Saturday, September 25, 2004

Forgotten Daughter

So today—which would mean Saturday the 25th—me and Dez went to the movies. First I had a major binge on my X-Men game and then I wet to eat with Dez at a Chinese buffet place. It was good. We then went to Kroger’s so that I could fine me some mustard covered pretzels that I really crave. All they had was crappy honey mustard and I really didn’t want that. So I made us drive to the Wal-Mart to look. They had the same kind and not the kind I wanted. Under duress, which was caused by Dez, I decided to get those crappy pretzels and she got some cheese popcorn.

In the car I ate some and they made me want to wish never to eat that nastiness ever again. I freakin hated them. They tasted like something that shouldn’t be eaten by the likes of me. So I traded with Dez. That was good but I would have rather have my idea of good mustard pretzels then that crap.

We get to the movie theater and she had our big bags of stuff hidden in her sweater and it was making all kinds of noise. So she decided to stand off to the side as I bought the tickets. The movie was about to start because our fifteen minute buffer of previews was almost over. I was second in line behind this old woman. This is why old people suck. They just go to the movie and wing it. Well while they are wing it I have to sit there and wait for this old couple, her man came up next to her, to decided if they want to see this movie or that movie. I knew what I wanted to see and she couldn’t make up her old fading memory brain. I cannot stand that.

Any way we get into the theater and we sit down and we are about to watch The Forgotten. This movie has the very pretty red head Julian Moore, who happens to be my next choice should Sandra Bullock turn me down. It is rare that I like older women but those would be the major two that are competing, in my imagination, to get me. I wanted to see this movie from the previews we have been seeing it since summer. I had no idea I would end up liking it as much as I did. I can’t really say what it is about other then that it deals with a child that the mother lost and then people start telling her she never had a child. That is as much as I can say without ruining the movie. I was wondering how they were going to make it interesting because it had a great possibility to be a boring movie about a weird but fascinating topic. But the movie handled that very well. It has a few surprises that might make one jump because it occurs so abruptly. There is one scene in that movie that is in most movies but what occurs during the shot isn’t what the shot conveyed would happen. I mean it was shot similar to what movies do but what occurred wasn’t what the shot was leading to believe would happen. It was a great surprise and I really liked it. This movie had me. I love to be had. I like to not be able to figure it all out until the characters figure it out. I like that feeling of not knowing it allows me to enjoy the movie. I would see this movie again with people that have not seen it. I would also love to buy it because it is a great movie, to me that is. I would give this movie an A-.

During that movie we had three girls that sat behind us. And one of them would freak out during the movie because of what happened. She said, loud enough for me and Dez to hear, that it was scary and funny but scary first. Every time it occurred she would sound scared and then she would laugh. I can’t say exactly what she said because it would ruin the movie but it was mildly entertaining to hear that.

Then I had to piss and Dez went to get us a drink. Then we headed to the next movie which was First Daughter. This was the movie that was suppose to go up against Mandy Moore’s Chasing Liberty, but they decided to push it all the way until now. It is funny that they came up with very similar ideas. It was very similar to almost to the end. The endings to these movies are different. I like Katie Holmes and I like her in this movie but the movie itself was lacking. It was decent it just was missing something that Chasing Liberty had a little more of. They both have unique Secret Service men and they both had over protective fathers, but they were both different on the way the movie felt. First Daughter wasn’t a movie that I would really want to see again. I think I know what it was lacking—it lacks heart. It didn’t have enough of it and it didn’t have the humor either. And I really didn’t like the ending. It was abrupt and it didn’t tie things together. I didn’t like the clothes that were worn in the movie it was not great ideas. What is it that I liked about the movie? I have no idea what it is that I liked about the movie other then the guy in the movie reminded me of someone and I thought that was funny. I just kept thinking about the Forgotten while I was watching this movie. I give First Daughter a C+. It had nice effort but it didn’t give enough for me to really want to care and it brought nothing new to the idea of such a movie.

Me and Dez spent a nice day at the movies and when we walk out it is nice and dark and we head to the car. We hear this truck that is playing this song. It sounds really familiar but I couldn’t remember what it was until it go to the chorus which was “Were men in tights” and I started to laugh. These girls were blasting it and they were laughing and getting a kick out of people’s reactions. I thought it was funny.

Dork Lesson #14—It is dorky that I still haven’t made that list. It is also Dorky that I had fruit at the Chinese restraint and the Cantaloupe was freakin hard. Hellooooooo do we have to have hard cantaloupe? No. It would have been nice if it was nice and juicy the way I like it. Shut up with the nasty thoughts. It is dorky how we got our big bags of pretzels and popcorn into the theater. It is freakin hot outside and Dez is bring in a sweater to hide our crap. I know that should have looked odd but in the name of dorkiness everywhere it had to be done. Until next time dorksters good day.