Saturday, September 25, 2004

3 In a Row Tic Tac Toe

So I had major movie withdraw and had to go see movies last weekend the 17th and 18th. I saw three movies. It was a big day. I had to go by myself. I went and saw Mr. 3000, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. There was one from each genre; almost, comedy then action and then horror.

So I’ll start with Mr. 3000. This would be the comedy. Of course it was funny because Bernie Mac is a funny guy. If you don’t like Bernie then you wouldn’t like this movie. It is that simple. Bernie is a funny man and he does not have that lacking in this film. The film has my home team the Astros, but no one I would recognize. Through the movie it was hard to be upset at them, even if they were made to be the “evil” team. It had a decent heart for the movie but it was nothing spectacular for me. It was funny and it had great moments, plus the ending was the best part, but there was something lacking—something missing from that film. I believe the problem lays in the fact that it didn’t have very good character development and so caring for anyone outside of Bernie was difficult to muster up. I would watch it again but there is no way I would see it in the theater again. There is no way I would buy this movie. With that in mind I would give this movie a B.

The next movie was Sky Captain and that movie had already started. So I missed some of the beginning, but as I watched it I don’t think it really mattered if I did. They had a great cast. There was great chemistry occurring between all the characters. The visuals were very amazing for what they did. I was astonished but got over it rather quickly. AJ was very hot in this movie. Her commanding demeanor was most attractive. The script was anything but great. I felt that it was slow witted and boring. It had its moments, but nothing astounding. There was a couple of interesting punches and one cleaver running gag that did almost make it worth it. I have to say, again, it was amazing with visual grandeur but nothing that would make me want to rave about it or buy it. I wouldn’t really want to sit through it again. So 2 shots and a lens cap latter I give it a B-.

I walk out of that movie feeling a little let down but I’ll live. I have a some major time to sit around and try not to be asked what I am still doing at the movie theater. So I sit on one of the benches and I am writing what I think about the two movies I saw. I am waiting for the movie to be seated for Resident Evil. There was this young boy and his friend walking by and they see this movie called Paparazzi and said Pizzeria. I can so see how he even thought that. This is why reading is very important children. Very. I did write down the name of my blog’s web address on several sheets of ripped up paper and I laid one down. I was doing some very odd advertising. Odd because one I didn’t do it again and two I just left it there. I am weird and yet I don’t care.

I was about to go into the theater to sit down when I saw that the manager was in there looking at something. I decided that he might be looking for tickets from people. But that is weird so I changed my mind and thought he was looking for Id’s to make sure people were of the right age to be in there. That was more reasonable then what I was thinking. I fixed it out. I am going to fight this paranoia thing until it is none existent. I am going to do it and it will not win me over. Don’t worry I am okay.

Resident Evil was something I really wanted to see because I really did like the first one. This one was different from the first one. It was decent but I really didn’t like it as much as the first one. But I am not upset I spent money to see it (if you see it that way). It had moments where it was good. The one thing it really didn’t have was the laser scene that the first one had. The one where the lasers chopped people up, even after the guy dodged several of them. That sucked big time but it was still cool. Though this one had a great ending that was almost like the beginning of a third movie. So it was the end of the second movie but felt like the beginning of a third. I really liked the end of that movie a lot. It was just as weird as I like and made watching that movie very entertaining. I find it funny that they don’t call them Zombies. They say something about dead coming back to life for some odd regenerating reason that I am to board to even begin to figure out. I would buy the first one and with that I would almost have to buy the second one. I would buy the second one mainly for the ending. The ending was just good. It was “Wow” for me. I give this movie a B.

I felt really relaxed after all of these movies. Ah I did forget to mention that I drank too much during one of the first two movies and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I had to piss so bad. BAD. I did manage not to piss in my pants. It was a remarkable feat considering how bad I had to piss.

As I was waiting to see Resident Evil I heard the teenagers doing the cleaning talking about how easy one side of the theater was then the other. I decided that would be the best job in the theater to be the people that clean up. You wouldn’t have to deal with stupid lame people at the concession stand or the ticket counter. You would just get to clean up the crap instead of talk to it.

So it is time for the dork lesson number #12. Ooooooh it is the bad luck number. So lame. I still have not fulfilled my promise of doing the list that I stated I would do. It is very dorky to write the web address to my blog on torn up pieces of paper and then lay only one out of four out. Which it probably didn’t even get into anyone’s hands other than the hands of someone throwing it away. That is okay because I’ll think of something better to do to advertise my great self. *rolls eyes* I do have to add that it is major dorky to go see three movies in a row and then say one is relaxed. But it is very true I am more relaxed after seeing a movie by myself. It is my haven from things that are trying to ruin what is left of my world.