Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ace Love

On that Sunday after my three movie splurge I went and saw Wimbledon with Dez. That was the movie that she decided to see on Saturday so that was the one that I did not see.

That movie was good. Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst were so intoned with each other in this movie. And because of that it made it much better then I thought it was going to be. Much better. I didn’t expect to really like this movie as much as I did. It was simple Paul was a tennis player who was about to retire and Kirsten was a tennis player making a great name for her self and set to win Wimbledon, unlike Paul who would be happy to win once. It had a lot of heart and a great script. It also had characters that were 3d instead of the 2 dimensional crap that I’ve been seeing lately. I have to say that the ending to that movie was very good because it was so intense. The camera angles that they had throughout the movie were fantastic. They made an over done genera into something that was well done. Comedy Romance movies lack sometimes because they are done so often and rehash the same things in the same way. Wimbledon is a Comedy Romance but it doesn’t rehash what has been done before. It has similar aspects but spins them into a very creative movie that stands out instead of camouflages itself into what already exists out there. I love the ending to that movie. It was so well done and it was amazing at how intense it made me feel. I want to watch it again. There was a guy in that movie that was young tennis player that was a real jerk. I just hope that wasn’t some sort of copy of a real young tennis player such as Andy Roddick, because that would make me upset for thinking he was cool. Grrrr if it is true.

Dork Lesson #13—For one I have yet to make my list of dork lessons like I stated to begin with. That seems to be a running gag. It is dorky of me to make a whole ‘nother post into my blog when this one could have fit in with the previous one. It is also dorky that I’d rather have this one separate so that the name for the other blog post wouldn’t be a lie. Yeah I am beyond dorky and that is why this blog is soooooooooo cool.