Friday, August 06, 2004

The Twisting Village & the White Castle

Movie day that was what it was last week when me and Dez went to go see movies. We were going to go and see The Village and White Castle with the two names I can say but cannot spell. Oh Henry is one name the other has 5 U’s or whatever. Anyway that was the plan. Considering we wanted to laugh second we decided to go and see the Village first.

But before we venture to see such a movie we needed the Wal-Mart. We had a good fifteen minutes and it was Sunday so we were not afraid of anything taking too long. It was salty day for me I got some beef jerky and water. Oh and that stuff they stick by the cashier I look at all the time. They stick that stuff there for people like me. I saw some Trident citrus gum and I had to get some. I was going to get something else but Dez told me to quit. So I did. She got the citrus too. See it works.

So we head to the theater and when we start to see the line we see there is a line. What in the world? It is freakin’ Sunday why is there a line? Well there was two lines and both lines only had one person doing tickets. Okay that explains some of it but what was up with the . . . . oh there was old people. Everything was explained then. It was hot and no wind and there was a line of ten people in front of us and our movie started in like 1 minute. Well then there is 15 minutes of previews. We ran through other possibilities of how we could see the movies we wanted but we just wanted to see the Village first. So we stuck with the idea.

Funny thing about old people they say some really stupid things. This old couple in front of us could barely walk. There soon were two people handing out tickets for our line and one was open and the old man said, “Open your eyes buddy” to the next person in line and proceeds to say how slow people are as he hobbles to catch up with his wife. Yeah okay buddy. Good one. You keep believing you are not a snail and I’m sure it will be so.

We get our tickets and head inside to our theater. We made it just in time for it was only the beginning credits. That was so cool. I was excited to see this movie. Being that I’ve seen all the director’s other movies and of them Signs being my favorite I was sure I would like this one.

So we had to find a seat. Well normal movies would have a bright screen shot and then I could see where we could go. The Village was not normal and therefore left us in the dark. Nice. I decided we should just sit in the row in front of us and I tried to see if there was anyone there and there wasn’t, until I went closer and a leg moved. It was freakin’ dark and I was laughing because I couldn’t see my own feet. We sit down and enjoy the entire movie.

I can’t get into what the entire movie is about because that would ruin the concept it was trying to hide in the trailers. I would like to say that the trailers are not deceptive, they are not trying to make you think it is scary it is just not enough to put into the trailer without giving away the plot. I liked the trailer because I like not knowing the entire movie upon seeing the trailers. So don’t think it is scary because it isn’t. It has moments that are but as a whole it is more of a thinking movie then an actually “scary movie”. You keep that in mind and you will be fine. Oh and if you didn’t like Signs you probably will not like this movie. It isn’t fast. It is slow. But the lines in this movie are so well done. I love that about this movie. The lines are so good. I love the scene that is between Ivey and Lucius on her porch. It was such a well done scene in the movie and one of my all time favorites.

Ivey is such a great character and is so well acted by the one that played her. Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of the director of the same last name, is Ivey. She is a special case and I will mention her only because I think the way she acted in this movie is warrant of some kind of award, even if it isn’t an Oscar. She was outstanding and I have yet to see anyone top that this year.

The ending may cause some sort of hate towards the movie but it was to my liking. Oh well to those who don’t like it you aren’t cool enough to. As for the “twist”, if you really believe there to be one, don’t be disappointed if you figure it out. It isn’t like you are some kind of genius or the Director/Writer was some kind of lameiod—it is because this time around it isn’t about the twist as much as it is about the reason.

Speaking of the Director he is in the movie and I will only say his reflection is caught and that is all I can say on that.

The Village gets and A+ from me because of the lines, the idea, the great acting, the great story and it is a smart film that only a few will find so.

The ending left me and Dez laughing because others would hate it. We both liked it. Anyway we didn’t have time to sit there and ponder it all the way through. We got up and headed for the next movie, White Castle. We noticed they had posted an employee who would be checking tickets on that side of the theater and if you didn’t have a ticket for that movie you couldn’t pass. I thought he wouldn’t care if we did but I wasn’t in a risk taking mood. Though we decided to stand outside the exit door and wait for someone to come out so we could go in. Did someone come out? No. We decided to go buy the tickets. Then a group came out the exit when we were already on our way to buy tickets. Mad? Yes I was. I told her the movie better not be on that side of the theater, and when we got our tickets it was. We get to the guy and he didn’t even bother looking at the tickets. Mad? No very upset that I was so stupid for not trying.

We are sitting there watching this movie. Laughing and laughing and waiting for more laughing when the power in the theater went out. The power came on and the film burned. A good ten minutes passed before it was up and running again. People were all about getting their money back. Whatever losers sit down shut up and watch the movie.

Though I was hoping it wouldn’t ruin my timing considering I was hoping to get home in time to watch ABC the Days because I really like that show a lot.

White Castle was funny. The pot smoking antics of two young minorities was a funny tail. Patrick Harris’ appearance was funny the movie was just good fun and I enjoyed it. Would I end up buying such a movie? No. But would I see it again? Yes because there were parts that made me laugh like the peeing in the forests. It was like a real life scene stolen from real life. Peeing in the forests and then someone comes and pees right next to you when there is all kinds of foliage for them to pee on. Then there are the dumb white extreme sports morons which added some laughs. “Come again.” Ha ha.

White Castle did make me want some White Castle. Yummy looking I was hungry. I give this movie a B+ it made me laugh and I wasn’t too mad at the false start and it was worth paying for so there.

When me and Dez left we saw there was no guy standing there. That made us even more angry at the fact there wasn’t and we paid for our tickets. But we were good that day we didn’t sneak anywhere we were not suppose to.

Dork Lesson #8 Being in a check out line and having the things like gum and stuff call your attention long enough that you start wanting all of what you see and then getting most of what you see is dorky. Deciding to sneak into the next movie and then end up having to pay for it anyway is dorky. Obsessing over the fact that you could have got away with it is dorky. Liking the Village ending and laughing because others will not is being very dorky. LOL.