as it’s just a culture thing. Work ethics are different through the tribes. I really like this because no one can state that they are not being liked because they are “insert race here” like they’ve done in pervious Survivors.

I am Asian and I would like the Asians to win but not because I am. In all Survivor history not one Asian has ever one so this one should be different =P and that is why I root for them. Plus I like stating White, Black, Asian, and Hispanic – it’s allowed since that is what they are. Though it would be PC to state them by tribe name…but until I learn the names I won’t bother.

I also think ---back to the work ethic thing – that if they do merge two tribes together anytime soon that the only tribe that the black tribe could merge with is the white one because I don’t think their work ethic would be tolerated with either the Hispanic or Asian tribes. I think that the Asian and Hispanic tribes would work well together due to the work ethic---my opinion based on all kinds of examples and I get to see “right” it is. Ha.

This is just a fun idea that I think people shouldn’t take it seriously---the people on the island don’t even take it that seriously. Don’t be lame have fun…gosh.