Monday, January 05, 2009

Abstain from Creation of Dark, Uncomfortable, Resentment's Word of the Day: Abstinent

You know what that means? Abstaining from self indulgence. Normally used in coloration with sex. You could use it with other addicting habits such as drinking, drugs, banana love and termite eating. There's lots of self-indulging things out there. There's even self-centered thinking, binge sadness and retroactive anger. It would be nice if certain drivers would abstain from many of their bad habits: ie. driving.

I decided to use this photo because it's ridiculous. I don't think calling it COOL virinity will actually make it cool. I could sit here and state that homeless people smell cool until I'm blue in the face and that's not going to make them smell like Cool Water. No. They smell like human flesh that hasn't had a shower X amount of days and if one factors in the heat they'll get even something worse buring up their nose hairs.

What happened on this day January 5 in 1982?

Arkansas judge rules against obligatory teaching of creation.

Obligatory means required, for those that have not had that as their word of the day yet. So Arkansas decided that it was not necessary to force one belief upon someone else's mental well being. That's great thinking.

Now if only they could do that with boring classes. Also they could do that with facts that become self important for no reason other then because people tend to want to waste lots of oxygen into carbon dioxide conversion in talking about it. And that would be Evolution. People profess how important it is. They fail to state why it's that important to the well being of us as a human race. I've never heard of how Evolution has saved someone from dying.

The knowledge of Evolution has not saved a single soul. Hope can sustain people through the Holocaust. Evolution discussion can sustain you in a state of great sleep. Nowhere near the same.

Chose that picture because I look at that and I think OMG that looks like something I can make by snaping my fingers randomly for five minutes. I bet you can make one too. Do it.


Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. - Mark Twain

This one is true on many levels. There are certain people that people just like and think they are so good and are amazed when someone else doesn't like them. Maybe they know something you do not about their dark side. Though it states that people don't know the dark side there are those times when such a dark side is explored by those brave enough to do so or those that accidentally end up seeing what they had not intend on seeing.

What happens is one of two things: either the finder of the dark side becomes grossed out as if they themselves don't have something to hide or they weigh what they know against how much they like the person and continue to like them none-the-less.

Are they worth knowing even though they have this shady side?

Chosen picture because no one has a picture of the dark side of the moon. If they did you couldn't really see it, now could you? Wow...look at that dark circle. That's boring. So I did something that's close to boring but not if you're a fan...I settled on a Pink Floyd cover.

The same objects appear pleasing or displeasing, as the circumstances in which we see them are comfortable or uncomfortable. - Fluke Greville

Our perspective alters with our mood. If we are in a cheerful mood and someone does something that's silly we could find it funny. If we are in an irritable mood and someone does the exact same thing we could find funny, we might then be so annoyed we yell at them. If we are in a sad mood and they do the same thing we could laugh, but only slightly. If we are in an angry mood and they do this we could scoff and shoot them in the face, cover the body with leaves and pretend that we didn't see them lying there even though we are inside and there are no real trees around.

If better were within, better would come out. - Thomas Fuller

It's a different version on trash goes in trash comes out mentality. I believe that if you are a good person your actions will prove it to be right. If you are a bad person your actions will show that. If you are a person that respects relationships, especially your own and others, flirting isn't something you claim is harmless. If you flirt and claim it's harmless then really you're lying to
yourself as well as to the person that is annoyed you're flirting and what is happening is trash (your self deceiving stupid thinking going in) is not only within but coming out every time a sick, disgusting sexual taunt flies out your mouth. Flirting is like being putting a worm on a hook and fishing. The only problem is when the person actually takes the bate what happens is you shred their insides because it was all a lie. Not only do you hurt them, you hurt yourself because what you thought was a joke wasn't. Being polite while talking bad about that person when they are not around is also sucking in trash. If someone is listening to you talk bad about someone you praise when the right people are around...all you're doing is harboring trash while spitting it out. Nice is different than good. You're not good if you can't say good things, but you can be nice if your are rotting inside.

Got this picture because look at that wad of paper he's tossing away. Guess what it will be when it comes out of the trash can? That's right. It's going to be a brand new car! Exciting.

It's stepping very low to get very high.
- Marquis Halifax (Politics)

You ahve to promise things you can't fullfill and so one group will eventually be mad or if you do it wrong; all groups will have something to be mad about. You eventually sell yourself in order to have the power which your heart desires. Is such a sacrafice worth it? We have a whole house, senate, President and his cabinent and judges, governors, mayors to prove that as true.

Suffering cleanses only when it's free of resentment. - Eric Hoffer

There is a character in Frost/Nixon that is so pissed at Nixon for no reason other than what he has heard about him and not from first hand experince or being at all affected by what Nixon had done. Maybe the war did affect him in some way or fashion but that was not what he was pissed about. He was pissed about an event that did not have anything to do with him as a person or even a citizen other than he just didn't like someone who wasn't in his party lying and taking money. That kind of resentment harbors illwill and hate that only eats the inside of a person and it ruins them more than it ruins the person they claim it is for. I can't even understand how that feels to have that much dislike for someone. It makes zero since to me.

I do not think everyone should like everyone, but I don't think that harboring such dislike is a wise decision or even one worthy of contemplating. You're giving too much energy to someone you claim not to like by continuingly disliking them.


I want to have a whole collection of vest. I like vest and if I had enough I think I would wear them often. But as of right now I only have one.
I pick this picture because the vest are cool. I like vest and I like people that like vest and I especially like people who make vest look cool. Sweater vest are not vest. Please look to Demitri Martin to explain why. Thanks.

You should read the story "Fleece as Black as Coal".

It has nothing to do with coal and everything to do with sheep. Hopefully coal dosen't bring up bad Christmas memories. Sorry if it does.