Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Reality Tuesday

I will be writing about my Tuesday ritual in which I watch three shows in a row.  I may or may not do this every week.  I have yet to decide if that is worth my time or not.  But I guess I may.  No matter I’ll just do this one and see what occurs next week.  It all depends on if I’m in the mood.
I watch Big Brother 5, Amazing Race 4 (I believe) and then nip/tuck.  Each show is good and each one was entertaining on Tuesday.  So I’ll start with the first one and work my way down.
Big Brother 5 is getting interesting because of the Four Horsemen.  They have stirred up.  Up for leaving that stupid house full of dumb girls was Holly and Lori.  Well Lori decided she wanted to go.  Twin woman told her that she needed to stay.  (I chose to remember whoever’s name is worthy of remembering.  The twins might get the boot so I refuse to learn their names until they are worthy.  They are too wishy-washy to be such. )  Will and other morons (girls) decided they would do some sort of opporation, which by the way isn’t worth mentioning because the name SUCKED!!  Their idea was stupid and of course it failed.  One of those morons went up to Jase (after he won veto power) and told him that they all decided to vote out Lori because she wanted to go.  Funny thing is that Jase saw through that plan and used the Veto to put up stupid mocking blond woman.  Ha ha ha.  Losers.
The girls should have kept their alliance secret until it was right to tell.  Oh well.  Losers now have two of their own up there.  Marvin was mad that one of his picks got vetoed and Holly is staying.  Wawa Marv you are only here because the 4 decided you are worthy.  Not for long though. 
Diane got all terry eyed because Scott called her “Trailer Trash”.  So much for tough girl she caved in and cried.  Wa wa wa.  Loser.  She started the name calling and then starts to cry because she can’t take it.  No matter she’ll be gone soon enough.  I predict Lori to be the one to go because of her money hungry self.
When Will talks it sounds like he needs to swallow.  So freakin’ nasty.  I wish he would shut it he isn’t smart enough.  And he was all, “We have to win HOH!”  Thanks for that point of interest.  Duh!  But they are so mad they can’t see straight therefore they will not win.  Oh well no sadness from me for that stupid alliance.
Funny is Michael’s sister (who by the way isn’t important enough to have her name remembered either) get all mighty on the fact that she isn’t getting the info.  Well she hasn’t proven worthy enough to get all the info because she has yet to do anything to prove her self.  I wouldn’t shed a tear if she got out.  Oh well.
Scott thinks he is controlling everything and his inability to notice that Jase is ruling the roost is sooooooo funny.  Michael is a pleaser so he won’t make it.  But Drew is friends with everyone in that house.  I see him making it all the way to the end.
Oh and the Twin girls need to notice that the guys are their best bet if they wanna live to see their other half in that house.  Otherwise they will appear and disappear just as quick because they will be picked off by the amazing four.
Next on the list is the Amazing Race.  It is important to note that the rule that I stated about remembering names works here.
Don’t like the Midget woman at all and her stupid cousin.  Though what they did to the brothers was funny on how they got in line before them.  But her constantly saying no one is helping them and that that is why they are not helping anyone else is stupid.  Lame.  I wish they would just go away and lose.  They can’t read a map and neither of them can speak Spanish. 
The models pulled a fast one on them and they are becoming my favorite team because of the way they are playing.  They were following the cousins and notice they went the wrong way and then we they caught up to them later told them that they did wait for them but they never came.  Stupid cousins bought it.  Losers.
The mothers are very entertaining with their laughing all the way.  The married couple is irritating and if they go oh well.  The twins are fun to watch swimming instead of crossing the shallow area.
The father/daughter team got off on the wrong foot and could never catch up and therefore lost.  But they almost caught up to the brothers.  The brothers got passed by four teams because they couldn’t find the white inside of a chocolate.  It was funny and gross.
I think the Models have the best chance of winning I am rooting for them.  They work well together and they have yet to argue with one another.  That would go for the Mothers too.  They are fun to watch.
Nip/Tuck is a good show.  It was good because there was no butt shots that night.  Though I go through my hate of Christian and then like quite fast through that one episode.  I mean it is all cool that he found someone to love but then when he lost the child he lashed out at his best friend and then asked for his wife to come over to comfort him.  I think that was lame.  Come on get your own comfort that isn’t someone else’s wife.
McNamar’s son thought his dad wasn’t up to being brave.  Well that changed when he got into an accident because he started showing that he wasn’t scared of dying.  Until he went diving for Sharks with his son and realize that he didn’t want a shark to take his son and changed his mind.  Good thing because he saved a life and his son saw.
Christian cried about losing Wilber, who they renamed Gabriel, and he stated something to Wilber he said, “Remember me.” That was so touching and that was a moment I liked him.  But then he turned around and did something self centered and again I hated him.  Though he did find out that he was Matt’s real dad.  She is such a stupid woman who had to have slept with Christian on her wedding day.  Plus she is a sucky wife at the moment.  So not suportive.
Lesson #4 – Having a TV show give you a moment of sadness by the phrase “Remember me” from a damaged character is some what dorky.  And then hating the same person in a split second, a little more dorky.  Watching Big Brother and wishing the down fall of the stupid girls plus enjoying Jase’s cocky “know everythiness” is past dorky.  But getting excited over Amazing Race and laughing and screaming at the TV is dorky.  So in reality watching two reality shows in a row and then watching a drama about plastic surgery is major dorkaramaness.  Good evening Tuesday.