Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Beleaguer hope's motto of Popular and Right with a sprinkle of Ruinous

Dictionary.com Word of the Day....
Beleaguer - To surround with troops; besiege.

I would guess this would go well with places like the Gaza Strip. Israel has beleaguer the Gaza Strip with love and caring and wonder. They really care about that spot so much they would rather it be destroyed than share it's existence with anyone. Oh wait they are only attacking the Hamas. That's right because those that die that are not Hamas don't count because Israel didn't mean to kill them. Scratch that out.

For a small country Israel is surely a huge bully. It has nothing to do with the fact that America is in its back pocket and everything to do with it thinking it's in middle school. When will it graduate and move on to high school where it runs away and thinks it knows best. The next step is to grow up and be extremely self righteous and pompous because that's what twenties are all about...early twenties, that is.

Chosen picture because look at it? Isn't that just the most depressing name ever? I feel beleaguered just by looking at it. Whoa is me.

On this day in 1975...
"Wheel of Fortune" debuts on NBC-TV.

And it's still on. It's old like....well...there's really no other game show to compare it to since it is the oldest. Right? Right.

The reason for the picture....really? You really need me to answer that?

The Five Quotes of the Day

I'll be damned if I want most folk out there to do unto me what they do unto themselves. - Toni Cade Bambara

Why would you want to be treated just like a self mutilator? They are insane and if they were to treat you the same as themselves that would mean they'd have to self mutilate you and you'd have to accept it because all they are doing is, of course, following the proverb.

"Hey you need not to slice me with that there knife you knave!"

"I'm only doing as the proverb says."

"What is that? Kill your fellow man? I'm bleeding here."

"No. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself."

"What the hell are you a self mutilator?"


"Just my luck." *bleeds a lot more*

Make sense not wanting to have to deal with the likes of someone like that. Just think if you were around someone that likes to be peed on..or pees on themselves? Yeah. Talk about an unwelcoming shower.

Why the picture? Because look at it. It's perfect. People vote hatred are doing unto others as they do unto themselves. It's kind of sad and prfound and hopefully the link works because that's where I got it from. The link should link the picture to the page.

The hope of the world lies in what one demands, not of others, but of oneself. - James Baldwin

If the hope of the world was left to the "other people" nothing would get done because everyone would be pointing to it being that OTHER person's deal. But with this quote it shows that we can make changes in this world by changing ourselves. It sounds far more difficult than it actually was.

We demand greatness from ourselves and we preform such greatness either by doing something fantastic, because of our money and such, or we do something that is small but powerful, because of the lack of money and such. We project good then we attract good and we end up encouraging other people to be good. We are hope.

Everybody's private motto: It's better to be popular than right. - Mark Twain

In being popular you get to almost always be right. It matters not how mean you are. In being plain right you'll become unpopular because even though you are right your stance might be on something the selfish people want to keep as part of their lives. In order to do what is right you're going to make enemies of others because right doesn't mean agreement. Normally right means that those that disagree will state they will do as they please what's it to you?

Instead of being the center of attention because of a disagreement. The motto points out that people would rather be the center of attention because of their popularity that translates into many people liking them and their style. It's almost akin to being worshiped for just being. Those that want to be popular are a bit creepy as a whole.

The picture was chosen because that headgear he's wearing would not make you popular. Avoid that headgear if you want to become popular....please.

The time is always ripe to do right. - Martin Luther King Jr.

There is never a wrong time to do what is right. People allow fear to control them and remove them from doing what is right. Such as saying they are sorry for hurting someone's feeling, even though it's been a while and they are truly at fault. Pride is hardly ever the right choice. Between pride and being humbled...the right choice is being humbled. Of course that is easier said than done. But if you think of what it is you'd like to do you will most likely do it.

So think that you want to be humiliated and you will be. It'll be a grand thing for those that like to laugh at you and, this is the truth, it'll be the right choice. *waves hand around* You know it's true.

Picture is chosen because the logo looks great as well as the place looks like somewhere I'd want to just chow down. But also it's humble pie. Eat some. It's 'always ripe to do right.' Remember that.

Everything that frees our spirit withholds giving us control of ourselves is ruinous. - Goethe

This would be like having random sex. It may feel free but it also doesn't give you control of your actions. It's your emotions controlling you. You've given in to the horrible feeling of not getting what you want from someone you liked so now you have to get what it is you like from those you can barely stand. Just to get yours you'll do it with anyone and you'll tell yourself that you're a sexual being and this is a great idea but everyone knows the hollow feeling and that's the feeling one feels after they finish getting what they want....that's how they feel when their spirit is freed.

You need to have control of yourself and rand
om sex isn't having control. Emotions should never control you because then you do things you later regret in life. And those that can't regret their actions are those that are too prideful and I would suggest you look at the quote prior again. ha.

If you let yourself go what happens? You get fat. So why allow yourself to have so much 'freedom' and feel loose? You're only inviting an STD here and an STD there....STD everywhere oh you got something in your pants and it sure the hell ain't cool.

Picture chosen because that bus has the phrase on it. Look at it...and look at them...they so have crabs and the clap. How could they not? Dirty hippies.


I think I really did give someone my good day today. I feel really groggy and tired and low like if I were a swing I would be stopped right there in the mud ditch that's always where the feet skip about to stop the swing from a swingin'. The only reason this will be worth it is if the person I gave the good day to actually got the good day. Silly as it might sound I would really give away good days to allow others to have a rest from their bad times. One good day can sustain someone days afterwards.

I chose that picture because it shows what I hope happened to the person that got my good day. Even if the smile lasted for only an hour. I think that's a good and heathy change from yesterday.

I miss Surivovr.
I miss Heroes.
I want to see Into The Woods again.
I like last.fm.

I'm tired.