Thursday, February 05, 2009

Unwitting USSR Mediocre Persons Stronger Orthodoxy Pacifisim Story

Obamanation Day 16's Word of the Day...
Unwitting - Not knowing; unaware; unintentional

He did that unwittingly. I think such a term would be something that could be attached to former President Bush. I think he did and accomplished a lot of things unwittingly. What I don't understand is how people who state he's stupid think he is the Lone Ranger when it comes to the bad decisions and when it comes to the good ones that he had help. It's some form of retarded ignorance that is only justifiable via hate and dislike and that type of stuff rots the heart. They not only did that wittingly they did it for the pure reason of destroying someone's reputation.

I get blaming someone for something that they did. I don't get being mad because someone isn't saying sorry for something they did not do. Even if Bush said sorry it wouldn't matter because people who are pissed want to be pissed and wouldn't alter their thinking if he died. They'd still talk ill of him. When one cannot find justice or give justice it's because they have a black heart and there's something seriously wrong with them.

On this day in 1918...
Separation of Church & State begins in USSR.

This is something that tends to create more trouble than it's actually worth. And gives an ego boost to those that already had a huge ego to begin with. It's a stupid law that no one follows and those that are obsessive and hateful nit pick even when it's followed to the tee.

The Five Quotes of the day...

Only a mediocre person is always at his best. - W. Somerset Maugham

If you are always at your best you're not growing as a person. It's a clever play on what parents tell their children: Be on your best behavior. No one wants to be boring, but there are those that just are and I'm sure all of us know those people. Being interesting is available for anyone and more so for those that take the chance to listen to other people when they speak. Always dominating the conversation will make you start sounding boring. Listening can cause one to be more interesting because of the interest they are showing.

Mediocre minds are always jealous and inclined to surround themselves with persons of little ability. - Henri De Jomini

This reminds of of Corinne from this past Survivor. She was angry and jealous. There was no doubt that she was jealous. She had to surround her self with persons who she confided to little ability. She stifles people and does not allow them to be who they are. She mocks others and expects those that are listening to agree and think the same thing. This is horrible and ruins that greatness of people like Charlie. Corinne is the social devil that is corrosive (notice how her name share some letters with that word) to anyone that comes near her or thinks her worthy of being a friend. Because if you ever disagree with her she will treat you as she mocks others and if that's okay with you then you need to get your head checked.

Soft is stronger than hard, water than rock, love than violence. - Hermann Hesse

It is true that people who are soft in their approach are stronger than those that have a hard out look on life. Those that are "hard" tend to be more sensitive. This would be proved by Corinne. She was a 'hard' person and she was very sensitive to what was going on more so than her suggestion of Sugar being that way. Water tends to wear away at rocks more than rocks against water. It might take time, but it is possible to wear 'em down. Violence doesn't change much opinions that the opposition have. Love, on the other hand, has the power to turn the most dangerous person into putty. It might take a while, but it is possible and it can happen and it has.

Orthodoxy: A corps that does not know it is dead. - Elbert Hubbard

More like a robot that goes through the motions pretending they do so through their own free will more than because they allow a group to have controlling interest in their doings. This would be like pot followers. They do so more for the greater cause of the group than because it's actually something they believe and it's kind of sad. Most of these people are smart to have a single thought that is their own. But for some reason when they smoke they turn into the collective mind like the Borg and go about trying to assimilate others.

It's scary.

Pacifism means letting the non-pacifists have control.
- Oswald Spengler

It is true that if you don't engage you allow others to control. The only issue here is if that bothers you or not? Some people see the future in a different way than others. If they have some form of hope then being a pacifist, instead of engaging, might be how they believe they'll make it to such a hope. This is much better than apathy, because the pacifist actually cares that there's a problem they just don't think violence is the answer.

I like this quote mainly because it's so like the sun is hot. It's apparent. It's simple. That makes it funny and oddly profound.

Random Corner....Thought...Whatever...

I was thinking of this story that I want to write. It's going to be like a webisode but for writing. It think it could actually be a really witty show if it were made. I have to work out the logistics of it all, but I really think I got something. This is just like that something I thought I had with "Fleece as Black as Coal" and I still believe that, but nothing has come of it so far. I still have faith in that story. It's one my favorites I've written. It has so much hidden meaning that if someone were to actually pick up on everything that I had laced the story with, they'd tire their brain out.