Monday, July 12, 2004

King of the Round Table

I saw Arthur this weekend. Normally someone would give you the name of the actors and yada, yada, yada but I’m not. I don’t feel like being like everyone else. They tell you what else they played in and do all that research. Please that’s lazy. I’m not going to allow my readers to get lazy. Do you want to know who is in this movie and what other movie they are in it is best you take yourself to Yahoo! and use them to figure all that lovely stuff. I’m just going to tell you what I thought about the movie. If I so happen to like the actor enough I may give them mention but otherwise no free shout outs from me.

It was an interesting retelling of an old tail. Stating that Arthur was around during Roman times is fascinating. They were called knights but they didn’t dress like knights. They did have a round table which I really liked. I would love to have a table like that. That would be so awesome. If it was made of wood it would make it better. Cause if it was plastic I would find it not cool. Wood is better.

The acting was good. Nothing to scream Oscar about and nothing to complain about. I did like this one scene where the knights horses were acting up and they all looked at one another and without one single word they all agreed to do something. That was the best scene in the entire movie. I loved it because they didn’t say one word but I knew what they were all thinking. It was better than all the fight scenes because it had feeling without having it over the top. Well done.

Speaking of the action I think it was done just fine. It isn’t something that I would say was remarkable but there are a couple of cool shots during the fighting. They don’t disappoint too much with that. Though I wouldn’t say it is worth the admission if you chose to see it based on that. It is more of a story with action then action with story.

The story was good it had some touching moments that I liked. Should I share them it wouldn’t be a nice little dramatic surprise so I will not be doing that. The lines were decent. They had a couple of one liners that were good. It had me laughing and thinking and a one or two times I did feel sad enough to shed a tear had I not been surround by people I don’t like sharing my tear with. These people being people I would never see again though I don’t share with people I never see again that easily. They are hard to share with because they may think I’m weird for doing that near them. Sniffing my snot in their ear may not want them to ever sit next to me again should I be in the same theater with them in the future.

So Arthur was a good movie. I’d give it a B+ from beginning to end. I wouldn’t be seeing it again in the theater but I might see it again should someone rent it. Do I recommend people to see it? They don’t have to see it but I don’t think it is something that will kill you should one of your friend suggest it as a movie to see one night. Just so you know it is long and you may doze off during it if you don’t like long movies.

Dork lesson number 1# you should be afraid to share so much emotion in front of people you will never see again because that way you look like you are being a tough guy but you are really just not comfortable with yourself enough to allow tears and snot to flow freely enough that there is a remote possibility it might hit the person next to you. That and having a tear try and push its way out during a movie about knights. That is dorky.