Monday, July 12, 2004

Welcome one and all to the land of Dork!

My first blog how interesting it will get. Dork will explain everything that is ever found in this blog. There will be things only dorks will get. What is a dork? That is sort of what I will be investigating while doing this blog. There are things I have yet to find out about myself that would explain that better than a dictionary definition.

So that is one of the things that will be figured out during my time on this. What is a dork. I suppose I can state at the end of each entry what made that entry a dork and at the end of several entries I will have a list of what makes a dork. Some sort of list that will be incomplete because there is more to come. I’m liking this idea. See that is dorky—coming up with something that wasn’t thought out before. See I’m typing this out without having some sort of outline. That could be seen as lame but hey I see it as dorky so that is all that matters.

What will be here other than dorky stuff? That is hard to tell. I am thinking that there will be cool stuff because dorky I may be but cool is first and foremost. I am into giving my opinion and I guess that is what I’ll be doing. I could write what I saw this past weekend and write about it or go off about dumb people on the road. But all this will be done in dork style. It may be odd to you but to the natural dork it will be the common language that bonds us together. For when we find each other over the internet or in person we become bonded with this special link. We are dorks.

One dork to find them and several to bind them but only one dork can rule them all and I will prove to you why I’m the king of such dorks. Welcome to my blog and may your stay not only be entertaining but may you feel dorkier once you leave. Otherwise I have failed.