Thursday, February 05, 2009

Virtuoso Revolt Wisdom of the Highest Believed Experienced Ignorance at the Oscars

This one is for Wednesday February 4, 2009. I liked it and failed to do it because I was super busy. But now I have time.

I have been counting the days of Obama has been in office. It most likely doesn't match the national number, but I don't care. The 20th can't count for all he did was party. So yesterday was day 15 in Obamanation.'s Word of the Day...
Virtuoso - A person skilled in techniques of an art.

My best friend is a virtuoso when it comes to drawing. My other friend is a virtuoso in memory and singing. I am a virtuoso in writing. However, for me stating that isn't about being better than anyone, more like being able to handle it and do it well.

I do know people that think they are a virtuoso in psychology just because they take a class in it. I dislike people who think that just because they took a class they are smarter in that subject than anyone else who speaks on it who has not taken the class. Especially psychology students. They are virtuosos in ego and lack of humility as well as obnoxious; if any of those are considered art. You know how stupid some art fields are with the idea of subjectivity.

I would like to use a psychology book to hit those psychology students in the head so hard that it would cause bruising and then they can be a know it all in bruises and how they form.

On this day in 1899...
...Revolt against US occupation of Philippines.

Nothing like repeating your own dark history with someone else. It's beyond smart.

The Five Quotes of the Day...

Wisdom knows the proper limits of things. - Seneca the Younger

Limits are what humans have. ALL humans are set up with limits to what they can and cannot do. Some people try really hard not to show their weaknesses because that would be showing what? That they are human. What are they trying to be by not mentioning their faults? Perfect? Is there such a thing as a perfect human?

Also limits in what you know about certain topics. What topics are you limited it; be it because you don't know enough or that you are sure it's false? It's good to know and act accordingly. It's good not to pretend to know something when you do not. It's foolish to do so not smart.

Once you know the limits then you can figure out how you're going to work them in your favor to expound your prowess.

The highest duty and the highest proof of wisdom - that deed and word should be in accord. - Seneca the Younger

Let what you state be how you live. People take those that live according to their words more trustworthy and honest than those that live by the "do as I say not as I do" approach. It doesn't matter if you are a mean person who states what is on their mind as long as what you do and say are how you live. People accept that when the two are aligned. If the two are off and not close to one another then those that are your friends or those that you work with will find dealing with you obnoxious. That's not a goal for anyone.

It's a difficult task to keep even throughout life, but it's needed to gain friends and to keep them.

Many men would arrive at wisdom had they not believed themselves to have arrived there already. - Seneca the Younger

You can't think that you are wise and still learn. You can, however, think that you are acquiring wisdom by what you hear, see and experience. Declaring yourself wise will only make it difficult to learn along the way. Because you can learn from anyone no matter their age. A 50 year old can learn from a 2 year old. A 12 year old can learn from a 35 year old. A 16 year old can learn from an 11 year old. A 20 year old can learn from a 15 year old. A 22 year old can learn from a 65 year old. Learning has no barrier. There's no limit to who can teach and who can learn. The only time there is - is when it's placed there by yourself.

We are wise by other people's experience. - Samuel Richardson

There are certain people that think that the only way they can become wise is through their own experience not through other's. I think that we gain wisdom not only from other people's experiences but movies or radio or books can enlighten us on what could become a problem if this is chosen or that or what to expect if we decide to go through and do something. Someone might have done one of the choices we have to decide and their story will give us insight on how that worked out for them. Yes it is true that it may not work out the same for us as it did for them, however, it will give us a general idea of what to expect should we choose that line of action.

To be conscious of one's ignorance is the beginning of wisdom. - N. Sri Ram

Knowing what we do not know is a good way of knowing what we need to pay closer attention to so we understand it better.No one on this planet knows everything and everyone is surely ignorant of something. But we get to decide what we want to learn. We should keep an open mind on learning. We should not keep too much of an open mind where we become gullible or easily bamboozled by other people's wayward thinking.

Random thought of the day...

I am going to get a big tax return back and that's exciting. I was thinking of what it was I was going to do with that money. I suppose saving it would be a good idea. I do need new jeans and such. I am going to get those. This is a boring random thought.

That's because I didn't have time to do this is a filler random thought. Apparently filling in a random thought makes it boring. That sucks. I hate fillers. Ooh I always thought that it would be cool to be the person that sat in the empty seat that a star left like at the Oscars, just to make the audience always seem full. But it would just suck to have to move when they return from having sex in the bathroom.

I wonder how many stars had sex at the Oscars...would that be considered thrilling? I think so.

/random thought.