Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Presidential Candidates for Marvel Fans

Just a little fun with similarities.

Ted Cruz as Cyclops (from the tail end of 198 arc to present). He fights for a dying group...for a group targeted by the government. Hated by anyone not part of his group and not so well liked within it, he fights for principles against all odds. Sometimes using means that confuse people as to where he stands, but when the dust settles he is still standing on the principles he promised to fight for.

Donald Trump as Norman Osborn who started off as a ruthless, intellegent, clever business man turned villain, turned hero. He gained popularity by flipping a 180. People believe a green goblin cares about them. Or he's Sebastian Shaw cocky, ruthless and factually driven. The more you hit him, the stronger he gets only to be defeated by his own hand.

Marco Rubio as Wolverine (placating kinder one after schism). He clawed his way to his seat on the Senate and retracted the claws to show he is a compromiser and works with anyone. Well liked, well respected, and the guy you want on your side to fight. Don't sweat the small stuff. But when the big bad guys come to play, the claws will snikt (!) anyone blocking his path to his goal.

Hillary Clinton as The Scarlet Witch. Her chaos magic wrecks havoc in her favor. She whispers no more Conservatives. No more emails. Nothing to see about Benghazi. She's protected from her damaging past by her elite and publicly loved "American" team. No one is allowed to point out her mistakes, because, gosh darn it, it's not her fault.

Bernie Sanders as Moon Knight. He fights for vengeance of those who cannot. His past pushes him to save the helpless. And he's whacky. So whacky.

Jeb Bush as Quicksilver. He's angry he's not respected more for all the good he's accomplished as a hero.  He's the best hero. Just look at his family. Duh!

Ben Carson as The Beast. He's genius, kind, well thought out, but his good intentions pave a road to hell in which he never intended bringing anyone toward. Mucking up the past to fix the future.

Rand Paul as Hank Pym. He's a pacifist in some sense and wants America to mind its own business as well as the government to stay out of yours. Smarter than anyone in the room, though he can't sit and do nothing and therefore is forced to fight to get the attention necessary to speak his mind in what needs to be done.

Chris Christie as Iron Man in the Hulkbuster. Witty, brutally honest, and oddly charming. Ready to fight the big battle with the mean green guy. Unfortunately weed is so well loved. During a Civil war in his part he thought itwise to shake the hand of the government that looked down on those he claimed to be friends with.

John Kasich as the Vulture. Genius in his own business or in this case being governor,  but upon doing anything outside of such he sucks the life out of everything in hopes of becoming less obnoxious, more relevant, and stronger.

Martin O'Malley as a Angel. The recent nutcase one. Because he's good looking and everyone sees him as irrelevant despite him seeing far more of what's going on than most.