Saturday, July 17, 2004

Wink, Wink, Sneeze!

Are Summer movies suppose to be some sort of revelation? I wouldn't think so. *Sneeze* I'm allergic to . . . well you know if you saw the movie.

I, Robot isn't some sort of highly evolved movie, like they claim the robots are. Whoever expects it to be such needs to check on how often they see movies during the summer and then ask themselves how dumb are they for thinking that. Their answer should be, "Very."

This movie was suppose to be fun and a little thought provoking but not all out intellectual. People expect too much from Summer.  If they wanted this movie to make some sort of point they would have made a boring documentary.

Acting was good. There is some good one liners in it. I like the one scene at the end of the movie that has the two main characters battling the robots. That scene was awesome because of the camera work. If that failed to make you amazed then just never go to the movies again becuase you will never be amazed. It was awesome because I'm afraid of heightsand it had my palms sweating from the spinning of the camera and the height.

The idea behind I, Robot isn't new because it has been done countless times. I can't say there is a movie that has been made that hasn't already been discussed one way or another by a previous movie. That's too much to ask of every movie and expecially a summer one.

If you decide to go see this movie don't set your expectations too high and I assure you, you will not have anything to cry about. It isn't a torture session. If you happen to figure out the ending that's nice. Who couldn't? I would be worried if you saw it and didn't fgure it out.

I, Robot was a good popcorn film. It entertained me as it should have and I would see it again should I chose to or I might even buy it. *Wink* A- because it is what I expect out of a Summer movie. No need to think just sit back and enjoy.

So what is dorky lesson #2? Sweaty palms. When watching a movie and your palms start sweating at the mere fake height in which the actors are fighting and jumping about makes you a dork. And if you are reading this and the mere thought is causing you to sweat, or you are typing and your palms are sweating because you are typing abut being high you are a dork.


I love the part of the movie where the girl says, "Was that suppose to be funny?"

And Will's character saying after he sneezed, "I'm allergic to B.S." Great stuff.