Monday, August 02, 2004

Bourne Black Second Time Around

So I went to the movies as I always do on Friday night and this time I went and saw The Bourne Supremacy being that I saw the first one. I wasn’t all excited for this movie but oh well I went anyway. At least I didn’t go by myself I had friends. I do have friends outside this internet world.

As always we went to Wal-Mart first to get something to snack on during the movie. I was looking at this candy and I pronounced wrong according to my friends. Therefore since I pronounced it wrong I announced how I wouldn’t buy it because I didn’t disserve to buy it.

I ended up buying chocolate cover raisins and funions or however they are spelt. And I needed something to drink so I wanted Pepis because I am so persuaded to buy their crap because of the billion dollars I “could” win. But no the stupid machine was broken. So I had to deal with drinking water. Which then one of my friends proceeds to talk about how they had a dream about the water and its pronunciation of it. Isn’t that nice? He is such an uber nerd that he has dreams about how things are pronounced. That’s wonderful.

We were meeting Churney there. She is black and though you may not find it necessary for me to have mentioned that I did so deal with it. Really there is a mild reason as to why I even bothered noticing and stating what color skin she possesses.

We go and sit down in the theater and Churney wanted to know when I was going to get up and get stuff so that I can be her nice little servant and get her something also. Though some may state this as smart because she didn’t have to get up I state that it is lazy. But I don’t say it out loud. There are times when things should be kept to one’s self in order to avoid any unwanted vocal statements and this was one of those times. Actually with her there are many times like that but during those times I rarely even care to take into consideration her reaction. So volcanic she is it really doesn’t matter what I say she would just explode or implode.

Anyway the movie previews start and after each one I crack jokes about how a black person wouldn’t do this or that. But then there comes a movie about a white couple that gets left in the middle of the ocean while shark diving. I state how there is no way that a black person would stay there. But the truth of the matter is there is no way a black person would even consider going shark diving. Or as Churney would put it they wouldn’t be stupid enough to do so. I would be forced to agree.

So was the movie good and worth the money and my time? I have to say Matt Damon is impressive with all of his own stunts. Bourne is being chased again but this time for something he didn’t do. He isn’t too happy because he thinks the CIA did something to him and so he is after them and they didn’t have anything to do with it.

There is a scene that is cool the one they showed in the preview of him stating he can see them through their window. That scene is cool. There really aren’t any cool lines or anything else I liked to state that was cool. But I have to say this character of his is very smart and knows what he is doing which is good because there is suppose to be a third one.

To me this movie is similar to the first one and that is how I liked it. I liked it as much as I liked the first one. I would state if you liked the first one you would like this one but then my brother went and saw it and had to ruin that statement for me. He didn’t like it as much as the first one and it is for the same reason I sort of found it irritating.

That is because the camera did a lot of bouncing around. It would swing this way and that. For the most part it looked like it was a handheld camera and that just looked like crap. It reminded me of Daredevil and how the action scenes were too close and the camera was flying all over without staying in a fixed area so I could enjoy the action.

But it does have a better ending than the first one. Or so I thought. I freakin’ hate the ending to the first one with the happy little beach ending. Bla. Not too cool for a spy movie to end in such a state. But this one ends much better and it isn’t so happy.

I didn’t think it was a grand thriller but I didn’t think it was a horrible thriller. I would have to give it a B just like I gave the first one because there really isn’t any reason to give it more or make me want to see it again.

Dork Lesson #6 – Not getting some kind of candy because you fail to pronounce it correctly is dorky. Or that is just lame. Telling your friend that is black the reason there is no black people in this trailer and that one is dorky. Not being excited to see a movie but seeing it just because you saw the first one is dorky. And posting this review even though it is crapy—which cannot be blamed on you when the movie itself wasn’t something worthy of putting great as a description of it—because you want to have more entries in your blog is such the way of the dork.