Monday, January 12, 2009

Hapless SS Ignorance Smaller Reveal to Learn Jurisdictional Retardedness's Word of the Day...
Hapless - Unlucky; unfortunate

There are a lot of hapless people, but that's because they self-perpetuate the problem. Their mind focuses on the negative things that happen and instead of thinking how they can get out falling into that problem again the next time they file away how they did it only to do it again and then say, "I told you this would happen." Then there are the hapless people that just have terrible situations in life but look at the bright side still. They try to make the best of their unfortunate situation. They are people to emulate because we will all have such situations in our lives no matter how comfortable a life we create.

On this day in 1949...
Dutch court affirms death sentence against SS Chief Hann's Rauter.

It is interesting to see who uses the death penalty in the past. I saw a movie that had three
people who just printed words on paper that were against the Nazis that were beheaded. Beheaded. I can't even imagine being in the same room as people thinking that's a great idea or those that actually preform the service. It's gross.

Certain people think that the death penalty is a bad thing. Their choice. But they tend to be from a country that has done it in the past and then they condemn America for having it in certain areas. America has had it for shorter period of time than those in Europe who has had such penalties for centuries before they decided it was wrong. They are trying to force a teen to grow up fast to do as everyone else does. But hose people got to do as they wanted for hundreds of years killing thousands of people because they wanted to and now they decided that it's wrong everyone must abide.

Sad way of thinking.

Five Quotes of the Day...

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge. - Daniel J. Boorstin

People who think they are well versed in topic just because they take it in class are the most
annoying people this world has to offer. They think that just because they have someone standnig in front of the class dictating to them what is and isn't about this topic that they (the students) have the uperhand and know more than anyone that has read or had experince on the subject.

They would be wrong to think that they know more just because they take the class with the title of the topic in it. The illusion of knowledge is something they perpetuate as well as enjoy showing off. Excited to speak on the topic but not so excited to state that they may be wrong.

The Smarter you are, the smaller your strike zone. - Anonymous

If yo uare smart and clever enough you'll be able to see things before they trip you up. You'll be able to realize what people are up to. You'll be able to escape being called stupid because the more you know and the more you grow in such a knowledg; the smaller and smaller this strike zone would become.

Hide what you have and reveal what you haven't. - J.F.C. Fuller -- "A Millitary History of the Western World.

Show those that you are in battle with things that they already know about and keep what they don't know hidden even better. I don't know. Maybe you are in a conversation with someone and they know something about you and you know they know, so to keep them from knowing what they don't you reveal what they already did know in such a way that it's a big deal. So that they feel special fro getting what you told them first from somewhere else.

This could keep them from digging because it seemed like it was a big secret, even when it was not.

Learn to teach yourself. - Anonymous (African-American)

It is a good idea to know how to teach yourself to do things so that when the time comes that someone can't show you to do something, like at a job, you'll be able to pick up a book or any other means of instruction and be able to pull it off. It'll help you in all kinds of things that could be time consuming if you waited for someone to help or helpful so that you don't have to be stranded somewhere on the side of the road.

No mistake is more common and more fatuous than appealing to logic in cases which are beyond her jurisdiction. - Samuel Butler

Fatuous meaning foolish, if you hadn't know. What would be beyond logic's jurisdiction? It would
be anything dealng with feeling movments like death, birth, weddings, love, a hurt child. A hurt child especially. You cannot tell a child in logical terms that things will be alright when they are hystarical. They won't have it. They don't care. Something happened to them and it hurts and they want you to solve their problem. And if you explain to them that their knee is scraped and hurts because the skin was shreded it won't bring them much comfort and they'll not want to talk to you for telling them the obvious.

Random Corner...

There are moments that people seem human and then they go off and they say something that is just retarded in a logical way. Like they try really hard not to be connected or concerned with people they once were by seeming detached in their well thought out logical way. It's the weak way of making things work and happen. Weak minded people can become disloyal and wishey-washy and shameful.

Watch out.