Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Candor in Motion Pictures for Everday People and Children with Apples and Amnesia

The word of the day is...

Candor - Honesty in giving one's view or opinion: frankness and sincerity. Fairness; impartiality.

May I speak candidly?

May I speak freely?

May I have the floor?

May I speak the truth?

Candor has the form of sincerity and impartiality. People who use it in a sentence before they drop a heavy load of hate on you. Meaning, if you are brave enough, you should inform them that they are using it inappropriately and that if they want to be a butthead just say, "I'm going to be a butthead" instead of lying about being candid. It's not that hard. I guess people like to think that speaking the truth allows them the leeway to be a jerk, but that's only in their own mind. Use the word right. Thanks.

On this day in 1894...
...motion picture experiment comedian Fred Ott filmed sneezing.

That's just gross.

The five quotes of the day!

Everyday people are straying away from the Church and going back to God. - Lenny Bruce

Good point there Lenny. The Church tends to be a place where animosity and apathy grow into acceptance and whatever. There are people that want to learn about God and what he wants from them than what the Church wants and how much.

It's also saying that the Church was never with God to begin with. That's kind of harsh but so is being a road block to people's chance at being close to God.

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never ailed to imitate them. - James Baldwin

"Do as I say not as I do" is not a phrase that children listen to. They watch and they copy. That's how it works. You want a good child you lead by example. A parent that doesn't lead by example is like a leader in a marching band sitting
down outside the band and telling them where to march on a mega phone. That would lead to animosity because then people will think it's that he is better than them and can't join them and they'll not listen to the orders being called because they too just want to sit and do nothing.

You want to be a good leader? Be as you are telling them to be and you'll get what it is you want from them.

You know, if you do as you want and they do as you say--you could be the exception to the rule. You could be the amazing difference. You could make millions by telling people how you did it. That way parents can have their cake and eat it too.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. - Apple Comptuer

The American Revolution was one of the first of its kind. Crazy idea. People were like this can't work. But those that were in the power position were daring enough to push for it and it worked. No one was suppose to want to have a personal computer, and yet we have 'em. There's so much that just wouldn't be without someone daring to believe it was possible. Like going to the mooon and walking on it. That couldn't happen. VHS was to ruin movie theater experinces. Different kinds of music would have never existed without someone thinking it sounded good..rap, rock and so forth.

Then there's Mashups. Those things are so creative. Someone had to sit down and think about how one song would sound cool if it had that beat behind it and then actually do it and make it sound good.

A nation that forgets its past can function no better than an individual with amneisa.
- David McCullough

America has so forgotten how it felt when it was taxed for no reason other than greed. We, the
citizens, make money to pay for things that we don't even need because people we surely don't need say it's a good idea.

Then there are countries that are bullying other countries when they should understand how one does not like to be bullied. Or a group of people within a country bullying another group even though they had a past with bullying. It's like an abused child going on abusing others without thinking about how it made them feel and understanding that they are committing people to the same sort of pain they didn't like themselves.

"I don't like this mean thing you're doing to me, but I think it's a great idea if I do it to someone else. How do you do it again?"

Majorities, the argument of fools, the strength of the weak. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes. People always bring up who has the majority without bringing up facts or things that back
up their line of thinking. Look at me I have a lot of idiots back me. OMG I must be right. Yes, yes you are right. Please allow me and my own thinking to bow to you and your whole wool thinking. You have the numbers and we all know that numbers mean right. Just like the American's were right, based on numbers, to have slaves. Germany was right, based on numbers, to rid themselves of Jews. Many adults that decide to enslave a few children are, of course, in the right because they have the numbers. Scientist who have a group are more right because of the numbers not because of facts. Heaven forbid scientist use facts instead of feeling and assumptions.

You have to have more than the majority to actually have a valid point. Just because you can beat up the oposition doesn't mean you are more right.

Random Thought Corner

I'm tired. I think that if we all were allowed to sleep at least 20 minutes after lunch this would solve one part of my problem.

The other part of the problem would be that I would get to sleep in a room at work that way I can have more time to sleep instead of wasting time driving to get to work. I hate driving. People drive slow and slow and then they stick together to drive slow in packs. It's like they can think of nothing more fun than driving right next to someone they apparently are really close to.

I want to teleport home. That would be a blast.