Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jettison Massachusetts Change Faster Never Be Content Dune's Word of the Day...
Jettison - to throw goods overboard to lighten a ship or an aircraft in distress.

You know the Earth is in major distress. What should we do? That's right...jettison certain people so that we, as a human race, can live longer without being held back by stupid people. How do we decide who to jettison? That's easy. No we do not draw lots. What we do is we get rid of the entire Iran Government, every single Palestine person who thinks it's a great idea to attack Israel, every Israeli who thinks it's a great idea to attack Palestine, Russia's government, the people who think the E.U. is a fantastic idea, United States Congress and then only elect people who are between the ages of 20 and 45 to be Representatives (once you start to wrinkle and look old you're outta there no matter the age...stop smoking), protesters who are not peaceful, KKK, Black Panthers, anyone who thinks their country is the best, Global Warming Goons, Pedophiles, serial killers, drunk drivers who don't feel sorry for their mistake, people who smoke pot not because of illness, PeTA, The Big Three Car companies in the US, any Union that is except writer's union and actor's union, Curency, Hamas, people who think that blowing themselves up is a great idea, peopel who state stoning is a great idea, people who have their guns not in a locked area, people who are bullies in school, people who are bullies online, people who abuse power, people who don't like people who eat meat and finally people who talk in theaters.

The world will so be a better place. I promise you that.

On This Day in 1699...
Massachusetts holds day of fasting for wrongly persecuting "witches." that's just...stupid.

The Five Quotes of the Day...

Everything is one thing can change by itself. - Paul Hawken

It's like the price of oil. It raises over there in the Middle East per barrel and we get higher gas prices. Oh that's wrong that's just greedy people rising prices it has nothing to do with the price of the barrel. It's like a sick child going to school and getting other children sick. He changed now everyone else gets affected by his change. Though this change is very bad that is not always the case with changes.

It is possible that Obama being President will bring about a good change. It is fact that he will bring about change period. Because he is a different person than Bush and therefore he has different ideas so change is inevitable. But with his change of what the country will be like he will change everyone else. Whether it's good or not is a totally different story that will come in time.

The older I get, the faster I was. - Charles Barkley

This quote makes me laugh. People age the slower they become because their peak was years prior. This is just a humorous way of stating it. I laughed. You should laugh. Unless you've become so slow you are now in rewind compared to years prior.

You never caught him acting. - Frank Capra on James Stewart

That's a great testament on how well James Stewart's acting was. He was so good you didn't know that he was acting, you thought it was actually him. That's amazing. How many actors can you say that about today? Who would put their opinion on the line to actually state that about someone today? Such a great complement to James Stewart and there's no one that can truly disagree with this statement. It's that perfect.

It's a duty to say what should be heard, and a duty not to say what should not be heard. - Talmud

You need to state what people need to hear. That is important. No matter how painful it might be if it needs to be heard then you should say it. It's like on TV shows where they keep a secret for a long while and it ends up doing damage on a drama or causing hilarious moments on a comedy. But eventually the person that shouldn't know something ends up finding out. Best to mean to tell than allow them to accidentally find out.

Then there's the not say what should not be heard. People tend to think that whatever is on their mind should be said. That's a fool's idea of being truthful. One doesn't need to share everything that their mind creates because they have yet to think of the consequences of sharing it and then when the bad happens after the share they have the audacity to state they were only being truthful as if that affords them the right to have spoken so crassly.

These people's IQs can't be that high and if they do have high IQs then they are the stupidest smart people to exist.

Familiarity breeds content. - Anna Quindlen

Growing content is like being the back end of a dresser where spiders create webs and dead skin convert to dust. You sit there and accept what is going on because you are content with the familiar and sometimes that's good and sometimes that's bad. Bad is when you are abused and you have a change to alter the situation but don't because you would no longer be where it's familiar therefore causing you to go back to the hell because you're content with it.

Don't grow so lazy that you think what you have is what you deserve or what you get is what you will only get. You're in charge of your situation and if you think you need to get better stop making the same mundane choices and go out and make bold choices that will alter you life in the direction that will bring you change that will give you more meaning than you have now.

Random Thought Corner...

I watched Dune and it was alright. But what was in there was a suit that could convert sweat to water. That was so awesome. I was like...dude where is that today? That would be great for people that live in the desert. Something they'd have in case they were left stranded. Why hasn't the sweat drink suit been invented? Someone's just being lazy, that's all.