Thursday, November 25, 2004

No Movie and a Dinner

Saturday was very entertaining. I would like to say only me and Dez go through such oddness. So let me share my wonderful odd day.

I woke up at 6:20 in the am. Why the hell would I get up so early in the morning? Work. Why would I work on a Saturday? Why? Don’t I have a party happening on this day all day long? No. Don’t I need to rest from the party on Friday? No. I am going to work this early in the morning because I don’t have vacation time so I gotta work off my time off I’m taking to go on a cruise. Where? I am going somewhere where they have islands

So I get to work by 7. Guess what? I did not have to be there until 7:30. Sucks. I could have squeezed out 30 more minutes of sleep. But noooooooooooooooo I had to get there at 7 a.m.

Anyway it was a boring day. Slightly entertaining but I was looking forward to a movie viewing. Dez informed me that we had to be at Churn and BJ’s house by 7:30 pm. I looked and found times. I found a 5:15 for “Motorcycle Diaries.” That is all I wanted to see.

So we (and when I say we I mean me)go to the theater slightly late. I kick Dez out to get the tickets and I go to Wal-Mart for my snacks.

I quickly go in to grab my crap. Quickly would have been nice, but there was a flood of vehicles coming into Wal-Mart’s parking lot. So I had to park far and run to Wal-Mart. I get in and get my stuff and I head out. Upon going to the exit I see what I think is a mass exodus from Houston into Wal-Mart. A good 30 people came in while I was going out.

I called Dez and she said it was not playing at the time I stated. So I go through movies over the phone until I show up right next to her. None of the movies I listed ended before 7:30, they all ended after that time. That blew mad angry watermelon chunks. I was irritated saying she better have dinner ready at 7:30 otherwise I will be very sad that I could have seen a movie.

Dez called and Churn said no don’t come. So yeah we were stuck on “cool” Westheimer with hardly the money to be there. So I needed gas. Cheap is what I wanted. So we go to H.E.B. ( a grocery store) and of course we go to the one where they have no gas. Yay it’s time for me to use my Chevron card. I put 3$ in my tank and I’m done.

We go to the Sketcher’s store because I love Sketchers and they were having a buy one get one ½ thing. So cool. I go in there and there are so many cool shoes. I did want so bad to buy the entire store. It could be my shoe closet.

I find cool shoes. But I still look. Dez finds some guy shoes but she has fairy feet no ogre feet so bam no shoes for her. She was looking with me and then all of a sudden a freak starts yelling about being left bla bla by an employee. Wawawawa all the way home. He looked like a loser. Screaming just because he was left all alone aw.

I don’t know if he was screaming to be right or to scare off people. Whatever the reason he is the one that looked very stupid and had he died of a heart attack right there I would not have cared.

I did see this guy having a girlfriend doing all the shoe grabbing. Is that lame? Very. Who is too lazy to get their own shoes to try on? He is.

Churn had asked us to get a chair. Why? Well because she only had 4 chairs and 5 people were coming. Because she cannot count we have to stop at a store to get another chair. The funny thing is it isn’t any store. Nope. It is the God of all stores Wal-Mart. I told Dez that we do not want to go there. It is not good for us to go in there. We end up going anyway.

We find a chair. Too expensive for our wallets. I find a stool. Just right. Then I hear the CDs calling me. Whatever do I do? I give in and go. What do I find? I find Simple Plan for 13$. As we are leaving the CD section I see 9.99. Not a CD I want just the price. So I put A Simple Plan back and get 3 9.99 CDs. Two Country CDs and the BeeGee’s Greatest Hits. I also get two more monsters and a water. I did not need to go into Wal-Mart. It has an evil pull on me.

We end up getting to their house a little late. I finished up my drinks. Dinner was slightly ready at the right time. There was pork chops, rice, plantine, mash potatoes and shrimp. I found out how hungry I was. Everyone ends up eating and getting full. I end up finishing everything but the plantine because BJ love those. He was afraid I would eat them all. I ate everything up. I had 3 pork chops, the rest of the potatoes, shrimp and rice. I ate like I had just smoked pot.

BJ and Churn argued about whether or not he likes leftovers. They’ve been married about 7 months or so and that is there argument. Funny because that should be known. Churn argues verbally and BJ argues silently. It is very entertaining. The food was great and I had fun. We did get to see In America there. It was okay.

Dork Lesson #16 It is dorky that one would be addicted to an energy drink so much that they get two and drink them within an hour of starting. Instead of staying away from stores that you know you’ll buy something you think you can go into the store and get one thing and come out without arm full of things. That is uber dorky.