Monday, January 19, 2009

Obscure Heater Approach Unbelieved Moons Deceives Great Organizations

Dictionary.Com's Word of the Day...
Obscure - Not clearly expressed; hard to understand.

The American work ethic is so obscure. The idea of what hard work is and isn't is obscure. The even that relaxes people that goes by the name vacation is obscure to the businesses of America. Over work people and they will do better. That is the obscure thinking of people who run the business lazily as well as haphazardly. Which could be why we have so much need for health care reform because people don't get enough relaxation, they have to deal with stresses and obnoxious work to do list that kill them slowly but surely.

On this day in 1982...
Heater explodes at Star Elementary School in Oklahoma and kills 6 kids and a teacher.

Is that just lovely? All you're trying to do is keep war and what happens instead? You get your face mawed off by an explosion of the very thing that is to keep you protected from the cold not make you never feel again. What a travesty of stupidity by those that crated such a contraption. An exploding heater shouldn't even be created. There's no need for one that explodes. Good GOD.

The Five Quotes of the Day...

I personally am inclined to approach [housework] the way governments treat dissent: Ignore until it revolts. - Barbara Kingsolver

Yeah, if you ignore housework it'll pile up in the closet and when you open that closet one day to let someone borrow your coat for that cold day, everything will fall out and they will look at you funny. Not only will you suffer the embarrassment of the falling junk, you will realize the coat isn't even in that closet.

Hope unbelieved is always considered nonsense. But hope believed is history in the process of being changed. - Jim Wallis

People look at others with a hope in going to heaven as silly. Because they don't share the same idea as well as because the idea doesn't even make sense to them. If you have something to actually hope in then the dismal future you once had would be changed to something more positive. A life lived with a positive thought is lived better than with a negative thought. It's far better to have a positive thought (though a lie) than the truth and it is rot with negativity. Because living out your life with a smile is far more bearable than living out your life with a cynical heart. This is one of those times where the truth will lock you up and tie you down.

Before judging another, walk two moons in his moccasins. - Native American Saying

Thinking of what another has to go to for at least two days will give you an idea of why they are the way they are. This is far better than assuming they are mean just because they hate you and want you to die a painful death. Someone who is old and cranky could be that way because, yes, they are up in years as well as having pain in their joints and forgetting things and therefore frustrated because once they were able to remember the entire dictionary. A young person could be under a lot of stress because they are having a difficult time keeping up with school work, having difficulty with peers at school, parents are on their case about what they are going to do with the rest of their lives and/or they just are having terrible mood shifts because of their hormones are all over the place. Keep in mind that what one has to go through surely does affect the way they react to others, even you.

The senses do not deceive; it is judgment that deceives. - Goethe

You look at someone who is crying you're seeing them actually crying. Your judgment could state that they are faking or they are not really crying, and even though that may be the case in some situations that is not always the case. For the most part when someone is crying they are actually crying. Judgment of someone will have you over think a situation taking for granted your senses that work constantly to tell you information that you may not even use because you think your judgment is so keen. Look, feel, taste, smell and touch the situation and then come to a conclusion. Maybe use judgment on rare occasions, but surely trust the five, for they will, most likely, do you right.

In any great organization it is far, far safer to be wrong with the majority than to be right alone. - John Kenneth Galbraith

So true this is. You have seen the movies where the one person has seen something and knows it is true but the mass majority state the exact opposite. The one has a difficult time in their job or in life because the majority leader doesn't like being defied and therefore will do all they can to make the one's job or life hell. It is a terrible thing because truth should always win out in the end but that is not always the case. Though people do not like Governmental politics, life politics and job politics are things they play often to ruin or get ahead of others. It would be great if their game play was exposed and they were to rot for the filth they spread, but in most cases they get away with it. You have to stop and think if it is worth being ostracize standing up for what you believe is true?

Random Thought Corner...

I just want a day off. I have to take that kitten I have, Iris, to the vet and I need a day off to do that. I also just want a whole day of nothing. I don't want any social contact and I just want to sit around and do NOTHING. That is relaxing. I also like to float around in a pool. But I don't have a pool so that isn't going to happen, but it is a nice thought. I like nice thoughts. They, in themselves, are relaxing. I need relaxing.